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Getting Neb home

A Starfish Is Born



Production Code:


Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Ernie Contreras

Teleplay by:

Mary Jo Ludin

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: September 25, 1988

Syndication Premiere: October 27, 1988

Paired With

Ooze Got the Snork

"A Starfish Is Born" is the 5th episode of Season 4. While stargazing, Casey, Allstar, and Daffney spot a starfish named Neb, who had fallen out of the sky. They try their best to get him back to his family, but end up failing in the process.

Plot Summary

Stars fill the night sky, way up in outer space. Under the sea on the outskirts of Snorkland, Casey, Allstar, and Daffney are entering the Shallow Kelp Forest, where they set up camp. Allstar and Occy get one tent while Casey and Daffney get another. Daffney, of course, brought all her evening gowns. Afterwards, Casey sets up her new telescope so she can see the stars in the sky at a much closer distance.

While doing so, she spots a star fall out of the sky and near where they're standing. He cries because he's lost and wants to get back to his family. He reveals himself as Nebula, although most of his family and friends call him Neb. Occy then notices a strange man, so the gang tries getting away from him. Allstar and the others decide to take Neb to Dr. Gallio's to see what he can do in order to get him back home. Turns out he's at a science convention, and won't be back for several days.

Lucky for them, they find a sling shot and decide to shoot him back up. After finding a nice tall hill, they do so, but it gets caught in a stick, making Occy bump into them. The gang uses the slingshot and rope technique on Neb several times, but all attempts have failed. Then they get a pufferfish to take him back into the sky, but he can't hold in his breath any longer. Finally, Casey decides to use a rocket to send Neb back up into the sky. This also fails. When it seems like they all lost hope, the strange man returns, who then introduces himself as the Star Greeter. He explains to Neb how he fell out of the sky and became a starfish, and now he's a starfish with a new home in the ocean. This makes him happy, and soon enough, everyone is playing with Ned and his new friends in the starfish field.


Casey with Neb

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: See? I knew the Kelp Forest would be no problem.

Daffney: No problem for you.

Daffney: *sees strange man* What's that icky thing?

Allstar: I don't know, and we're not sticking around to find out!

Casey: *grabs Neb* Come on, Nebbie, let's get out of here!

Casey: Great - this top of the hill is the perfect place for the launch.

Occy: *barks in excitement*

Casey: Not lunch, Occy, launch!

Occy: *embarrassed*


  • Halloween is supposed to be Shalloween in Snorkland (A Willie Scary Shalloween)
  • When watching Neb go back into space, Casey's hair is green and her bows are red
  • Occy doesn't grab Casey when in defense from the Star Greeter
  • There are countless references to it being daylight and Neb spending the night with the gang, when it still appears to be nightime in both Snorkland and dry space - this episode is probably set around the end of Daylight Savings Time because of these countless mistakes


  • Title references the saying "A star is born."



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