A Snorking We Will Go



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Written by

Gordon Bressack

Directed by

Gerald Ford

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NBC Premiere: October 13, 1984

Paired With

Now You Seahorse, Now You Don't

"A Snorking We Will Go" is the 9th episode of Season 1. The snorks go on a camping trip to earn merit badges, but Junior's use of modern conviniences get in the way. Plus, they have an adventure along the way - read for more info.

Snorks 109 1

The Snorks go camping

Plot Summary

It all begins when the snorks get on a bus to go to Camp Snorkawampa. They meet Ranger Ripple, who tells them they must not use modern conviniences, but the snork who gets the most merit badges will be named Senior Snork Scout. Naturally, Junior thinks he'll win the prize. Daffney and Casey bunk in a tent together, as do Allstar and Dimmy. Occy pops up behind Tooter; although Ranger Ripple doesn't allow octopusues at his camp, he lets Occy stay, meaning Tooter gets to bunk in a tent with him. The snorks are trying to have fun when Junior's use of modern conviniences get in every obstacle and wreck havoc. Not only does he use an inflatable tent, he unties the knot Daffney tied onto Dimmy; uses a fish-calling machine; takes a picture of a fish Casey was trying to draw, thus scaring it away; and using steam out of a can to make his own food. Later that night, the snorks sit around steam when Ranger Ripple tells them a spooky story about the "Phosphorus Phantom," whose favorite food is young snork. There's no such thing, although Junior takes his tale seriously.

Snorks 109 2

"It's the Phosphorous Phantom!"

After breakfast, the snorks go on a hiking trip up top of a moutnain. On the way back, Junior encourages them to follow him back to camp, just because he has a compass. Turns out they were just following the needle pointing north. They went around in circles and ended up cold, hungry and lost. Allstar sends Occy to find sanctuary, when instead he finds an old abandoned ship. They go inside it, and spot a human wearing a watermask open the window. They believe he's the "Phosphorous Phantom," so they swim frantically. That is, until Allstar uses his steamroller to create steam and scare it away. Due to his bravery, Ranger Ripple gives him the Senior Snork Scout Badge. While he tells Casey no one in Snorkland will believe their story, the human tells his friends they won't believe what he found underwater.

Backgorund Info

  • The following parents make a camero appearance: Kelps, Seaworthys, and Wetworths
  • Clips of the episode can be seen in both the Season 2 and Season 3/4 themes
  • This episode strongly shows the relationship between Daffney and Dimmy
  • We learn that Dimmy snores
  • References to the Snork Scouts won't be made again until "Snork Ahoy"

Memorable Quotes

Junior: That's for me! I'm a shoe-in!

Willie: Yeah, a shoe-in! *box falls on him* What's a shoe-in?

Junior: I guess I'm the Snorkland fish-calling champion. I broke the record.

Willie: *breaks record* Uh, I broke the record.

Ranger Ripple: Rise and shine, campers! After breakfast, you all are going on your big nature hike!

Casey: Ooh, that'll be fun!

Allstar: And exciting!

Dimmy: And delicious.

Daffney: The nature hike?

Dimmy: Oh - I though you all were talking about breakfast.

Allstar: Where's Junior?

Casey: He's probably still sleeping on his modern steam matress.

  • Tooter pops the sleeping bag, and Junior flies out of the tent*

Allstar: *ground shakes* Uh oh.

Casey: What's that?

Junior: It's the, uh-uh-uh-uh--

Allstar: It's the "Phosphorous Phantom"!

Dimmy: I though there was no such thing.

Allstar: Well somebody should tell him!

Junior: Hey, I wasn't scared of that old Phantom!

  • Tooter comws up with a lighted fish, scaring Junior off the ground and making everyone laugh*

Human #1: Hi Harry.

Human #2: Say, what did ya see down there?

Harry: You'll never believe it.


  • Tooter goes on the trip, but his name wasn't called on the bus, and he was in the audience with the parents
  • Mrs. Wetworth's hair was red and not silver
  • When Daffney ties the knot on Dimmy, a rough transition is shown
  • "Tell us a story, Ranger Ripple" - Casey says this, but in Daffney's voice
  • When Junior says "Building tents is for dopes," Casey's sleeves are missing


  • Snork Scouts are a reference to both to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
  • Tooter's tooting in the morning is the classic wake-up call for camping



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