All That Glitters Is Not Goldfish



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Written by:

Laren Bright and Lane Raichert

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: December 1, 1988

USA Premiere: January 14, 1989

"All That Glitters Is Not Goldfish" is the 35th episode of Season 4. When Jojo and Casey take Corky on a "vacation," they run into Prince Eli of Seagypt, and they help him stop his sister, Princess Alexandria, from taking over the kingdom. However, Prince Eli is a very sneaky snork.

Snorks 435 1

Meeting Prince Eli

Plot Summary

While Corky is doing his daily job, he sees the guards all over Snorkland, so Casey and Jojo assure him (after freaking out over the possibility of him being replaced) that they're only there so he could take a vacation. Corky doesn't fully understnad the concept of "time off," so they try making suggestions. However, he shows them a book of rules and regulations, so they end up nixing every idea except for a nice, quiet picnic in the tidepools. A weak Prince Eli - once ruler of Seagypt - slowly swims over and tells the snorks of his evil sister Princess Alexandria taking over Seagypt with the septor of power, and all he wants is to get it back so he could rule once again. The snorks agree to go to Seagypt and help him out. They plot to take her down by putting on disguising and distracting her guards. 

Eli ends up getting the septor of power back, but instead he becomes evil and takes over Seagypt. This leaves a seemingly innocent Princess Alexandria locked behind bars with Casey, Corky, and Jojo. They figure out ways to stop him as he still takes over Seagypt. She then tells them that the septor of power has made him evil, and they had to stop him before he becomes too powerful. Unfortunately, his evil energy only grows stronger, but thankfully, Corky heads to the rescue by referring to the book. Everyone stops him, and soon enough, Alexandria takes the thrown again. Casey and Jojo then realize that Corky's real vacation is doing his job - helping other snorks.

Snorks 435 2

Helping Princess Alexandria

Background Info

  • This episode marks the final appearances of Casey, Corky, and Jojo - Governor Wetworth also makes his final appearance, but as a non-speaking cameo
  • Seagypt is referenced for the first time since Mummy Snorkest, but in much greater detail

Memorable Quotes

Corky: No seamergency?! Oh no! They're replacing me! This is terrible!

Casey: But that's not --

Corky: I know it's not your fault, Casey, it's mine! Oh, the disgrace! *paces around in circles* The *horn* Snork Patrol has failed, all because of me! 

Casey: But, --

Corky: I should've worked harder! I should've never have taken so many donut breaks!

Casey: Well, but, I --

Corky: I shouldn't have slept so much! Four hours is just too long to be away from the patrol!

Casey: But I --

Jojo: *blows whistle through snork* Calm down, Corky, and listen to Casey! 

Casey: Right. Now take it easy. There's no seamergency, and they're not replacing you.

Corky: They're not?

Casey: No. The Governor has put all those guards out so --

Corky: So they can catch me, and throw me in jail!

Jojo: Ahem!

Jojo: How about a day at Magic Fountain Amusement Park?

Casey: *mocking Corky* No, it's against the rules! How about a snork down the street? Oh no, no, that's too dangerous! Well, let's go for a ride on the eelevated train? Oh no, regulations don't allow --

Corky: Come on, Casey, I'm not like that!

Casey: You are, too! You've nixed everything we've suggested so far! You're just too cautious!

Corky: No I'm not! 

Corky: Um, Eli, what do these marks mean?

Eli: Oh they're just the places where there are deadly booby traps. *all gasp and he chuckles* But don't worry. I know where they all are so we can avoid them.

Corky: Oh, good. *nervously chuckles* I think. 

Jojo: Yes. Say, how about we go hiking through Yellowtail Park?

Corky: No, this time of year it's again regulation number -- um, I mean, um...


  • The entire episode is in sepia
  • Rough transitions throughout
  • At times, everything is a dark gray color except for the snorks


  • Title is a play on words to the famous expression "all that glitters isn't gold"
  • Seagypt parodies Egypt, obviously
  • Goor Guref might be referencing Charlie Brown's famous catchphrase "Good grief!'
  • Mount Fishmore parodies Mount Rushmore
  • Yellowtail Park parodies Yellowstone National Park
  • Magic Fountain paridoes Magic Mountain amusement park



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