All's Whale That Ends Whale/Transcript

(Open with the snorks - minus Dimmy from here on out - on a field trip)

Ms. Seabottom: Today's field trip assignment is to find a sea creature, and observe its lifestyle.

Snorks: Yes, Ms. Seabottom.

Ms. Seabottom: *sighs* I'm pooped. While you all do your exploring, I'll rest here.

Octopus: No way, lady. You may be looking for a chair but it's not gonna be on me. *leaves*

Ms. Seabottom: And remember, class, be sure to all stick together.

Allstar: *as he and the others swim away* Stick together, right. You hear that, guys? *Tooter leaves* Tooter.

(Tooter goes off to give a small fish a sandwhich, but he's really a bigger fish)

Allstar: There he is. Hey Tooter, find any interesting fish? *Totoer swims away, causing Allstar to spin around* 

Daffney: How rude. What's his problem?

Casey: Probably that giant anglerfish over there.

(The big anglerfish heads their way)

Snorks: Giant anglerfish?! *scream and swim away*

Junior: I knew you'd get us into trouble sooner or later!

Tooter: *moans*

Allstar: Look you guys. Maybe we can lose that anglerfish behind those mountains. Hurry! *all swim inside, unknowing it's a whale* Whew, that was close. I hope he doesn't notice us.

Casey: Well, I don't.

Allstar: Huh?

Casey: Who does that bully think he is? I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind!

Allstar: *tries to stop her* Casey, come back! It'll get a lot more than a piece of your mind! *sees anglerfish again* Oh no, we've been spotted!

(but the anglerfish gets scared and leaves)

Casey: And stay away! Hmm, we showed him!

Allstar: We did? What did we do?

Junior: Who cares? It's the best luck we've had all day!

(the snorks then wail as the whale swallows them)

Allstar: Oh no, we've been swallowed by a whale!

Casey: Yeah, and we thought this was going to be a boring field trip.

Tooter: *finds another fish and chases after it*

Junior: Ther's no hope for that boy. 

Allstar: The important thing for us to remember is that we all have to *they leave* stay together?

Junior: Those losers will take out day trying to figure out a way to escape. I've gotta - huh?! *sees a treasure chest in a ship* Whoa, it's a, it's a, it's a - a treasure chest! Clamtastic! *goes up to it to collect the money* Mine! Mine! It's all mine! It's all mine! it's all mine!


(Meanwhile, Casey's trying to get out through the whale's teeth)

Casey: There! I should be out of here in no time! *jumps on plank* No whale's gonna make a prisoner out of me! 

Allstar: *tries finding the others* This is ridiculous! We've got to work together to get out of here. *reads a written statement* "Jonah Was Here?" Hmm, wonder how he got out. *finds Daffney filing her nails as she sits on a clam* Come on, Daffney, we'll never get out of here if we just sit around. You've got to help me find the others.

Daffney: I'm not moving! This clam's the only thing in this whale that's not slimy!

Clam: *moves her off* Yeah, and the reason I'm not slimy is because I don't let icky snorks sit on me!

Daffney: Huh? Imagine that clam calling me "icky!" Well, of all the nerve!

(Allstar and Daffney watch Tooter continously chasing a big purple fish)

Daffney: Hey Tooter, wanna help us find the others?

Allstar: Oh brother. Don't worry, Daffney, Tooter won't go too far. It's the others I'm worried about.

(Back at the "sunken ship")

Allstar and Daffney: Junior! Junior!

Junior: Hey, quit yelling, I'm down here! *see him with the treasure* I'm the richest snork in Snorktown! Now I can give my dad an allowance!

Allstar: Junior, come on. You gotta help us figure out how to get out of here.

Junior: Oh no, I'm not lettin' this treasure out of my sight for anything!

Allstar: But if you don't get outta here, where are you gonna spend your money?

Junior: Good point. Now just because I'm going with you, doesn't mean I'm gonna share any of my gold. *to the treasure* I'll be back, my sweet little fortune. *tries catching up to them* Hey, wait up.

(And Casey's still trying to get out on her own)

Allstar: *he and others find her* Casey, we've got to figure out a way to escape!

Casey: What do you think I'm doing? Reading a book?! I'm sure the whale's getting tired. *up there, the whale is sleeping* I sure am! I can barely catch my breath!

Allstar: Breath? Casey, that's it! Maybe we can escape through the whale's blowhole. We've got to get under it. Come on!

Casey: Hey, that is a good idea! *she drops the hammerfish*

Hammerfish: Oh man, I need an aspirin!

(Near the blowhole)

Junior: Oh it's too high up! We'll never be able to reach it!

Casey: There's gotta be something we can do.

Tooter: *now swimming with the fish*

Junior: I still can't believe Tooter's goofing off with that pufferfish!

Allstar: Pufferfish? Hey! It could carry us to the top of the spout like a balloon!

Casey: Yeah, and we can build a basket to ride it! *grabs some seaweed* We can use this seaweed.

Daffney: Ew, seaweed's icky!

Allstar: It may be icky, Daffney, but it's the only way for us to get out of here.

Daffney: *pulls some out* Alright, if I have to.

Junior: That little fish is much too small to lift us, it'll never work.

(Now all are in a hot balloon with the pufferfish on top)

Allstar: Ready when you are! *it blows, but stops* Something's wrong. Junior, your treasure's making the basket too heavy! We've got to dump it!

Junior: No way! I'm keeping my gold, no matter what!

Casey: Okay, Junior, your choice. Either you come with us, or your treasure comes with us.

Junior: *gulps* Is there a third choice?

Casey: *dumps all the treasure out of Junior* Sorry, Junior, it's the only way.

Junior: *cries* Goodbye, treasure! It was nice while it lasted!

(The pufferfish moves up, but then stops)

Allstar: The pufferfish is tiring. Let's all use our snork power.

(do so, and it works)

Allstar: It's working!

(cheer, but it stops)

Daffney: Now what'll we do?

Junior: I knew this was a bad idea, now we'll never get out of here!

(but the whale can't breath and he changes colors - however, he manages to blow them out and the snorks are all back in the water)

Allstar: Brother, what a field trip! All I gotta say is that Ms. Seabottom better give us an A!

Casey: Yeah, let's untie the pufferfish. *they do so with Totoer* Thanks for all your help.

Tooter: *is welcomed*

Pufferfish: *has a little trouble breathing at first, then can finally breath again*

Junior: No time to waste! We've got work to do! *takes the pufferfish away*

Allstar: Junior, now what are you doing?

Junior: I'm going back to find the whale. I've got a fortune to save!

Tooter: *toots a sentence to the snorks*

Casey: What did he say?

Allstar: *laughs* He said there's no hope for that boy.

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International