A Hard Day's Snork



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Written by:

Gordon Bressack

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

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NBC Premiere: September 28, 1985

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Learn to Love Your Snork

"A Hard Day's Snork" is the 5th episode of Season 2. Tooter gets famous and performs at his own concert, but a piperfish hums a tune that takes the snorks away - literally.

Snorks 205 1

Tooter ready to perform

Plot Summary

Rick Snork has his show going on, and everyone is there. Allstar tries getting him to play Tooter's music, and it works, and soon everyone is after Tooter and wanting his autograph. Before a snork would even know it, a concert is being held for Tooter, and he's the main headliner! But then a piperfish plays a wonderous melody, and it causes Occy to be sucked inside. Everyone tries going backstage once Tooter gets in, but they are also sucked in by the piperfish's music, the only one not being Daffney because she has headphones in her ears.

Tooter comes out, dressed as Michael Jackson, but he gets disappointed because no one else is there but Daffney. All the snorks are now in the piperfish's belly, and Dr. Gallio reunites with Rip Van Snork, an old classmate of his who has been stuck in there for 20 years. He's tried everything to get out, even blowing a huge bubble, but nothing has worked. Then Allstar suggests they all blow a huge bubble to give the piperfish a bellyache. This works at first, but the music plays again. Even Daffney loses her headphones and gets sucked in. However, Tooter plays his music to power out the piperfish's tune, and pretty soon everyone blows a big enough bubble to free themselves. Everyone thanks Tooter for his efforts, and he's relieved fame is no longer a thing for him to concern over, as everyone is now after Junior

Snorks 205 2

Escaping the piperfish

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: *referring to scallops* That's high wave robbery! I wonder how they get the tickets anyway!

Junior: How are we doing tonight, guys?

Allstar: Oh, I had to ask!

Junior: Oh, that's just a load of hot air!

Gallio: Exactly - and it just might work!


  • Occasionally, the ticket line would move backward instead of forward
  • Rick Snork is called "Dick Conk" in this episode
  • When Allstar asks Where's Tooter, he's in the audience with them
  • In the cave, Casey's belly is sometimes covered


  • Title references The Beatles' classic hit "A Hard Day's Night"
  • "Don't Snork Till You Jet Enough" by Michael Snorkston is a huge reference to Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough"
  • Speaking of the King of Pop, Tooter dresses like him in this episode
  • Rip Van Snork might be named after actor Dick Van Dyke



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