A Snorking We Will Go/Transcript

(A big crowd is standing otuside a school bus)

Ranger Ripple: All aboard for Camp Snorkawampa! *crowd cheers as the snorks get on the bus* Seaworthy! Kelp! Finster! Gillfin! Wetworth! Wetworth! Octopus! Octopus? *takes Occy off* Sorry bud, no pets in the bus. *Occy moans in response*

(Parents wave goodbye as the snorks swim away on the bus. Also, Occy tags along, but is behind the bus)

Ranger Ripple: Welcome aboard, Snork Scouts! My name is Ranger Ripple! You're going to have lots of fun on this camping trip, and learn how to live off the sand!

(Arrive there)

Ranger Ripple: Welcome to Camp Snorkawumpa! Here, you will learn how to survive in the wilderness, and how to do without the modern conviniences of home. 

Junior: Boy, this is really roughing it! *laughs*

Ranger Ripple: You will also learn how to live in harmony with the creatures of the sea. You will also have the chance to win merrit badges in various skills, and whoever wins the most merrit badges will be named Senior Snork Scout.

Junior: That's for me! I'm a shoe-in!

Willie: Yeah, a shoe-in! *things fall on him* What's a shoe-in?

Ranger Ripple: Now campers, choose your bunkmates, and start building your tents! 

Casey: Daffney, why don't we be tent-mates?

Daffney: Oh, goody!

Allstar: We can bunk together, Dimmy.

Dimmy: Great, but there's just one thing.

Allstar: What's that?

Dimmy: I snore.

Allstar: Oh that's alright, I'm a sound sleeper, noises don't bother me. *Tooter toots very loudly* That is, most noises. *Tooter's stuck* Something's got Tooter!

(Occy pops out)

Dimmy: It's Occy!

Allstar: Well how did he get here?

Occy: *licks them silly*

Ranger Ripple: What is that octopus doing here? *Occy moans and walks away* Well, as long as you're here, you might as well stick around. *Occy licks him as well* You're welcome boy.

(All the other snorks laugh)

Allstar: Well, it looks like Tooter has a bunkmate now.

Occy: *licks Tooter as well*

(Dimmy, Allstar, Casey, and Daffney collect plants)

Casey: Are you sure we can build tents out of this stuff?

Allstar: Sure, it'll be easy. *Totoer and Occy complete one very quickly* Uh, maybe not that easy.

Junior: *he and Willie walk by with their very own tent* Hm, building tents is for dopes.

Dimmy: You got a better way, Junior?

Junior: I got the Wetworth way! *pulls string and it blows into a house sized tent* I'm thinking of putting in a tennis court.

(Dimmy is chopping down some coral)

Daffney: Oh Dimmy! Ranger Ripple taught me how to tie the cutest knot. Look! *ties him up* Now see if you can get out. 

Dimmy: *blushes* Nope. You sure tie a great knot, Daffney. Now, untie me.

Daffney: Oh, I didn't learn untying yet!

Junior: No problem! *cuts it with scissors, making Daffney mad*

Dimmy: Uh, thanks, Junior.

Junior: Hefty little gadget - if you can afford it.

Willie: Afford it!

(Tooter calls on some fish, but they head towards Junior and his record machine instead)

Junior: I guess I'm the Snorkland Fish Calling Champion. I broke the record.

Willie: *breaks record* Uh, I broke the record.

(Casey is drawing a fish nearby)

Allstar: Nice work, Casey.

Casey: Shh, don't scare it away.

(Junior flashes it with his state-of-the-art camera)

Allstar: What happened?

Casey: Oh, this fish is gone! Now I won't be able to finish my drawing!

Junior: *hands her a picture of it looking scared* You can copy my picture, Casey!

Allstar: Don't worry, Casey, there's a lot more fish in the sea. 

Casey: If Junior doesn't scare them away.

(Junior and Willie accidentally bump into the camera, and it flashes on them - meanwhile, Ranger Ripple has the snorks come together)

Ranger Ripple: Now campers, to cook here in the wilderness, you have to make a camp steamer. Allstar, would you show everyone how it's done?

Allstar: Sure, Ranger Ripple. First, you find a warm spot on the ground - that means there's a steam line undergorund. Then, you drill. *steam pops out* and there you have it, a camp steamer.

Snorks: Yay!

Dimmy: Oh boy, let's roast some plankburgers!

Allstar: Do you wanna join us Junior? Willie?

Willie: Yeah!

Junior: No thanks! We Wetworths don't drill for steam - we bring out own! *pops it out of a can and goes to the grill* A plank steak, a la Wetworth, please.

Snorks: Hmph!


(Later that night, the snorks are telling scary stories by the steam)

Casey (oddly in Daffney's voice): Tell us a story, Ranger Ripple!

Dimmy: Yeah, make up a scary one!

Ranger Ripple: Oh I don't have to make up a scary story, Dimmy. I'll tell you all about the Phosphorous Phantom. Here in the woods, alte at night, when all of the naimals in the ocean are asleep in the deep, the Phosphorous Phantom prowls, searchign for its next victim. Its favorite food is - young snork. So, whenever it is very dark, and you see strange mysterious lights, getting closer, and closer, and closer - watch out! It's the Phantom! *all get really scared and fall off the edge of their seats, causing him to laugh* It's a good one, eh? Well, don't worry. There's no such thing as the Phosphorous Phantom.

Snorks: *laugh*

Willie: That was a funny story, huh Junior? *sees Junior scared stiff* Junior? *his brother falls down* 

(Tooter toots the classic camping wake up call the next morning, and everyone wakes up)

Ranger Ripple: Rise and shine, campers! After breakfast, you all will be going on your big nature hike!

Casey: Ooh, that'll be fun!

Allstar: And exciting!

Dimmy: And delicious!

Daffney: The nature hike?!

Dimmy: Oh, I thought you all were talkin' about breakfast!

Allstar: Where's Junior?

Casey: Oh, he's probably still sleeping on his modern steam mattress.

(Tooter pops it, and he and Willie fly out of their tent)

(Later that day, all are hiking, but Junior's getting really tired)

Junior: *pants* Can we stop and rest yet?

Dimmy: We just started, Junior.

(They eventually make a stop)

Allstar: Halt! *all bump into him* Occy, this pack is heavy enough! Let's climb up the ridge.

Junior: Oh no!

(all at top of ridge)

Junior: *pants* At last!

Allstar: Hm, it's getting late. We better head back. Follow me. 

Junior: Wait a minute, I'll lead the hide from now on! I've got a compass! I'll get us home in a jiffy! Follow me!

Casey: I don't know about this.

Allstar: Well he's got a compass, how lost can we get?

(They follow him for a long time)

Dimmy: Hey, that's the third time we've past that rock!

Junior: That's impossible! This is a very expensive compass!

Willie: Very expensive!

Allstar: Well maybe you're reading it wrong?

Junior: Read it? I just followed the arrow.

Casey: Oh no! The arrow always points north! You're supposed to know what direction to go in!

Junior: Well nobody told me!

Willie: Nobody!

Casey: So much for modern onviniences!

Daffney: So where are we?

Dimmy: We're LOST!

Allstar: Let's send Occy to scout around. *he does so*

(All are still waiting for Occy hours later)

Daffney: I'm cold.

Dimmy: I'm hungry.

Tooter; *toots he's miserable*

Allstar: Here comes Occy. *he barks* He wants us to follow him.

Casey: Then let's go.

(See an old abandoned ship, and are in awe)

Allstar: What is that?

Casey: I've never seen anything like it.

Allstar: It might be an important discovery. Let's check it out.

(All go inside it now)

Daffney: Ooh, it's creepy in here.

Allstar: Don't touch anything, it might be dnagerous. *Junior shuts the window* Oh no! *the ground begins to shake*

Casey: What's that?

Junior: It's the-the-- *stutters more as he sees a strage sight in front of him, really a man in scuba gear*

Allstar: The Phosphorous Phantom! 

Dimmy: I thought there was no such thing!

Allstar: Well someone should tell him.

(window opens)

Casey: Oh, it sees us!

Junior: We'll never get out of here alive!

Allstar: We're not through yet! *makes a steam line* If I'm right, we'll get out of here in no time!

Casey: Look out, Allstar!

(hand tries grabbing them, but steam blocks it)

Allstar: Come on, let's snork out of here! Keep going!

(The ship eventually breaks apart)

Casey: Phew, that was close!

Dimmy: What happened to the phantom?

Allstar: I don't know, but let's not wait around to find out.

(They leave, and soon are back at camp)

Ranger Ripple: And for his bravery, the Senior Snork Scout merit badge goes to Allstar Seaworthy. *gives it to him*

Snorks: Yay!

Junior: I wasn't scared of that old phantom! *sees light, yells, and is scard stiff again*

Tooter: *laughs as he's on a light fish*

Snorks: *laugh with him*

Casey: Oh, wait'll we tell everyone in Snorkland what we saw.

Allstar: Casey, they'd never believe us.

(Back on a boat in dry space pops the "phantom")

Man 1: Hi, Harry.

Man 2: Say, what did you see down there?

Harry: *opens mask* You'll never believe me. 

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International