Allstar's Allstar Band/Transcript

(Gallio's house is lacking furniture because it's being taken away)

Worker: Sorry, Doc. If you can't make the payments, then we gotta take it back to the store.

(Gallio moans while Allstar and Casey watch from upstairs)

Allstar: Gosh, Uncle Gallio. That's the third time they've been here this month.

(Gallio goes back inside)

Casey: Oh poor Dr. Gallio.

Worker: Hey boy, you tell him we'll find some more if he misses any payments.

(As the car swims away, Allstar and Casey look at each other in concern)

(Outside, the snorks are playing leap snork)

Allstar: I'm afraid when it comes to money, my brilliant Uncle Gallio is a total bubblehead.

Casey: Gee, Allstar, I wish there was some way, we could help.

Governor Wetworth: And now ladies and gentlesnorks, for your listening pleasure, the Snorkland Marching and Chowder Club Band!

(Everyone yawns as horrible music plays)

Governor Wetworth: Come on, folks, everybody dance!

Allstar: Dance?!

Casey: Is he kidding?

Dimmy: Go ahead, Tooter. 

Tooter: *bumps into Occy*

Allstar: Well I can't really blame you, Occy, that music is awful.

Casey: It's the pits!

Dimmy: The worst!

Allstar: That's it! Now I know how we can make some many for Uncle Gallio!

(At his house, Allstar, Dimmy, and Tooter are in a band - they sing horribly as well)

Allstar: *sings* Baby I looove you! If you love me truuue! One and one, make two!

Casey: *takes earplugs out* Pardon me, Allstar?

Daffney: *takes her's out, too* Uh, is it over?

Allstar: Oh brother. That bad, huh?

Occy: *howls*

Allstar: *laughs* Okay, Occy, I get the message.

Snorks: *laugh with him*

Dimmy: Well it was a good idea.

Occy: *grabs their instruments and starts playing*

Allstar: Hey! Occy, you're our answer! You're a musical genius! Yike! *they fall off*

(Outside, Casey is drawing posters for Occy's big concert)

Allstar: Nice poster, Casey.

Casey: Thanks, Allstar.

Allstar: *testing the piano* Okay, Tooter, just one more whack.

Tooter: *wacks the steam pipe with a hamer*

Allstar: Okay, I guess it's tied enough.

(now at the main steam line)

Allstar: Okay Tooter, the line goes to my parent's house. They won't mind, since it's for Uncle Gallio. But maybe I'd better wait till after the dnace to tell them.

(Now's the big night)

Dimmy: Step right up! Get your tickets to Doc Gallio's benefit Dance! One clam a piece!

Snorks: We want Occy! We want Occy!

Allstar: *backstage with Occy* You look weird, Occy, but let's go. Your fans await you.

Snorks: Occy! Occy! Occy! Occy!

Tooter: *toots the cue for the concert to begin and lights the lights*

Allstar: Ladies and gentle snorks, welcome to the Dr. Gallio Benefit Concert and Dance! And now, the act you've been waiting for! That crazy squid who's gonna flip your lid, Occy and his eight swinging tentacles!

(Occy performs catchy music as snorks dance - meanwhile, Casey's collecting the tickets)

Rodney: I wish I could afford all your dances, Casey.

Casey: Gee, thanks Rodney. Dr. Gallio would be so grateful.

Rodney: Well, shall we go?

Junior: *pushes him aside* Out of the way, clowns! Get lost, peanut! *hands her a bucket of clams* I'm taking all your dances, Casey!

Casey: But Junior --

Daffney: *takes her away* Come on, Casey, it's time for our number.

Casey: Take over for me, Matilda.

Matilda: Well, cutie, it looks like I'll be dancing with you - all night long! *dances with Junior, making him slightly dizzy*

Rodney: Couldn't happen to a nicer snork.

(Casey and Daffney are in pretty dresses and are now on stage)

Casey: Alright, Occy, hit it. *new music* Snork up, everybody.

Daffney: Let's have some fun. Get into the music. And before we're done, --

Casey: *sings* You're gonna be singing - a snorky song!

Both girls: *sing* there are no words to learn than sing along, everybody!

Matilda: *tries finding Junior as the song plays* Oh, Junior! Peek-a-boo! I'll find you, my little rascal!

Junior: *pops out of hiding* Willie, I hate this crummy dance!

Willie: Why? Everyone else is having such a good time.

Junior: That's why I hate it! But that's gonna change, Willie! Come on! 


(Casey and Daffney are still singing while everyone else is still dancing)

Casey: Snork it with your partner!

Both girls: *sing* Of all the creatures in the deep blue snork, I'd rather be a snork like you and me!

(Meanwhile, Junior and Willie are under the stage)

Junior: Oh, I wonder what would happen if we took the steam out of Occy's machine! *laughs and attempts it* Pull!

(the machine malfunctions as a result, and the girls are carried up by the steam)

Casey: Allstar!

Daffney: Dimmy!

Dimmy: Wow, what a great act!

Allstar: This is no act, Dimmy!

(Casey falls so Allstar catches her with ease)

Casey: Thanks, Allstar.

(But Daffney ends up landing on Dimmy's back as he tries catching her but was too distracted by Allstar catching Casey)

Daffney: Oh, thanks, Dimmy!

Dimmy: *moans* Don't mention it.

Casey: What happened, Allstar?

Allstar: The steam hose must have broke. I'll have to fix it. Come on, Dimmy!

Casey: Something's fishy here. I wonder if Junior, --

Junior: We want our money back! We want our money back!

Snorks: We want our moeny back! We want our money back!

Casey: Try and play, Occy. *the piano doesn't work* Oh no!

(Daffney and Junior pull the clam basket)

Daffney: Junior, this money goes to Dr. Gallio! Let go!

Junior: *laughs* Ha!  No girl's gonna make me let go! 

Matilda: Oh there you are, you little -- *he lets go and runs away from her* Gee, what a bashful guy!

(Under the stage, Allstar fixes the steam pipes)

Dimmy: Hurry it up, Allstar!

Allstar: Okay, Occy, give it a try.

Occy: *plays, and it finally works - everyone is dancing again, including Willie*

Junior: Will you stop that?

Willie: Stop that! Stop what?

Junior: Having a good time - it makes me sick! Come on!

(Allstar and Casey are collecting and counting all the money they earned)

Casey: Well, Allstar, that's enough to pay Dr. Gallio's debts.

Allstar: *he and Casey hear cop cars heading their way* Sounds like a police car coming.

Junior: *with his dad and the cops* See what I mean, dad?

Governor Wetworth: Stop that racket! Stop it, I say!

Allstar: Wait! Governor, let me explain!

Governor Wetworth: This band has no license to play in Snorkland Plaza!

(the cops even try taking Occy away)

Governor Wetworth: Ladies and gentlesnorks, for your dancing pleasure, here is the ever popular Snorkland Marching and Chowder Club Band!

(horrible music plays)

Snorks: Boo! We want Occy! Occy! Occy!

Junior: *takes sheet music away* Your concert's over, noodle arms!

(but it lands with the band)

Conductor: Change of program, troops.

(they play Occy's upbeat music, and everyone is dancing again)

Governor Wetworth: Officers, stop this craziness! *but they're dancing too* This is mutany! Come on, Junior! I know how to stop this! *head to main steam line* Let's see, this is the hose that sends the steam to Occy's music machine.

Junior: Wanna play "Stop the Music," dad? *he unplugs it, and steam flies everyone*

Governor Wetworth: Quick, Junior, stop the steam!

Junior: *does so* Phew. Well I guess that puts an end to all that noise, huh dad?

Governor Wetworth: Are you sure you turned the right weel?

Junior: *pressure gage goes up* Look at that pressure gage. This thing is gonna blow! The steam's backing up!

(steam bounces on them through the pipe and heads right into town and through Snorkland Plaza, causing lots of chaos for the snorks)

Governor Wetworth: Oh no! It's heading towards town! Help, stop that steam thermal!

Allstar: *with the buckets of money* There's too much to count!

(the steam hits them, and Casey ends up catching Allstar this time)

Casey: It's the main steam line, Allstar!

Allstar: Yikes! We've gotta stop it before it hits the steam plant!

(but it's already going through the steam plant)

Allstar: Over here. *he and his friends try turning the steam wheel back the right way in the main steam plant*

Governor Wetworth: Turn 'em off! Turn 'em all off!

Allstar: Governor, not that way!

Governor Wetworth: *turns wheel wrong* Don't tell me what to do!

Junior: Oh! Just wait until my dad tells the Council of Elders! They're gonna raise the roof!

Governor Wetworth: They won't have to!

(the steam heads over there, and the roof explodes - the next day, Alsltar, Casey, and Occy are watching the Wetworths repair the building)

Casey: Well, Occy, thanks to you, Dr. Gallio got all his furniture back.

Allstar: Yeah, and thanks to the Governor and Junior --

Governor: *plastering the roof* More plastering, hurry it up!

Junior: *plasters sides* More plaster, sheesh, what a grump! *the plaster lands on his head*

Allstar: *laughs* Like my dad says, the family that works together stays together.

Occy: *barks* 

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International