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Everyone, meet Quarterpus!

A Farewell of Arms



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Written by:

Neal Barbera and Alan Swayze

Teleplay by:

Alan Swayze

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: November 7, 1987

Paired With

Mummy Snorkest

"A Farewell of Arms" is the 17th epsiode of Season 3. While racing seahorses inside an empty stadium, the snorks meet a talking octopus named Quarterpus. They're so fascinated by his many tricks, and Occy feels neglected because they keep paying attention to him.

Plot Summary

The episode begins inside a deserted stadium, where the snorks are racing seahorses for fun. Casey then suggests they play underwater polo. They do so, and are having a great time. Junior's playing rough, almost causing Casey to fall on on an unpleasant location. Thankfully, another hand breaks her fall, just when Occy's about to save her.

That hand belongs to Quarterpus, a talking octopus. He then shows her and her friends various tricks and tells funny jokes. Casey and Daffney are in awe, while Junior and Allstar think he's cool. Occy, on the other hand, is very jealous of the talking purple octopus. For the rest of the time, they play games together as he continues telling jokes. Occy tries to participate in those activities, but fails. Allstar then considers renaming Quaterpus "Superpus" - then Occy gets the impression that none of his friends care about him anymore, so he leaves the stadium.

Meanwhile, Corky's on "Snork Patrol," spotting an unusual crane bringing down a cage that looks sort of like a giant beige colored clam. He decides to investigate it. Meanwhile, Quarterpus decides he wants to form a small band. While they all go find conks, they get caught inside the clam. While they think it's then end for them, Quarterpus warns Occy of the danger. As a result, he saves him. Through this, they learn that they should never neglect Occy like that.

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Poor lonely Occy

Background Info

  • Some octopuses can acutally talk
  • The town is referred to as "Snorkville" in this episode
  • This episode hinted that Casey might still have a crush on Allstar in this season
  • Junior, apparently, wants to be "mayor" - not Governor
  • This is the first time the snorks are seen riding on their own seahorses since "Now You Seahorse, Now You Don't"

Memorable Quotes

Quarterpus: Hey guys, didn't you ever hear about the sea otter and the banana fish who went to court?

Daffney: *laughs* I don't think so.

Quarterpus: The judge agreed that he shouldn't do it, but the banana fish act peeled.

Allstar: I got a nickname for this guy.

Casey: What?

Allstar: Superpus!

Junior: Yeah - he does twice as much as Occy with half as many arms!

JoJo: Whew - I better stop skipping breakfast.

Junior: I never wanted it to end like this - I've still got my whole life ahead of me! I never even got a chance to become mayor and rename Snorkville after me!


  • Allstar's entire outfit is blue in the beginning
  • Junior's hair is missing also
  • Daffney's hair and Casey's hair are frequently missing throughout
  • Did Junior mean "governor" when he said "mayor"?
  • When Allstar thinks of a nickname for Quarterpus his mouth doesn't move.


  • Bruce Shrimpsteen is a parody of Bruce Springsteen



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