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Allstar as the doll

A Snork In a Guilded Cage



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Written by:

Charles M. Howell, IV

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: December 5, 1987

Paired With

The Snorkshire Spooking

"A Snork In a Guilded Cage" is the 25th episode of Season 3. While Allstar, Casey, and their friends are collecting creatures to bring back to Snorkland, Allstar gets captured by a baby monster and temporarily become her "dolly."

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Casey waking up and trying to get all her friends to get up, as well. Junior decides to use a slug to wake all his friends. They do so (Tooter being the first), and Daffney freaks out, assuming they're having to eat slugs for breakfast. Junior then decides to collect a few sea creatures and bring them back to Snorkland. Allstar agrees to this idea, as his uncle would be excited at the different species out in the wilderness.

The gang members are continuously collecting different species of sea creatures, which Daffney is highly against. Some are either too big or too scary looking, so they're automatically left alone or sent back. Then a giant green monster baby spots Allstar, and assumes it's a new "taking dolly." So she takes him inside her house, and makes play. Allstar tries to be free, but he's trap. Casey notices this, and refuses to give up until he's safe and sound.

The episode progresses as the monster child becomes mroe attached to Allstar. It goes so far where the monster puts Allstar in a pink dress and put him in a doll house. The gang saves him in the nick of time, but they're trapped. The baby puts them all in a small jet plane and flies them around the room. Her mother sees this, so she immediately sends them back outside. Through this experience, the snorks learned that it's not okay to hold creatures hostage, even for projects.

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Little red ball-creatures

Background Info

  • Casey's a "morning person"
  • Daffney thinks babies are adorable, as by her reaction to how "cute" Allstar looked in his outfit
  • First (and only) time in the series Allstar is shown getting a spanking

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: What's all the commotion?

Casey: Allstar and Junior finally agreed on soemthing.

Daffney: Ah, that's nice.

Daffney: Junior, that's not nice. Her friends are going to miss her.

Junior: Ah, too bad. I'll take them with her.

Junior: Are you sure you don't wanna keep the clothes, Allwet? You look kinda cute.

Allstar: Oh yeah? Then you wear them!

Junior: Ah-ah - temper, temper.

Junior: *after seeing him in his outfit* I always knew Allstar was a big baby!


  • Casey's belly isn't shown at times
  • Junior's eyelids are occasionally white
  • Allstar's original outfit from the first four episodes of the series returns as he takes off the pink outfit


  • Sounds like Allstar was whistling the Smurfs main theme when swimming away from the giant crab



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