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King Neptune's Conch

A Sign of the Tides



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Written by:

Charles M. Howell, IV

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: November 9, 1985

Paired With

The Littlest Mermaid

"A Sign Of the Tides" is the 17th episode of Season 2. King Neptune loses his conch that lowers and raises the tides, and this causes problems under the sea. Allstar and Gallio now have to find the conch before the ocean dries out.

Plot Summary

King Neptune is blowing into his conch, raising the tides in the ocean. His dolphin companion wants attention, but Neptune decides to take a rest before he has to blow in it again, lowering the tide. The dolphin accidentally knocks over the conch, causing it to float in a jet stream all the way to Snorkland.

Meanwhile, Allstar, Casey, Tooter, and Junior are playing snorkball. Willie swims over with his stuffed kittyfish, wanting Junior to play with him. As usual, Junior tells him to "get lost." Soon enough, the tide lowers and lowers and lowers. Willie swims back over to the gang, asking them to check out his new clubhouse. Junior hides his snorkball in Tooter's snork, but Tooter floats up as a result of the wacky tides, and then the ball breaks. Casey's books also float, and Allstar catches her and brings her back down. Allstar and the others find Dr. Gallio, and they all go to Governor Wetworth's to warn him of the changing tides.

Gallio shows Allstar a series of markings that snorks used a long time ago to measure how much the tides rise and fall. A snorkeater spots them, and Gallio nearly gets eaten when King Neptune shows up and saves him. Neptune tells them he is in search for his conch, and needs it fast. Allstar and Gallio, along with Casey and Tooter, try to find it. In the meantime, everything and everyone in Snorkland is floating. Afterwards, Willie shows them his "new clubhouse," which is covered in seaweed. Allstar takes it off, only to find it's the REAL conch. He returns it to Neptune, and Neptune considers Willie a hero. The gang learns to never ignore Willie again, and they help him build his NEW clubhouse.
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Warning the Governor

Background Info

  • It's a suprise - throughout the show, Neptune's been referenced, but snorks have little to no idea of who he really is
  • A long time ago, snorks used markings to measure the tides in the ocean
  • Allstar's dad is seen as one of the snorks "floating away"

Memorable Quotes

Junior: *sees him go up* I always knew Tooter was a little lightheaded, but this is ridiculous.

Casey: Everything's rising! *tries catching her books* What in the whirlpool's going on? I mean, going up?

Casey: Allstar, help me!

Allstar: Casey, let go of the books! *lassos her with a rope until she lands on his stomach*

Casey: *giggles* You sure have pull with me, Allstar!

Allstar: *sees Junior's head in place of King Neptune's in painting* Who's he?

Gallio: You mean Junior?

Willie: Does that mean you'll see my clubhouse, Junior?

Junior: On second thought, I'd rather see Allstar and his goofy uncle make fools of themselves!


  • When Willie sadly leaves after Junior tells him he can't play snorkball, his sleeves are purple - also, one side of Casey's head is slightly red
  • At times throughout the episode, Casey's shirt covers her belly - also at one point, her stomach is entirely green
  • Gallio's leggings disappear and reappear frequently


  • King Neptune is based off the King Neptune legend
  • When Junior sees King Neptune for the first time, he imitates the Spanish cry "Ay yi yi yi yi!"



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