Allstar's Double Trouble/Transcript

(It's breakfast time at Allstar's house)

Allstar: Can I please have another stack of kelpcakes, mom? I'm starved.

Mrs. Seaworthy: Of course, son. *Occy yips* Occy, don't beg at the table.

(Allstar gives Occy a kelpcake and he swallows it whole)

Mrs. Seaworthy: I want you to tidy up the spare room after school, because we're having a visitor.

Allstar: Oh yeah, who?

Mrs. Seaworthy: Well you've heard you dad go on about his old college snorkball teammate, Rocky Waters?

Allstar: Uh huh.

Mrs. Seaworthy: Well, this is his child, Sam Waters.

Allstar: Hey, that's terrific! I'll bet Sam's good at snorkball, too. We could use a good player around here.

(Occy and Alsltar rearrange guest room)

Allstar: Let's put it by the window. On second thought, we better put it by the wall. 

Mrs. Seaworthy: Allstar, Sam Waters is here. Sam, I'll let you two get acquainted.

Sam: Hiya, Allstar, honey.

Allstar: *wabbles legs* You're Sam? But I thought -- well with the name Sam, I -- but-but you're, really a, g-g-g --

Sam: A girl? My name confuses lots of folks. It's short for Samantha. 

Allstar: Oh, oh! Oh this is my pet octopus Occy. Occy?

Occy: *hides under bed*

Sam: *giggles* 

Allstar: We've ben getting your room into shape. Just let me know if there's anything else I can do. 

Sam: Well there is one tinsy tiny favor you could do for a visiting country girl. 

Allstar: Just say the word.

Sam: Well, I was hopin to see the premiere of the Snorkbusters movie Saturday night. Would you mind taking me?

Allstar: Mind?! Of course not! I'd be glad to!

Occy: *shrugs* 

(Now at ice cream parlor with Casey)

Allstar: Hurry up with those kelp sodas, Tooter!

Tooter: *gives it to them*

Casey: Have you rented your tux for the dance yet? 

Allstar: Tux?!

Casey: Oh, don't tell me you forgot you were taking me. 

Allstar: Oh, no.

Casey: Well maybe you better rent a tux before they're all gone. The dance is Saturday night, remember?

Allstar: Right, Saturday night. S-S-Saturday night?!

Casey: Something... wrong?

Allstar: Wrong? Oh no! Saturday, uh great, uh, we're all set!

(Sam drives Allstar to visit Dimmy and Tooter)

Allstar: Thanks for the ride, Sam. 

Sam: Oh, the pleasure's all mine, Allstar honey. See you later. 

Allstar: *waves back in love* 

(Tooter has hearts out of snork as he sees her) 

Dimmy: Whoa, who's that? 

Allstar: Samantha, the daughter of an old friend of dad's. She's staying with us, Dimmy. 

Dimmy: That's terrific!

Allstar: Well, actually it's terrible. I goofed up and made a date with Sam and Casey for the same night. 

Dimmy: No problem, Allstar. Just cancel one, then go out with the other.

Allstar: Well you've got  a lot to learn about girls, Dimmy. I'm in big trouble here. 

(Now they're on back porch swing that night)

Sam: Allstar honey, you hardly ate a bite of your supper, are you alright, honey? 

Allstar: Oh, I'm fine, terrific. 

Sam: I wrote my daddy how you've been sweeter than kelp apple pie to little old me. Taking me to that movie premiere is the thrillingest thing that everhappened. 

Allstar: Uh, how about us having a little talk, Sam? 

Sam: Oh, suit me. *moves in closer to him* How about us taking a ride in my steam convertable? it's a scrumptuous night.

Allstar: Sorry, uh, nah uh, no I can. 

Sam: Oh, why not, Allstar honey?

Allstar: Becuase, I've got to go rent a tux! Oops!

Sam: You're renting a tuxedo just to take little old me to that premiere?

Allstar: Well, I, uh --

Sam: Oh I had no idea movies were so fancy in the big city! Oh come on, we'll get you a tuxedo, and I'll pick out a nice pretty dress to go with it. 

(Now Allstar's at store finding a tux) 

Store clerk: There you go, sonny, you want fancy? That's fancy!

Allstar: Don't you have something that fits better? 

Store clerk: *stretches it* Look, is that better? 

Allstar: Uh, well, yes. 

Store clerk: Good, another satisfied customer. 

Allstar: *moans* 

(All drive one night to a store) 

Sam: Oh, there's that darlin' dress shop my mama told me about - Gloria Vandersnork's. You come along inside, Allstar honey, and I'll buy whatever you like. 

(Casey and Daffney are walking nearby) 

Daffney: Hey, there's Allstar. And who's that girl with the flashy car? 

Casey: I've never seen here. But maybe she's why Allstar's been acting a little weird lately. 

Daffney: Let's go and find out what's he's up to. 

(all inside now) 

Sam: *holds up dress similar to what Casey has worn* How's this one, Allstar, honey?

Allstar: Oh, wow. *sees Casey and Daffney* Excuse me, Sam, I'll be right back.

Casey: There's that girl, but no Allstar. 

Daffney: I'dve sworn that was Allstar who came in here. 

Casey: Well whoever it was disapperared. Let's go home. 

Daffney: *sees dress* Hey, there's a cute little dress.

Casey: Ooh, let me see. *but there's Allstar hiding* Allstar! 

Allstar: Uh, hi Casey, Daffney.

Casey: What are you doing? 

Allstar: *stutters*

Sam: Allstar, honey, where are you? 

Casey: Answer the girl, Allstar... honey. 

Sam: Oh, there you are.

Allstar: Uh, Casey, Daffney, I'd like to introduce Samantha.

Sam: I'm please to meet ya'll. Any friend of Allstar honey's a friend of mine. 

Daffney: How nice!

Allstar: She's uh, visiting our house.

Casey: Oh, really? 

Allstar: A friend - friend of the family.

Casey: Oh.

Allstar: And I was just helping her pick out a dress. 

Sam: You see, --

Allstar: *takes her away* We gotta go now, see you later, bye.

(Casey's left there shocked)


Dimmy: Did you get off the hook with the girls yet, Allstar?

Allstar: No, I'm still stuck with two dates tonight.

Dimmy: You better do something fast. After all, you can't be in two different places at the same time. 

Tooter: *toots nah uh*

Allstar: No, I - yes, I can!

Dimmy: Can what? 

Allstar: Be in two different places at the same time, if you guys help. Now here's the plan. *whispers it to them* 

(Allstar takes her to the movies Saturday night)

Sam: Oh Allstar honey, this is so exciting. 

Junior: Hey, Allstar, who's your friend? 

Allstar: Her dad was my dad's best buddy in college. Sam, this is Junior Wetworth. 

Junior: The Governor's son.

Sam: Really? I'm mighty glad to meet an important person like yourself. 

Junior: Hey lsiten, let's get together when you're bored with Allwet here, which has got to be soon. *chuckles*

Allstar: We came here to see the movie, not you, so if you don't mind -- 

Junior: Okay, okay!

Sam: I'm so glad I'm with you tonight instead of Bubba.

Allstar: Bubba?

Sam: Bubba Grotto, back in South Snorkilina. He thinks he owns me. 

Allstar: Really? 

Sam: Yeah, well here's Bubba on his steamcycle. *photo of him* Why he's run off every boy that ever looked twice at me. 

Allstar: I believe it. Uh, suppose I go get us a box of kelpcorn?

Sam: Okay, honey. 

Allstar: Be right back.

(visits Dimmy at his car)

Allstar: Alright, we've got 5 minutes to pick up Casey)

Dimmy: Alright, hop in.

(they leave and head over to her house)

Allstar: You look great, Casey.

Casey: Thanks. *they leave* Take it easy, Dimmy. We're going to a dance, not a fire.

(Now at dance) 

Allstar: Okay if I meet you at the table, I think I left something in Dimmy's car. 

Casey: Well, I suppose so.

Allstar: Thanks. *leaves* 

(leaves again) 

Allstar: Can't you go any fast, Dimmy?

Dimmy: Not if I wanna keep my driver's license.

Tooter: *warning to stop up ahead* 

Dimmy: Whoa!

Allstar: Thanks, Dimmy. Don't go away.

Sam: *sees Alsltar with kelpcorn* Oh, snorklips, you missed the whole opening. The scary barracuda, and the electric eels, and everyhting.

Allstar: Sorry. Uh, how about a nice drink to wash down that kelpcorn?

Sam: No thanks, I --

Allstar: Good, be right back. *he leaves*

Sam: Allstar!

Allstar: Come on, Tooter, I need you for this one.

(Back at dance)

Casey: Where have you been? Your dinner's getting cold.

Allstar: Well, uh, I'm not really hungry. Come on, Casey, let's dance. 

Casey: Well, okay. *they dance a bit* Honestly, Allstar, I was really getting worried about you, I --

Tooter: *shows up*

Allstar: Tooter wants this dance.

Casey: But Allstar, I --

Allstar: *leaves* Show her your best moves, Tooter. 

(Tooter and Casey dance - meanwhile, Bubba arrives at the Seaworthy house)

Bubba: I wanna see Samantha! Tell her Bubba's here!

Mrs. Seaworthy: Oh, Mr. Bubba, you just missed her. My son took her to see Snorkbusters. 

Bubba: Oh, he did, huh? Well I'm a have to straighten him out!

(Allstar returns to movies) 

Allstar: *shows up with soda* Here you are, Sam, an ice cold plank-cola.

Sam: Oh, thanks, snork pie. Honey, the movie's half over. You missed the sea serpant, the attack of the kelp weed monster, and the giant clam stampede!

Allstar: Don't worry about me, Sam. Oh, how qbout a plankburger to munch on?

Sam: Oh, no thanks, I -- *he leaves *Allstar! ALLSTAR!

Junior: Mind if I, join you, Sam? 

Sam: Sure, hop in, Junior. *he does so* That Allstar's no fun at all. 

Junior: I could've told ya that.

(Back at dance...)

Casey: Allstar! I demand to know what's been going on!

Allstar: Going on?

Casey: You're up to something! I want the truth, now!

Allstar: Okay, Casey, I'll confess.

(Bubba arrives at the movies)

Junior: Hey, knock it off!

Bubba: So, you're the guy tryin' to steal my girl?

Sam: Bubba!

Junior: Now see here, I'm not -- *Bubba tears up car* Hey! 

Bubba: Out of the car, sonny! We're gonna have a little talk!

Junior: T-t-t-talk?

(All the others drive by)

Allstar: So it was a total disaster, Casey. I wanted to please you both, and goofed up the whole thing.

Casey: Well, at least yor intentions were good. Now what?

Allstar: Well let's pick up Sam at the movie and we can all have a soda. If she's still speaking to me.

(see she's gone) 

Allstar: She's gone!

Junior: *miserable and beaten* Her boyfriend showed up.

Allstar: What happened to you? 

Junior: What happened to me is what should've happened to you.

(At ice cream parlor again) 

Allstar: Believe me, Casey, I'll never pull a dumb stunt like that again. 

Casey: Can I make a suggestion?

Allstar: Sure.

Casey: Next time, tell the truth.

Allstar: *smiles* Oh, you're telling me. 

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International