A Willie Scary Shalloween/Transcript

(Juniro is collecting flowers somewhere in the ocean)

Junior: Boy, Casey's gonna love these flowers. But then, she drools from even the slightest show of affection from my handsome self. *pulls a red flower* Oh, the things I do to keep up my simple snork mystique. 

Shellshock: Who dares to disturb my rest?

Junior: Yipes! It's Shellshock the Dragon, the terror of the seven seas!

Shellshock: I have shocking news for you, little stiry fry!

Junior: Let me guess, you're hungry and I'm take out? You monsters are all alike!

Shellshock: *laughs* We are shockingly predictable at that!

Junior: Hold on, buster! I've got shocking news for you! I'm a master at snork-jitsu! Mess with me, and you eat dust!

Shellshock: *laughs* You're bluffing!

Junior: Ha! Foolish fiend! You earned the might Wetworth's wrath! *fights him* Had enough, mutane breath?

Shellshock: Yes, yes. I'll do anything you ask.

Junior: Alright, slime-shlock. I'm banishing you to the Lost Valley where you'll never bother snorks again.

Shellshock: Cianaro, Snorkface, I'm history.

Casey: Oh, we were on our way to a Junior Fan Club meeting!

Daffney: When we saw you fight that awful, icky Shellshock! Ooh, you're our hero!

Junior: *sighs* I guess it's a role I'm faded to play.

(Now in Junior's room)

Junior: Willie, aren't you scared by my story at all?

Willie: The part about kissing girls was kinda scary, but I feel sorry for Shellshock. Nobody loves him.

Junior: I've been thinking up that spine-tingler all week to scare Allstar and the gang at my Shalloween party.

Willie: A party?! Can I come!

Junior: This isn't just any party. On Shalloween night, we'll dress up in scary costumes, eat scary food, tell scary stories, -- 

Willie: I can be scary too, Junior!

Junior: By feeling sorry for the biggest villain of the year? Forget it, Willie, I'm striking you from the guest list. Besides, who'd be scared of a little squirt like you, anyway?

(Willie is now crying in his room)

Willie: My own brother won't let me come to the biggest Shalloween bash of the year! Hey, maybe I'll be striked back on Junior's guest list when I inivte Shellshock. *draws note* Haha, we'll scare everyone!

(Outside, the other snorks are demonstrating their costumes)

Allstar: *makes roaring sounds* 

Casey: Oh Allstar, you'll be the scariest snorkeater at Junior's party.

Allstar: And you'll be the scariest sea witch.

Casey: Hi Daffney. What are you supposed to be?

Daffney: I'm a beautiful, uh, smean, icky sea devil.

Tooter: *shows up with metal fish costume*

Casey: Oh Tooter, what's so scary about that?

Tooter: *shuts the mask and roars out loud, scaring his friends*  

Allstar: Oh wow, what a great costume!

Tooter: *laughs*

Willie: *in his Shellshock costume* Hi guys. Can you tell me the way to the Lost Valley?

Daffney: Now why would such a cute Shalloweener visit icky Shellshock?

Willie: I don't wanna be cute - I wanna be scary, and Shellshock can help me.

Allstar: Look, he's pretending for Shalloween. I'll handle this. *back to Willie* Um, everything that's ever been lsot in the world ends up in Lost Valley. 

Willie: Then all I have to do is get lost to find it.

Allstar: Oh, if you're brave enough, little one. It's a scary place.

Willie: It's okay, I can be scary too. Boo!

All: *shake*

Casey: *winks* Now that's scary. Oh cut it out, Willie.

Willie: Ha! Just wait till you see Shellshock and me at the party. Thanks to you guys, now I can find him.

Casey: Oh, it's hard to believe that cute little Willie and sea-slime Junior are brothers.

Allstar: But I still can't wait to party hardy at Sea Slime's - I mean Junior's - tonight.

Daffney: *looks at herself in the mirror* Oh darn, I'm still too gorgeous to be scary. Oh, what'll I do?

Tooter: *scares her and it messes up her hair - everyone laughs at her*

Daffney: *angry* Thanks a lot, Tooter.

(Now at Junior's)

All: *go into his house* Happy Shalloween, Junior!

Tooter: *says Junior's not scary enough*

Junior: What do you mean I'm not scarier without a costume? You're just jealous because I came as Count Snorkula, while all you could come up with was a stupid old fish!

Tooter: *scares him*

Allstar: See, Tooter's scary after all.

Junior: Nonsense! It's only polite for me to act scared on Shalloween.

Tooter: *tries scaring him some more*

Junior: Come on, I'll show you guys the house. Our expensive new sea-shag carpet - don't walk on it.

Allstar: Oh brother!

Junior: And this is our Wetworth antique sea chest. It's too expenseive, don't even look at it! Now I'll show you our expensive kitchen.

(All go into Willie's room)

Allstar: Sorry, guys. I just had to slip into a little something less expensive.

Daffney: This must be Willie's room.

Casey: I'll bet we can touch stuff in here.

Daffney: *on a seahorse toy* At last, we're having fun at this party!

Tooter: *agrees with her*

Allstar: *sees Willie's drawing* Hey guys, get a load of this!

Casey: It's a note to Junior. 

Daffney: Oh no! Willie's really run off to find that icky dragon!

Tooter: *uh oh*

Allstar: You're right, Totoer. *eh and the others leaves* We've gota find Willie before Shellshock does.

Junior: *looks for them* Hey, where'd everybody go? My party of the year's deader than a fossil. *to mirror* Oh well, I'll jsut have to scare myself. Boo! *jumps*


(Willie's in the Lost Valley)

Willie: Yippie! I found the Lost Valley! I guess it's the only thing you can find when you're lost.

(While the others are still searching for him)

All: Willie! Willie!

(Tooter has a dragon skull, Daffney faints, and he laughs)

Daffney: Aw, Tooter, you made me chip a nail!

Allstar: Nevermind that, we've gotta find Willie!

Tooter: *scares them again with a horn, but this time Casey and Daffney are lauging)

Casey: Oh come on. Let's find Willie and get back to Junior's party.

Daffney: Yeah, compared to this icky place, dodging home decor is a good time!

Allstar: Anybody home? *it echos back to him* 

Daffney: Everyone must be out. I say we join 'em.

Casey: *pulls the tail on her costume* Not until we find Willie.

Daffney: But fear makes me break out in an icky rash.

All: Willie! Willie!

(eyes pop out of a cave)

Allstar: *laughs* Give me a break, Totoer, you can't fool us this time!

Tooter: *but it wasn't him*

Casey: But if Tooter's out here, then who's that?

Shellshock: *pops out and roars* Who dares trespass in my Lost Valley??

All: *scream as Shellshock grabs a hold of them*

Shellshock: The punishment for such a crime is shocking indeed!

(Now all are in sushi rolls and Shellshock considers eating them)

Shellshock: Mmm, nothing like a little snork sushi for lunch!

Allstar: Let us go, Shellshock! We're too small to be a square meal!

Shellshock: *grabs Allstar with his chopsticks* Thanks for your concern, my tasty snork choy! *laughs* But I'm a shockingly light eater! 

Willie: Please, Mr. Shellshock, don't eat my friends.

Shellshock: *drops him* Anotehr disturbance - where are you?

Willie: Down here! My name's Willie.

Shellshock: *smells him* Not too small to be an eggroll. Aren't you afraid?

Willie: No way. I feel sorry for you, 'cause you're all alone. I wanna be your friend.

Shellshock: For centuries, every creature in the sea has feared, hated me. So I have come to hate them all back, until today, little friend. *cries*

All: *cry as well - or at least pretned to in order to avoid being eaten* Yeah!

Shellshock: And you know what?

All: What?

Shellshock: I'm really a vegetarian! *cries*

All: *still cry, or pretend to*

(he then sets them free)

Shellshock: Only I know the way out of the Lost Valley.

Allstar: Thanks for taking us home in time for Shalloween.

Shellshock: Thank you, especially you Willie, for melting my hard heart and becoming my friends.

(Now at Junior's house)

Junior: Where have you yahoos been? Thank heavens I was talented enough to entertain myself! Willie, I thought I told you not to come to my party unless you thought of something scary!

Willie: I brought a scary guest.

Shellshock: *breaks through roof*

Junior: Uh, I better come up with a better Shalloween story quick.

Shellshock: I have a shocking Shalloween tale, children. Listen.

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International