A Farewell of Arms/Transcript

(All of the snorks are racing seahorses inside the indoor Snorkland Stadium)

Casey: Hey, why don't we play a game of underwater polo?

(They agree with her - soon enough, they're playing underwater polo - Occy cheers for them in the audeince)

Junior: Way to go, Jojo!

Jojo: Nothing to it!

(Occy's cheering for them in the empty audeince)

Junior: *grabs the ball from Allstar* Out of my way, plankton feet, this goal is mine! 

(He knocks Casey off her seahorse, so Occy tries saving her when another pair of octopus tentacles catches her)

Casey: Gee Mister, thanks. That could've been a nasty spill.

Quarterpus: Hey, snorkaroos, anything happenin' around here?

(All shrug)

Allstar: Well not much at the moment.

Daffney: You're not from around here, are you?

Quarterpus: No way, Jose, I am from beyond the Great Coral Cassom. They call me, a Quarterpus. 

Junior: Oh yeah, and why's that?

Quarterpus: I can tell time all sorts of different ways. I can tell ya if it's a quarter to, a quarter after, or just right on the hour. 

Casey: Oh wow!

Quarterpus: But at the moment, I'm lookin for somethin to do.

Allstar: What is it that you do, do?

Quarterpus: Oh anything, as long as it's a blast. *he juggles some puffers* Did you ever hear the one about the whale and the mino, who opened a shoe store together? Their motto was, "One size fits all." 

Junior: Hey, neat! Now that's incredible! 

Daffney: Yeah, he's wonderful. 

Occy: *growls*

Junior: Hey, why don't you try juggling while standing on your head? 

Quarterpus: You got it! *does it for them*

Allstar: You're incredible!

Casey: Wonderful!

Junior: Boy, if he gets any better, I just might take down my Bruce Shrimpsteen posters!

Quarterpus: Hey, it's good to be around folks who can recognize talent when they see it. *Occy demands a fight with him* You and me? One on one? Alright, kid, you're on!

Junior: This, I gotta see. 

(After they race each other, Quarterpus juggles more plates)

Quarterpus: Doesn't get a touch for a tough job. 

Snorks: Yay, Quarterpus!

(Occy tries this, but fails)

Quarterpus: Anyone for tennis? *Occy joins* How about you play on my side, Junior? 

Junior: You bet, Quarterpus!

Quarterpus: Good, I could use someone to fetch balls for me. 

Junior: Holy moly, the guy's incredible!

(Occy's playing by himself yet again)

Quarterpus: How about some baseball? *they play together* Piece of cake!

(They play indoor baseball together)

Junior: Wow, the fastest triple play on record!

Allstar: Come on, Occy, bases are loaded!

(Junior hits the ball and occy catches it, but no one seems to notice)

Quarterpus: *juggles three yo-yo's at once* Hey guys, did you ever hear the story about the sea otter and the banana fish who went to court? 

Daffney: *laughs* I don't think so.

Quarterpus: The judge agreed that he shouldn't otter do it, but the banana feesh act peeled! *laughs* 

Tooter: *cheers for him*

Allstar: This Quarterpus is the most talented guy I've ever seen.

Quarterpus: *to Occy* Nice try, kid, you had a few good moves there. *laughs*

Allstar: Hey, I got a nickname for this crazy guy? 

Casey: What?

Allstar: He should be called "Superpus!"

Junior: Yeah, he does twice as much as Occy with half as many arms!

(Occy hears this and swims out of the stadium)

Quarterpus: *after he juggles three balls at the same time* Hey, you know what? What you guys need is a conk band!

Daffney: You mean like, for music?

Quarterpus: Yeah, then you could really boogie. 

Casey: Well, we don't have any musical conk fields around here. 

Quarterpus: *laughs* No problem! I know just where to get the best conks you ever heard! Come on, follow me!

(as the follow him, Corky's outside doing his Snork Patrol duties)

Corky: The Snork Patrol's common vigual must never seize if Snorkland's peace is to be preserved. *gasps* Great Neptune! Some weird sort of sea monster is approaching! *a giant conk attached to a crane comes down* And it seems to be - feeding! I'll have to think quickly! Oh no, it's headed right for my sub! Haha, oh, scared, are you? My goodness, what a dastardly defecit of the deep! Someone must warn the residents of Snorkville about this ravenous creature! This looks liek a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol! That's me. *goes off back into town* 

(the snorks still follow Quarterpus)

Quarterpus: Where I'm taking you, you'll find conks that'll be able to play every key under the sea. 

Junior: *plays it with his snork* Okay, as long as I occasionally get to horn in with the trumpet conk solo!

Allstar: Why stop now?

Quarterpus: You guys will love playing in the conk band - especially with me as conductor! 

(Occy's playing cards by himself then gets really bored)

Quarterpus: Here you go, Jojo. Here's a perfect one for you, and it plays like a tuba. 

Jojo: *tests it out* Perfect!

(But the giant conk trap stops and the snorks swim toward it)

Quarterpus: Now here's a new one. I've never seen a conk like this before. Look at that. 

(It locks them in)

Casey: Oh no, we're trapped! Jojo, can you get us out of here?

Jojo: No problem! *tries breaking free with his bare arms, but can't* Phew, I better stop skipping breakfast! 

Quarterpus: *tries unlocking it, but it locks itself back*

Casey: Oh if only Occy were here! Maybe he could save us now!

Allstar: That's it! *to Quarterpus* Okay, Quarterpus, ehre's what to do. *whipers all the details to him* 

(Quarterpus finds Occy)

Quarterpus: Hey, little guy, your friends need your help. *Occy moans* You don't understand, kid, they're in real danger. 

Casey: Well, Allstar, I just wanna say, it's been nice knowing you. 

Tooter: *totos in depression* 

Jojo: Likewise.

Junior: I never wanted it to end like this. I've still got my whole life ahead of me. I never even got a chance to become mayor and rename Snorkville after me. 

(Occy sees the crane take them away)

Allstar: Quick, Occy, you've got to act fast! 

Quarterpus: I've got these locks, kid. Can you handle all the others. 

(he and Occy free the snorks)

Junior: Last one out is a rotten sea-tortise egg!

Allstar: Geranamo!

(All escape)

Jojo: Come on, Totoer, jump!

(they both escape as well then the crane leaves and the snorks cheer)

Daffney: You're a hero, Occy!

Allstar: *hugs him* I'm sorry we neglected you.

Casey: *hugs him as well* Yeah, Occy is the best.

Junior: Enough already! Occy's okay!

(All glare at him, then turn their attention back to Occy)

Allstar: You know what we didn't understand? Was that Occy was the real Superpus all along. 

Casey: And a real pal. I'll never forget a friend from now on.

Snorks: Yay, hooray for Occy!

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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