Allstar's Double Trouble



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Written by

Ray Parker

Directed by

Gerald Ford

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NBC Premiere: November 17, 1984

Paired With

A Snork On the Wild Side


Allstar eyeing Samantha

"Allstar's Double Trouble" is the 20th episode of Season 1. When Samantha Waters comes to town, Allstar is so entranced by her that he accidentally schedules two dates for the same night - one with her, and another with Casey.

Plot Summary

At the breakfast table one morning before school, Mrs. Seaworthy reminds Allstar that he should prepare the guest room, because they have a visitor coming over. It's Mr. Seaworthy's old college friend's child, Sam Waters. Allstar gets excited, because they could use a new snorkball player. When Sam arrives, Allstar learns that Sam's actually a girl - Sam is just short for "Samantha." Allstar becomes jittery and lovestruck upon seeing her beauty and hearing her sweet country accent. She kindly asks him if he would take her to see the premiere of "Snorkbusters" on Saturday night, and he gladly accepts. Later that day, Allstar and Casey are having milkshakes together when she reminds him to rent his tuxedo for the dance that's ALSO on Saturday night, and he's supposed to be taking here, which causes him to immediately flip out.

Sam drops him off to see Dimmy and Tooter that same day. Dimmy and Tooter are also fascinated by the sight of Sam. Allstar tells them he accidentally goofed up and scheduled two dates for the same night - one with Sam, and another with Casey. Dimmy suggest he cancels one dates and goes on the other, but Allstar believes that's a bad idea. At night, he and Sam are sitting on the backporch swing. She wants them to go on a ride together in her convertible, but he accidentally tells her he has to go rent a tux. Sam then gets the notion that movies are fancy in large cities. After he buys that tux, she drives him to Gloria Vandersnork's so he can help her pick out a dress. Casey and Daffney happen to be walking by the store, seeing them together. They go inside to do some investigating, while Allstar tries hiding from them. They couldn't find him, so they decide to go home, when they catch Allstar hiding in the dresses. They also meet Sam, and Casey becomes instantly jealous and suspicious of Allstar's motives.

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"Everyone, meet Sam."

Allstar tells Dimmy and Tooter he failed at canceling the dates, so Dimmy reminds him he can't be in two places at the same time. This gives Allstar an idea, and his friends decide to go along with it. On Saturday night, Allstar takes her to see "Snorkbusters." Sam also meets Junior, who offers her to hang with him once she gets bored with Allstar. Sam then tells Allstar she's glad she's with him instead of Bubba, her boyfriend, who gets angry at whoever boy looks at her. Allstar leaves, but tells her he's getting her some kelpcorn. Dimmy and Tooter drive him to Casey's house to pick her up. He leaves after dropping her off at the school dance. He returns to the movies with a box of kelpcorn, but leaves again to get Sam a kelp soda, which angers her. He returns to the dance, dancing with Casey for only a little bit before he has Tooter distract her.

Meanwhile, Bubba arrives at Allstar's house, looking for Sam. Mrs. Seaworthy tells him Allstar took her to see "Snorkbusters." Back at the movies, Sam gets angry at Allstar for missing over half the movie. He leaves again, so she decides to let Junior sit next to her in her car. Upon returning to the dance, Casey wants Allstar to tell her what's really been going on. While he does so, Bubba finds Junior, and beats him up because he was with Sam. Allstar wants everyone to get a soda together, but they end up seeing the damages Bubba made. A weakened Junior tells him Allstar should've gotten beaten up. The next day, Allstar tells Casey he'd never pull do something stupid like that again, while Casey tells him he should just tell the truth next time.

Background Information

  • This is the first time Allstar falls for another girl besides Casey. The second time occurs with Celia in "Snorkerella"
  • This episode marks the second time Casey and Tooter are dancing together (The New Neighbors)
  • This episode also marks the show's very first reference to fire. This only happens a second time in "Snork Ahoy"
  • It is possible that when it comes to girls, Allstar's weakness involves pink-skinned red-headed snorks

Memorable Quotes

Sam: *walks in* Hiya, Allstar, honey.

Allstar: *shakes* You're Sam?! But I though, you - well, with a name like Sam - but, you're, you're, really a g-g-g-g--

Sam: A girl? My name confuses lots of folks. It's short for "Samantha."

Allstar: I goofed up and made a date with Sam and Casey for the same night.

Dimmy: No problem, Allstar. Just cancel one, and go out with the other.

Allstar: Well, you've got a lot to learn about girls, Dimmy. I'm in trouble here.

Sam: Allstar, honey, where are you?

Casey: Answer the girl, Allstar - honey.

Sam: I'm pleased to meet ya'll. Any friend of Allstar honey's a friend of mine.

Daffney: *sarcastic snarl* How nice!

Junior: Hey listen, let's get together after you're bored with Allwet here, which has got to be soon. *laughs*

Allstar: We came here to see the movie, not you, so if you don't mind, --

Junior: Okay, okay, sheesh!

Casey: *in response to Dimmy's driving* Take it easy, Dimmy. We're going to a dance, not a fire.

Allstar: Tooter wants this dance.

Casey: But Allstar, I --

Allstar: Show her your best moves.

*Tooter and Casey dance together*

Allstar: She's gone!

Junior: Her boyfriend shwoed up.

Allstar: What happened to you?

Junior: What happened to me, is what should've happened to you.


  • Sam's car disappears when Casey and Daffney spot her with Allstar
  • When Allstar introduces Sam to Casey and Daffney inside the store, the polka dots on Sam's dress disappear
  • When Casey demands the truth from Allstar at the dance, Allstar's dinner plate is gone
  • At one point, Allstar's mom's earring are the same color as her hair


  • "Snorkbusters" is a spoof of Ghostbusters
  • South Snorkelina is the "snorky" version of South Carolina
  • Gloria Vandersnork's is a play on Gloria Vanderbilt's
  • Kelpcakes is an underwater variant of pancakes



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