Allstar's Allstar Band



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Written by

John Bonaccorsi

Directed by

Gerald Ford

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NBC Premiere: October 6, 1984

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Snorks 107 1

Allstar's "Allstar" Band

"Allstar's Allstar Band" is the 7th episode in both Season 1 and the entire series. Allstar forms a band and holds a concert to help raise money for Gallio, and Occy becomes the star of the show. Meanwhile, Junior tries to sabotage them so that his dad's band can get on stage.

Plot Summary

The episode begins at Gallio's home, when his furniture is being taken away because he has not paid off his payments, and if he doesn't soon, all his furniture will be gone. While Allstar and the gang are playing "leap snork" (a variation of leap frog), Governor Wetworth's marching band comes on the nearby stage to perform. Everyone covers their ears and groans. However, this gives Allstar a brilliant idea - he'll form a band to raise money.

This turns out to be a bad idea, as the boys' lack of musical talent makes Casey and Daffney wear earplugs during the entire first rehearsal. Once Occy picks up an instrument, Allstar realizes he can perform at the concert, and is a "musical genuis." After preparing and making sure the steam goes directly to Allstar's parents' house, it's time for the Dr. Gallio Benefit Concert and Dance. While Occy's performing on stage and the other snorks are dancing to his music, a blue snork named Rodney gives Casey all his clams so he can dance with her. Junior pushes him out of the way, as he also wants to dance with Casey. Daffney takes her backstage, and Casey tells Matilda to take over for her. As Junior runs away from her, Rodney laughs.

Snorks 107 2

The Wetworths and the steam

Casey and Daffney go on stage to sing while Junior fidns a way to stop the concert - by pulling the steam out of Occy's machine. This is successful, and the concert becomes a bust. Snorks demand their money back, and Junior and Daffney play tug of war over the clams. Dimmy and Allstar fix the steam in the nick of time, but right when Occy starts performing again, the police show up and Governor Wetworth bans the concert, replacing Occy with his own band. A band member accidentally retrieves Occy's music, so they end up playing that, making the Governor very angry.

They decide to turn off the steam again, but they end up unplugging the main steam line. This causes a huge ball of steam to roll into town and cause chaos. Allstar and his friends stop it just in time, although it ends up inside the building of the Council of Elders, causing their roof to explode. In the end, Gallio got all his furniture back thanks to the money earned at the concert. On the other hand, Junior and his dad have to repair the roof.

Background Information

  • We learn that Governor Wetworth has his own band, and that Gallio can be very tight on money
  • We also learn that Casey and Daffney can sing, but Allstar and Dimmy can't and have lack of musical talent
  • Matilda's first appearance

Memorable Quotes

Junior: *stops Willie from dancing* Will you stop that?

Willie: Stop that! Stop what?

Junior: Having a good time - it makes me sick!

Matilda: There you are! *Junior runs away* Gee, what a bashful guy!

Allstar: Well, what do you think? *notices they're blank* Come on, how was it? I said, "How was it?"

Casey: *takes earplugs out of her ears* Pardon me, Allstar?

Daffney: *does the same thing* Uh, is it over?

Junior: *pushes Rodney* Out of the way, clowns! Get lost, peanut! I'm taking all your dances, Casey!

Casey: But Junior --

Daffney: Come on, Casey, it's time for our number.

Casey: Take over for me, Matilda.

Matilda: Well, cutie, looks like I'll be dancing with you all night long!

Rodney: Couldn't happen to a nicer snork.


  • It first shows Daffney retrieving clams at the ticket line, even though Casey's supposed to be there the entire scene
  • The buckets themselves don't fall back down after the steam rolled through town
  • Near the end, Casey's bows and shirt are a lighter shade of green than her pants


  • The gang was paying leap snork, a variation of leap frog



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