A Snork In a Guilded Cage/Transcript

(It's morning, and the snorks are asleep while camping outside)

Casey: Good morning, rise and shine, everybody!

Allstar: *moans* Oh, Casey, it's Saturday, we're camping and there's no school! What's the big rush?

Casey: Haven't you guys heard? The early snork catches the worm! *sees Junior holding a slug* Oh Junior, I didn't mean for you to take me literally. 

Junior: This is no worm, Casey, this is what the natives call an alarm clock. Watch. 

(He places it in Tooter's sleeping bag, and he jumps around)

Junior: *laughs* Good morning, Tooter!

Tooter: *sticks his tongue out at him*

Occy: *growls at it*

Allstar: I'd never seen a slug like this in Snorkland. Uncle Gallio would go nuts if he could see some of them weird creatures that live down here on the other side of the reef.

Junior: Say, I bet they'd pay to see some of these things in Snorkland. Maybe we should take some of them back with us. 

Allstar: You know, Junior, for once you've got a good idea.

Daffney: *wakes up and yawns* Ah, what's all the commotion?

Casey: Allstar and Junior finally agreed on something.

Daffney: Oh, that's nice. Ah, what's for breakfast? *Junior shows her the slug* Ew, ick! Oh, no! That is where I draw the line, I am not eating slugs for breakfast! *others laugh at her* 

(Then they all go out and search for more "weird" creatures to take back to Snorkland)

Junior: Here, little creatures, come to Junior. *finds red ball like creatures* Oh boy, they'd never see anything like this in Snorkland! *places her in a giant cup*

Daffney: Aw, Junior, that's not nice! Her little friends are going to miss her!

Junior: You're right. I'll take them, too. *places them in the same cup with her*

(Meanwhile, Allstar, Tooter, and Occy are doing their own searches)

Casey: Allstar, how's this? 

(They see she's brought a giant cardboard shark with her, scaring them)

Allstar: Well, uh, that's uh, a little too big.

Casey: Oh! *turns to shark* Well, you heard him. Go on, shoo, scat. *it leaves*

Daffney: Allstar, I don't think it's right trapping these poor creatures like this. 

Allstar: Don't worry, Daffney. We'll feed them and take good care of them.

Tooter: *agrees with him*

Allstar: *finds an eyestalk* Take this little guy, for instance. He likes someone to look after him, wouldn't you?

(It turns out to be a giant crab)

Tooter: *scared stiff*

Allstar: Uh oh.

Giant crab: Frankly, if I were you, I'd put me down.

Allstar: Uh, right. *he and the others whistle and back away from him*

(Meanwhile, in a muddy house nearby lives a giant monster and her baby daughter)

Mother: Be careful, Gorblitz, stay in yard.

Gorblitz: I do, mommy, I do! *chases ball some more*

(But Allstar is walking in the yard)

Gorblitz: Dolly! *grabs Allstar* Pretty Dolly!

Allstar: Wait a minute, I'm not your doll!

Gorblitz: Talking Dolly!

Casey: Allstar, did you find something?

Allstar: No, something found me! HELP!

(All go after him)

Junior: What happened?

Daffney: Poor Allstar was taken *gulps* into that! It's a house!

Junior: Yeah, a big house!

Occy: *growls*

Casey: Well we'll just have to go in there and get him.

Junior: *grabs her* Wait a minute, big houses have big people!

Casey: No just because they're big, it doesn't give them the right to kidnap Allstar!

(They go save him, but Junior stays behind)

Junior: *leaves his creatures behind* Oh, wait here, I'll be back.


(Inside Gorblitz's room)

Gorblitz: Okay, we play now.

Allstar: Listen, you're making a big mistake! I'm not your dolly!

Gorblitz: Funny dolly! *laughs*

Allstar: Okay, you asked for it! *blows his snork at her, causing her to cough as he tries to escape* Now I gotta get out of here. *tries opening the huge door* 

Gorblitz: *but she shuts him in* No, dolly stay here. *spanks him - literally* Bad dolly!

Allstar: Oh brother! 

(The others see him through the window)

Casey: No, he's not in here, either.

Daffney: Better be careful. No telling what kind of horrible monster lives here.

(They go to another window)

Casey: Look! It's Allstar!

Junior: *laughs* Looks like our fearless leader's got a new friend.

Occy: *growls*

Casey: *tries going after him* Put him down!

Junior: *grabs her* Shh, that thing'll hear you!

Daffney: Better wait until the monster isn't looking.

Casey: Oh, though I'd like to give that thing a piece of my mind!

Gorblitz: *showing Allstar her dollhouse* This is mommy, this is daddy, and you be baby.

Allstar: This is gonna be really embarrassing - I can feel it! 

Gorblitz: *places pink dress and hat on Allstar* You cute baby!

Allstar: Aw, don't you have anything in blue? I really think -- *hat is now on him*

Junior: *laughs* I always knew Allstar was a big baby! 

Casey and Daffney: SHH!

Gorblitz: Time for baby's nappy! *rocks him and sings* Rock a by baby!

Allstar: Whoa, WHOA! Hey, knock it off , will ya? baby's gettign sea sick?

Gorblitz: Me tired. No more time to play. Time for my nappy now. *places him in a cage* 

Allstar: Hey! I'm not a dolly, you've got to set me free!

Daffney: Aww, isn't she cute?

Casey: Daffney! 

Daffney: Oh, sorry.

Casey: Come on, everyone, now's our chance.

(They go to the cage and find him)

Daffney: Allstar!

Allstar: Oh boy, I'm glad to see you guys.

Junior: You should see yourself, Allwet, you look ridiculous. *laughs*

Daffney: Are you alright?

Allstar: I'll be a lot better when I get outta here.

Casey: No problem. opens the lock, setting him free*

Allstar: Great! Just let me get out of this outfit.

Junior: Aw, sure yo don't wanna keep the clothes, Allwet? They look kinda cute? 

Allstar: Oh yeah? Then you wear 'em! *throws the clothes at him*

Junior: Nah uh, temper temper. 

Gorblitz: *wakes up from her nap* Huh? Oh boy, more dollies!

Allstar: Yikes! Swim for it!

Gorblitz: *traps them in a box* Dollies stay! Play with Gorblitz! Okay, yeah! *puts them on a toy plane* Dollies go for a ride.

Casey: Hey, you can't treat us like toys!

Junior: Yeah, you don't own us!

Allstar: Oh, you wanna make a bet?

(They all fly around the room, wailing for help)

Gorblitz: Yay! *claps hands and laughs* Fun, fun, fun! 

Junior: Oh, I can't look! HELP!

(All crash into a wall and fall down)

Gorblitz: Whooo! *laughs*

Allstar: Some fun, huh, guys?

(Her mother shows up)

Mother: What goes on in here?

Gorblitz: Dollies crashed good, mommy! *laughs*

Mother: Oh Gorblitz, those not dollies. They're poor teeny creatures. Not good to coup them up - they get sick.  

Junior: You weren't kiddin, lady.

(Mother opens the window and all the snorks escape)

Gorblitz: You come back and play?

Mother: They only come back if you treat them pretty.

Casey: Yeah, you play too rough for us!

Gorblitz: *cries* Bye, Dollies!

Daffney: Aw, poor thing. Maybe we should stay and play with her. It wouldn't -- *Casey grabs her*

(The snorks are setting their own little creatures free)

Allstar: We sure learned one thing today - it's no fun being couped up against your will. 

Junior: Hey, what do you think you're doin?

Daffney: We're setting them free!

Casey: Didn't you learn anything today? 

Junior: Yeah, I learned to never trust you guys with my projects! *chases his creatures* Hey, come back here! Come on!

All: Oh, Junior!

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International