Allstar's Freshwater Adventure/Transcript

(Casey, Allstar, and Occy are swimming towards a restaurant)

Casey: I'm not sure if I have time to get a bite to eat, Allstar. Auntie Marina's expecting me.

Allstar: Relax, Casey. This dive-through Snork-In-The-Box is pretty fast.*to the microphone* Two quarter flounder and a large fries, please.

Microphone: Swimming right up. *food pops out*

Casey: Cork my snork, that was fast.

Microphone: That'll be threee andollars. Anything to drink?

Allstar: Just water, thanks. *hands it change* Extra soggy, just the way I like 'em.

Casey: Fast food was a good idea, but I can't be late to the theater for Auntie's rehearsal. *a crazy wind flies, and so does to food, but occy catches it for her* Thanks, Occy. Oh, that's all we need - a storm to ruin Auntie's one snork show at the aquatheater.

Allstar: According to my Uncle Gallio, all this turbulence is the result of Hallie's Current, making its 75 year appearance. 

Casey: Oh I better jet going to help Auntie with her costumes. Now don't forget, Allstar, be there at 8 sharp because you're in charge of the props!

Allstar: Right! Aquatheater at 8! Don't be late! *gunk falls on him, and Occy finds another snork-like creature named Lucky instead* I'm over here, Occy! *Occy's now left confused*

Lucky: Hey, put me down! *Occy runs off* Where am I? Who are you? How'd I get here?

Allstar: Whoa, slow down, you're in Snorkland. I'm Allstar, and you must've been swept down in Hallie's Current.

Lucky: *cleans everyone off* Where's your other snork?

Allstar: Well down here, we only have one snork.

Lucky: *laughs* Must be twice as hard to rinse yourself off. My name is Lucky. *they shake hands*

Allstar: *Occy licks* Oh don't worry, Occy's friendly. He's my pet octopus.

Lucky: Put her there, and there, and there. *smells food* Mm, smells good. *eats through snork* Delicious!

Allstar: Suffering seasheels, you eat as fast as you talk. *starbelt moves* I have a starbright idea, Lucky. Let me show you around Snorkland, and you can tell me more about where you live.

Lucky: Clamtastic idea! Let's jet going!

(Swimming through Snorkland)

Lucky: *looks up* Snorkland sure is clean. You could eat off the ocean floor here.

Allstar: Why do you keep looking up all the time?

Lucky: Oh, out in the Riverworld, you've gotta watch out because things are always dropping in on us.

Allstar: Wow, that sounds neat. *Occy runs into him* Down here, we just have to watch out for our pets.

Lucky: *starts breathing funny*

Allstar: Lucky, what's wrong?

Lucky: *still breathing funny* I can't breathe!

Allstar: Quick, Occy, lend me some hands! We've got to jet Lucky to Uncle Gallio's! He'll know what to do - I hope!

(At Gallio's, Lucky is laying down as Occy and Allstar hold onto him)

Gallio: *with oxygen tank and water* Hold him still, Allstar, there's not a moment to lose! Lucky for your friend Lucky that I had this bottle of salt free water here. Obviously, he comes from a world where the aquasphere has no salt.

Allstar: Lucky, you sound 100 percent better.

Gallio: This is a temporary solution, Allstar. Your new friend will have to return to his world very soon. In about two hours, that pathway that brought Lucky here will close. If he's not in it, he's stranded in Snorkland for 75 years.

Lucky: Oh no, my poor mom and dad!

Allstar: Don't worry, Lucky. I'll jet you back in plenty of time. Come on.

(Swim by Snork In the Box again)

Microphone: Your order please? We're fast, but not that fast.

Allstar: Suffering seashells, the current must have moved the pathway since you dropped in. 

Lucky: Allstar, over there! *current* If we hurry, I can catch it!

Allstar: Hallie's Current, dead ahead!

Lucky: I guess this is where we part company, Allstar. I wish I could've stayed longer, my friend.

Allstar: So long, Lucky, and I wish I could've seen your world! Wow, life in the fast wave. You better hurry!

Lucky: Goodbye!

Allstar: Goodbye!

(Lucky struggles to get back in the current)

Allstar: *helps him get there* Oh my gosh, oh no, the freshwater transfusion's worn off! Lucky, you can't miss that wave! Almost there! Can't fight the current!


(Both are now in the freshwater world)

Allstar: Lucky, are you okay?

Lucky: I can breathe. I'm alright, Allstar. I'm home!

Allstar: This is Riverworld? Life in the fast wave?

Snork: Snorks up!

(Allstar and Lucky dodge a bottle)

Lucky: That's why we're always looking up, Allstar.

Lucky's Dad: Lucky, where have you been? Your mother and I have been worried sea sick over you!

Lucky: It's a long story, dad. This is my friend, Allstar.

Lucky's Dad: Oh, pleased to meet you. What happened to his other snork?

Lucky: It's a long story, dad. I'll tell you later.

Lucky's Dad: Well, I better jet back to work. Snorks up!

(A shoe falls this time)

Lucky: My dad's a freshwater traffic controller - in charge of UFO's - unidentified falling objects. 

Allstar: He must work overtime. *coughs* You call this freshwater?!

Lucky: My dad said it was - once. *filters pop out of snorks* We didn't have to wear these snork filters. You mean you don't have one? Come on, I have a spare at home.

Allstar: Lucky, wait. *coughs* Don't you think I should be getting back to the pathway?

Lucky: There I go, jetting ahead of myself again. I just thought you wanted to see more of Riverworld.

Allstar: I do. *coughs* I have an hour or so. *coughs* Besides, this chance won't come again for another 75 years. Let's jet going.

Lucky: We have one of the nicest houses in town. It's even got a picture window. Mom, I'm home!

Lucky's Mom: *waves at him through the window*

(In his house, Allstar is given a snork filter)

Allstar: Thanks, I need that. But can't you freshwater snorks do anything to stem the tide of sludge?

Lucky's Dad: Nothing seems to work, except these filters.

Allstar: *starbelt moves* Wait, I have a starbright idea that just might work. *coughs* And I need all the held *coughs some more* I can get. 

(Back in Snorkland at the Aquatheater)

Marina: Casey, you're a great help. Now bring me my Torch Song dress.

Casey: *gives it to her* Coming, Auntie Marina.

Marina: That's it, Casey. Remember, the show must go on, but my costumes go on first. Now what about those props?

Casey: Allstar's in charge. He should be here any minute. 

(Allstar's helping the freshwater snorks catch any sludge though an even larger filter)

Allstar: See, the filters are filling up fast, but at least they trapped some of the sludge here before it reaches *coughs* your homes down river. 

Lucky's Dad: Oh, you're one smart snork, Allstar. 

Lucky: Yeah, we never thought of making giant snork filters.

Lucky's Dad; Snorks up!

(a basket falls)

Lucky: Too bad you can't stop things from dropping into Riverworld.

Allstar: *starbelt moves* Hmm, what comes down might go up. *coughs*

(Marina's on stage)

Marina: 8 sharp! Time for the curtain to go up!

Casey: *pulling up curtain* Ooh, this is Allstar's job!

Marina: Casey, my hat! *hands it to her* Casey, my props!

Casey: Oooh, that Allstar's gonna get it!

(In Riverworld, a soda can drops)

Allstar: Okay, let's get it, and send it back where it came from. *coughs*

(They use a mmachine to lift it back into dry space, where it lands on a fisherman and his boat)

Fisherman: This stretch of river's got to be haunted! *drives away*

Snorks: *cheer for Allstar*

Lucky: It didn't come back! You did it, Allstar!

Allstar: *coughs* 

Lucky: Allstar, you look sick to your snork.

Lucky's Dad: Maybe it's his filter.

Allstar: *coughs some more between every sentence* No, it's the aquasphere. No salt. Must go home. Got to have salt. I'm almost out of time.

Lucky: Allstar's been so busy helping us, he forgot about Hallie's Current. It's his only way home.

Allstar: *coughs* It's all up stream. I'll never make it in time.

Lucky: I'm right behidn you, Allstar. 

Lucky's Dad: We're all right behind you.

Lucky: Faster, dad, the pathway is speeding! *Allstar's now in the current* 

Allstar: Goodbye, Lucky. Thanks.

Lucky: Goodbye, Allstar. Maybe someday we'll meet again - someday.

(The play's almost over)

Marina: Thank you from the bottom of my snork. And now for my grand finale! Casey, props.

Casey: Ooh, when that Allstar shows up, I'm gonna --

(Allstar arrives in sludge)

Marina: My dress!

Casey: My props!

Allstar: My fault!

(all take a bow)

Marina: My goodness, Allstar, that was one heck of an entrance - and a grand finale! *laughs*

Casey: Allstar Seaworthy, do you know how late you are???

Allstar: But Casey, it wasn't my fault. I kinda got - sucked in. You see, these strange snorks from a different world -- 

Casey: Oh, you expect me to believe that? If you didn't wanna help, you should've just said so!

Marina: Would you two take a bow? We're a hit!

(all take a bow - back on the river, the fisherman is eating his dinner of beans)

Fisherman: Mm, that was good. *tosses it into Riverworld*

Lucky: Thanks to Allstar, we know just what to do with this junk, don't we, dad?

(send it back up there)

Fisherman: *drives away* Oh, this is the last time I go fishing in this river!

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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