All's Whale That Ends Whale



Production Code


Broadcast Number


Written by

Joseph Barbera and Lane Raichert

Teleplay by

David Schwartz

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: September 12, 1987

Paired With

Allstar's Last Hour

"All's Whale That Ends Whale" is the first episode of Season 3. While on a field trip, Allstar and his

Snorks 301 1

Jonah Was Here

friends get swallowed by a whale, and must work together in order to get out.

Plot Summary

The gang is on a small field trip with Ms. Seabottom. While she takes a rest, she has her students go off and find a seacreature and explore its lifestyle. The very important rule they must follow is that all must stick together. Tooter breaks this rule and finds a small red fish. He offers it a sandwhich, only to learn that it's really a giant angler fish. The gang soon learns of this, so they all swim away from it and hide inside a few white mountains.

Turns out those mountains are teeth. The angler fish is scared away, and the snorks don't know they're inside a whale until it swallows them. Allstar wants them to stay together, but they end up going their seperate ways to find a way out. Casey tries numerous ways to get out, while Junior finds a treasure of gold and Allstar searches for the others. He soon finds Daffney sitting on a clam because it's the only thing inside the whale not slimey. They also find Tooter, who keeps chasing a small purple fish. Later they find Junior, who keeps stuffing treasure in his pants, and then Casey. She talks about how she can barely catch her breath, which gives Allstar an idea - they have to get out through the whale's blowhole.

They see Tooter still chasing that fish, which happens to be a pufferfish. They use it to make a ballon and tie it up to seaweed, the only way out of the way. However, they're not moving, so Junior's forced to dump his treasure and the snorks have to use their snork power in order to get out. This becomes successful, and then they untie the pufferfish. Junior leaves with it, hoping to find the whale and get all his treasure back. In the end, the snorks learn that in order to accomplish something, they must work together.

Snorks 301 2

Casey dumps all of Junior's treasure

Background Information

  • This is the first episode to use the digital ink animation
  • This is also the first episode in the series without Dimmy as a main character
  • This episode also marks the first use of "Snorktown"

Memorable Quotes

  • angler fish leaves*

Casey: And stay away! Hmph, we showed him!

Allstar: We did?! What did we do?

Junior: Who cares, it's the best luck we've had all day!

Allstar: Oh no, we've been swallowed by a whale!

Casey: Yeah, and I thought this was going to be a boring field trip!

Allstar: Casey, we've got to figure out a way to escape!

Casey: What do you think I'm doing, reading a book?


  • The outings of Ms. Seabottom's lens are first light, then become dark
  • When inside the balloon, Casey's snork is bent in the opposite direction as opposed to the rest of the gang's snorks
  • At first, Casey and Tooter try to untie the pufferfish, but by the very next scene, he's already untied
  • There have been several instances throughout the episode where Daffney's hair isn't shown, her pupils are purple, her snork is purple, and/or the outline of her rear end is exposed


  • Title is a reference to the old saying "All's well that ends well."
  • This episode also referenced Jonah, according to the bible he was a man who ignored God's wish so he got eaten by a whale for punishment.



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