A Sign Of the Tides/Transcript

(A dolphin is swimming outside what appears to be King Neptune's hideout/lair)

King Neptune: Okay, dolph, I'm coming. King Neptune knows when it's time to turn the tides. *blows it* There, now the tides will go out until I blow my golden shell again. *yawns* You better run along and play, dolph. I've done my duty. Now it's time to get some shut eye. *on bed* Watching over the seven seas is no bed of sea roses.

(dolphin accidentally knocks over conk, causing it to floar around in the water - meanwhile, Allstar and his friends are playing in downtown Snorkland)

Allstar: Okay, Junior, get ready for my special jet-streamed jump shot! *throws it with his snork*

Junior: *catches the ball with his snork* Piece of kelp, Allwet!

Willie: Hey, snork the ball to me.

Junior: *throws it back to his friends* Jet lost, Willie, this game's for full grown snorks!

Willie: But me and kittyfish wanna play ball.

Tooter: *toots it's okay*

Casey: Yeah, Junior, Willie's old enough to play!

Willie: *sadly swims away* Come on, kittyfish, we'll find another place to play.

(Back at Neptune's lair)

King Neptune: It's gone! My golden shell is missing! This is an aquatic emergency! Without my shell the tides will keep going down, until the seas themselves run dry! *he and dolphin go out to find it* Shake a tailfin, dolphin, we must start searching before the sea runs out!

(Back in Snorkland)

Willie: Junior!

Allstar: Looks like Willie wants to play, Junior!

Willie: Junior, oh Junior!

Junior: On no, where can I hide the ball? *jams it in Tooter's snork* See, Willie, we're not playing snorkball, honest.

Willie: Who cares? I'm going to my new clubhouse!

Casey: Clubhouse?

Willie: Yeah, me and kittyfish found this neat clubhouse on the edge of town. Wanna come see it?

Junior: No, we're playing snorkball.

Willie: Okay, but you're really missing out.

Junior: And I'm missing my ball. Where's Tooter? *sees Tooter floating up* Hey! Where do you think you're going with my ball?

Tooter: *flies high*

Allstar: It must be the ball, Toot, jet rid of the ball.

Tooter: *gets it out then floats back down*

Junior: Hey, that's a brand new snorkball! *grabs it* Gotcha! *but it pops as he floats back down* Nice going, Tooter, there goes our snorkball game!

Allstar: Don't blame Tooter. I've never seen a snorkball rise like that before.

Casey: Everything's rising! *tries grabbing her books as they float up high* What in the whirlpool's going on, I eman going up? Alsltar, help me!

Allstar: Casey, let go of the books, I'll pull you down. *lassos her* 

(Casey lands on Allstar)

Casey: *laughs* You sure have pull with me, Allstar!

Allstar: Thanks, but I'm really worried. My Uncle Gallio will know what's going on.

(Gallio happens to be swimming by)

Allstar: Uncle Gallio!

Gallio: Can't stop to chat, Allstar. All of Snorkland is about to float away. 

Allstar: Yeah, but why? 

Gallio: It's the tides. Come quickly, we must warn the governor.

(Now at his mansion)

Gallio: It's a very serious problem, governor. Everything is floating away, as you can see.

Governor Wetworth: You're telling me! Everything in my office is floating away! *tries catching up with his stuff*

Gallio: *pulls out a drawing of how the tides are supposed to work* The problem is the tides. For some reason, the water levels keep on going down, down, down. 

Casey: *with pigtails going up* Then why does everything keep going up, up, up?

Gallio: The less water above us, the less aquapressure. Therefore, everything rises.

Governor Wetworth: *chases painting* Like my priceless van snork original!

Junior: *with net* It won't get far, dad! *goes through painting*

Allstar: Who's in that picture, Uncle Gallio?

Gallio: You mean Junior?

Allstar: *pulls painting out of Junior* No, him.

Gallio: Oh, King Neptune. Legend has it that he calls the tides to go up and down by blowing on a magic conk shell. Of course that's not scientific fact, just an old legend.

Governor Wetworth: Well don't just float there, do soemthing before thigns take a turn for the worse! *goes outside and gets flattened*

Gallio: Allstar and I will check on the tides, Governor.

Junior: And I'm gonna help my dad. *blows into his snork to unflaten him*

Governor Wetworth: Gently, Junior, gently.


(Allstar and Gallio check the tide numbers near the edge of the reef)

Gallio: We're here.

Allstar: Where's here? 

Gallio: The dry water marks.

Allstar: *sees markers* Galloping groupers, who are those marks?

Gallio: They were made years ago by ancient snorks to judge the meters of dry space. *takes out shellescope* I'll look through my shellescope to tell us how low the ideas are. I'll jsut jet up here for a minute. Now let's see, my, it's very serious. *snorkeater ceeps up behind him as Gallio unknowingly stands on it* The ocean's in the low water  mark. Allstar, your claw's in the way.

Allstar: Claw?! Oh that's not me, Uncle Gallio, it's just that snorkeater. Snorkeater?!

Gallio: *looks behind him as snorkeater tries to eat him* Snorkeater?! Forget about me, Allstar! Save your own snork!

King Neptune: Snorkeater, be gone!

(it runs away)

Allstar: Uncle Gallio, look, it's Neptune!

Gallio: Slippery seaweed, then the legend is true!

(Neptune places the snorks in the palm of his hand)

Allstar: Um, thanks for saving us, King Neptune, sir.

King Neptune: Glad to be of help, little fellers, but now, i need your help.

(Back in Snorkland)

Junior: Oh yeah sure, and then King Neptune asked you soggy snorks to help him find his magic shell?

Gallio: He thought the tides might've carried it somewhere near Snorkland.

Allstar: So we're going to look!

Junior: Neptune? magic shell? *laughs* I think this low aquapressure's made you guys dizzy! *laughs some more* 

Casey: Oh go ahead, laugh your snork off, Junior, but I believe them.

Tooter *he believes them, too*

Casey: I'll search the north side of town, Tooter, you take the south side. 

Allstar: I'll search east to west.

Gallio: While I tell the governor about all this.

Junior: Good! My dad can use a good laugh! *laughs*

Allstar: This is no laughing matter, Junior!

Willie: Allstar, Junior! You guys wanna see my clubhouse? It's right nearby.

Allstar: I'd like to, Willie, but I've got something really important to do. Coming, Junior?

Junior: You must be out of your reef, Allwet. 

Willie: Wow, does that mean you'll come see my clubhouse, Junior?

Junior: On second thought, I'd rather see Allstar and his goofy uncle make fools of themselves.

Willie: *sadly swims away*

(Everything is floating away all over town)

Allstar: Rising tidepools, if we don't find that conk shell soon, everything in Snorkland will float away. *sees the many objects and snorks floating away*

Random mother: Eat your kelp casserole, dear, before it floats away.

(Tooter finds the real magic shell, but tosses it over thinking the bigger one's the real one - it turns out it's just a crab's shell - he swims back into town to say he couldn't find it)

Allstar: Yeah, we didn't have any luck either, Tooter.

Junior: Aw, all conked out? Well what do you expect when your running errands for a legend? *laughs*

Casey: *her head flatens* Uh oh, this low pressure's making me lightheaded!

Tooter: *it's doing the same to him, as well* 

Allstar: If we don't find that shell, we're all gonna be in trouble.

Junior: Speaking of toruble, here comes my kid brother again.

Willie: My clubhouse is so close. Won't you please come see it? Pretty pelase?

Junior: Willie, a Wetworth never begs, now will you pelase leave us alone?

Willie: *cries* But's it's a clamtastic clubhouse, and no one will come visit!

Allstar: Oh don't cry, Willie, we'll go see your place, if you promise to let us take you home.

Willie: Take me home? Sure! Come on!

(They follow Willie along the outskirts of town)

Willie: Well, isn't it beautiful?

(It's a large golden conk covered in seaweed - really Neptune's magic shell, unknowing to the snorks at this very moment)

Casey: Well it's real - nice, Willie.

Junior: Nice?! It's just a big ugly shell.

Willie: Ugly shell?!

Allstar: Well maybe if we took this seaweed off it, it'll look better. *realizes what it really is* Huh? This looks like Neptune's shell. Give me a hand, guys. *they help him*

Willie: Oh no, you're wrecking my clubhouse!

Tooter: *blows into it*

Junior: And now I suppose King Neptune himself is gonna arrive, huh?

King Neptune: I heard my conk!

Junior: Ay yai yai yai yai!!!

(All look up to see King Neptune in person)

Allstar: Yes, King Neptune, it's over here.

King Neptune: And who can I thank for finding this?

Willie: Who can you thank? me! Thank me!

King Neptune: You're a hero!

Willie: Wow, a hero!

King Neptune: And now, to turn the tides! *blows into his conk, and the tides finally return to normal*

(Afterwards, the snorks help Willie build a brand new clubhouse)

Willie: This is gonna be the best clubhouse ever! There's even a special house of my kittyfish, and my dolphin doll King Neptune gave me!

Casey: And that's not all, we promise to never ignore you again. Don't we, Junior? 

Junior: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we promise!

Willie: And kittyfish and I can play snorkball with you!

Junior: Yeah, yeah, sure, you - wha? No! Absolutely not! That's where I put my foot down! *stopms and knocks down the special house*

Allstar: *laughs* Looks like Junior's in the dogfish house - I mean, the kittyfish house! *laughs some more*

Willie: *places his stuffed dolphin and kittyfish with Junior* Woo, this is more fun than playing snorkball!

Junior: *moans*

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International