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Allstar meets Lucky

Allstar's Freshwater Adventure



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Written by

Glenn Leopold

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: October 5, 1985

Paired With

Dr. Strangesnork

"Allstar's Freshwater Adventure" is the 7th episode of Season 2. Allstar gets sucked into Halliey's Current and ends up meeting the freshwater snorks, who live in a river. Allstar also teaches them how to throw UFOs (unidentified falling objects) back into dry air.

Plot Summary

Allstar and Casey are going to eat at Snork in the Box. After ordering two quarter flounder and a large order of fries, the gusts from Hailley's Current sweeps their food away. At the same time, Casey reminds Allstar that he has to be at the Aquatheater at 8:00 to help Casey with the prop's for her Auntie Marina's one snork show. He and Occy end up getting guck all over them, and then they meet Lucky, a snork with two snorks, who comes from the freshwater world.

Allstar shows Lucky around Snorkland when his breathing slows down. Allstar takes him to his Uncle Gallio's, who gives him droplets of freshwater. He then informs them that if Lucky doesn't get back into his world within two hours, he'll be stuck in Snorkland forever. They go back to a small area outside of Snork in the Box, where they part ways. Lucky has difficulty getting back into the current, so Allstar helps him. As he tries swimmign away, he gets sucked in, too.

He ends up in the river world, and Lucky tries preventing him from getting hurt by all the UFOs (unidentified falluiing objects). The freshwater snorks also have to wear filters in their snorks so they won't breathe in any sludge. After Lucky's family gives him some, Allstar concludes that what goes up must come down, so he creates giant snork filters to trap all the sludge. Meanwhile back in Snorkland, Marina's play begins, and Casey's frustrated because she has to do all the props by herself. In the freshwater world, Allstar has them throw the UFOs back up to dry space, where a fisherman notices this and leaves. Allstar realizes he needs salt, as he's losing energy from being in freshwater. Lucky and the other freshwater snorks help him get back to Hailley's Current, where he lands at the finale of Marina's play. Allstar tries telling Casey about his adventure and why he didn't help her with the props, but she was too angry at him to believe his story. At the end of the episode, Lucky and his family throw more UFOs back up, and the fisherman decides to never fish in the river again.

Snorks 207 1

Allstar teaches them to throw UFOs back up

Background Information

  • First appearance of Snork In the Box (2nd would be in "Casey and the Doubleheader")
  • Freshwater snorks have two snorks
  • Hailley's Current comes every 75 years

Memorable Quotes

Lucky: Where's your other snork?

Allstar: Well down here, we only have one snork.

Lucky: *laughs* Must be twice as hard to rinse yourself off, my name is Lucky. *he and Allstar shake hands*

Lucky: Snorkland sure is clean - you could eat off the ocean floor here.

Allstar: Why do you keep looking up all the time?

Lucky: Oh, up on the river world, you've got to watch out because things are always dropping in on us.

Allstar: Wow, that sounds neat. *Occy bumps into him* Down here, we just have to watch out for our pets.

Snork In the Box Box: Your order, please? *Allstar and Lucky swim past him* We're fast, but not that fast.

Lucky: My dad's a freshwater traffic controller - in charge of UFOs, unidentified falling objects.

Allstar: He must work overtime.


  • How did Lucky eat all of Occy's food if the food was originally blown away by Hailley's current?
  • When Allstar tells Lucky he sounded 100% better, the entire scene is glossy - in fact, Lucky's skin is light purple, not pink
  • Near the end, Casey's hair is green and her bows are red


  • Hailley's Current is a play on Hailley's Comet
  • Snork In the Box is a reference to the fast food chain Jack In the Box
  • "Life in the fast wave" is a play on the quote "Life in the fast lane"



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