A Starfish Is Born/Transcript

(The stars fill the night sky, and even a shooting star can be seen from above. The scene slowly drops down to the reflection of the full moon's light over the ocean, plus sparkles. Down below, Allstar, Occy, and Daffney are waiting on Casey to find a perfect spot for their nightly camping trip)

Daffney: Do we really have to go in there? It looks pretty icky to me.

Casey: Oh, there's nothing to be afraid of. Besides, Daff, it's the shortest way to the Midnight Shallows.

Daffney: Ah, how about if I take the longest way and meet you there?

Allstar: Come on, Daffney, to sooner we get there, the sooner we can try out Casey's new telescope.

Daffney: Then what are you waiting for?

(All are now at the camp site)

Allstar: You see, Daffney, I knew the kelp forest would be no problem.

Daffney: No problem for you!

Casey: So, this is the Midnight Shallows.

Daffney: Wow, this place is great!

Allstar: Uncle Gallio says it's the best spot to cmap out and see the stars. 

(Occy runs to a boulder)

Casey: Looks like Occy's already seeing stars!

Daffney: Let's pitch our tents and set up the telescopes!

(Allstar and Occy pitch their tents while Casey and Daffney)

Allstar: Now hold that right there, Occy. *does so* Okay, you can let go now. *Occy struggles but works at it* Great job, Occy! Give me eight! *eight is given* Yeah, we got ourselves a nice, cozy tent to sleep in. *but the tent falls down on them* Of course, there's a lot to be said for just sleeping under the stars. 

Casey: We're supposed to be roughing it, Daffney. 

Daffney: *with a closet full of clothes* I am roughing it!

Casey: *rolls her eyes*

(Casey then tests out her new telescope)

Allstar: Is the telescope ready?

Casey: I think so. *sees through it* And we've got a great night for star-gazing.

(Meanwhile in the dark night sky, some stars are playing ball, but one named Little Neb falls down)

Allstar: Those stars all look so far away.

Casey: Except for that one. *sees Neb* In fact, it looks like it's coming straight for us!

(all scram for it)

Casey: Hey, are you alright?

Occy: *growls at him*

Little Neb: *cries* 

Daffney: Aw, don't cry. We won't hurt you.

Little Neb: I'm not scared of you. I'm just a little shaken by my fall.

Allstar: Fall?! You mean from the sky? That's at least a billion miles from here!

(Occy faints as an older, creepy looking starfish watches them from afar)

Casey: What's your name?

Little Neb: My real name is Nebula, but my friends all call me Little Neb. I've never been this far from home before. I wonder how I'll get back.

Occy: *growls and barks at the odler starfish*

Casey: What's the matter, Occy?

Occy: *sniffs for it then gets scared by its appearance*

Daffney: Ew, what's that icky thing?

Allstar: *packs up Casey's telescope* I don't know, and we're not sticking around to find out! Come on!

Casey: Come on, Little Neb, let's get out of here!

(all leave as the starfish goes after them, but they manage to get back to Snorkland safe and sound)

Allstar: It was fun having you spend the night, Little Neb.

Little Neb: Do you really think your Uncle can help me get back home?

Allstar: Oh, if anybody can do it, Uncle Gallio can.

(At his lab...)

Allstar: *reads note* "Gone to Science Convention - back in a few days. Gallio."

Little Neb: Oh, I guess I'm stuck here for good.

Casey: No you're not, I'll bet we can find a way to get you home.

Daffney: Too bad the eel-evated trains don't stop in your galaxy.

Allstar: Maybe we can use some of the junk in this lab. *he and Occy try finding some things to use* Huh, let's see. Rubber chicken. Bowling trophy. Crayons. *gets scared by Occy in a mask* Gah! Halloween mask?!

Casey: *observes a rubber band* I've got it!

Daffney: What's that for?

Casey: Well, if a star can shoot down to Earth, why can't we shoot one back up?

Daffney and Allstar: That's a great idea! *then they leave the lab*


(all are back at Midnight Shallows to send Little Neb back home)

Casey: Perfect! The top of this hill is a great place for the launch!

Occy: *mouth waters*

Casey: Not lunch, Occy, launch!

Occy: *embarrassed*

(All go up there, but the rubber band is stuck to a piece of twig, so Occy releases it, but he bumps into them)

Little Neb: *now on the top of the hill with the others* I can't believe I'm going home! Thanks for all your help!

Daffney: We hope you have a good trip!

Little Neb: And I hope there's a good movie on this flight!

Casey: *all pull the rubber band* Okay, hold on.

Allstar: Ready, set, go! *release him*

All: *as they watch him go up* Goodbye, Little Neb!

Daffney: Gee, I miss him already! *but he splashes back down* Darn, not again!

Casey: Come on! *all go help him again*

(Allstar ties a rope to a stick this time)

Allstar: Okay, my plan's real simple. Little Neb, you go up there at the top of this stick, and we'll help. Come on, everybody. *struggle to do so* Hurry it up, already. *Casey places him on the stick* Okay, good. Now everybody grab a hold of the rope, and pull. *all do so* it's working! *spins back down* But then again, maybe not! *all hide in trees* So much for that idea.

(Now all are above the ocean, with their heads sticking out in dry space)

Allstar: Don't worry. I'm sure this'll work. Ready, Puff?

Puff: Ready! *blows up, lifting Neb high* 

All: Goodbye!

Little Neb: So long, snorks!

Puff: *turns blue* Sorry, Little Neb, I can't hold my breath any longer! *deflates, sending Neb back down*

Daffney: What do we do now?

Casey: I've got an idea, and it'll be a blast! 

(They tie Neb to a rocket on a hill in dry space)

Casey: Okay, Little Neb, prepare for blast off! *presses button, and the rocket goes but not Neb* Oh!

Allstar: Wow, look at it go!

Daffney: Yeah, we'll never see Neb again!

Little Neb: Uh, hi guys.

All: Huh?! AW! *fall over in frustration*

(Back in the ocean)

Allstar: Sorry, Little Neb. I guess we weren't much help after all.

Little Neb: Oh, that's okay. I just wish I had never fallen, that's all. *sniffs* I guess I'm stuck here forever.

Occy: *cries and higs him*

Daffney: *hears movement* Wh-what was that??

(the same creepy looking starfish walks out)

Allstar: Snork for it!

(they run but hit a dead end cave)

Daffney: Oh, here he comes! *all huddle close together*

Star Greeter: Well, you youngsters are too quick for an old fella like me. I've been chasin' after you all day.

Casey: Who are you?

Star Greeter: I'm the Star Greeter. I was there to meet Little Neb last night, but you ran off too soon.

Daffney: We thought you were something icky, but now that we can see you in the daylight, you're not icky at all.

Casey: How come you're looking for Little Neb?

Star Greeter: I'm here to take him to his new home.

All: New home?!

Little Neb: But what about my old one?

Star Greeter; Well haven't you ever wondered where starfish come from? They're all stars that fell from the sky.

Little Neb: Wow, you were once a star just like me?

Star Greeter: That's right. And you get to be a starfish.

All: Hooray! Hooray!

Casey: Well, it looks like that fall may be the best thing that ever happened to you, Little Neb.

(Now at a Starfish Park)

Daffney: Isn't it great that Little Neb lives so close to us?

Allstar: Yeah, now's he just a hop, skip, and a snork away!

Little Neb: Thanks for your help! And don't forget to come visit me real soon!

Casey: Is now too soon?

(all play ball with him an his new friends)

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International