Allstar's Odyssey



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Written by:

Elanor Burian-Mohr and Hanrahan

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: November 5, 1988

Syndication Premiere: November 4, 1988

"Allstar's Odyssey" is the 17th episode of Season 4. Allstar finds a golden fleece which leads to a quest filled with adventure and treeasure.

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Plot Summary

As the snorks such as Junior and Daffney help Corky clean his sub, Allstar shows them Gallio's golden fleece. He reads to them the different Greek stories and legends associated with the golden fleece, especially about Irene the siren's beautiful singing voice causing all of the snorks to wreck their ships. Since no one believes him, he decides to go off and find the truth behind these famous legends for himself. Lil Seaweed hears about it, and although her and Bigweed want the treasure, Bigweed makes Lil Seaweed follow Allstar by herself. Soon, Corky and Casey realize that Allstar is missing, and so they decide to search for him. Meanwhile, Allstar follows the map on the golden fleece, as he swims with giant jellyfish, gets past the crushing boulders, and feeds some of the pieces of the fleece to some venus fly traps. 

After he hears her singing, Allstar finally finds Irene's castle, and so he goes in. But because she at first believes he has come to steal her gold, she locks him in a cage. Meanwhile, Lil Seaweed tries mimicking Allstar's journey, but fails at all the steps. Also, Bigweed has kidnapped Corky and Casey in the Greek junkyard, but thanks to a jar of fleas provided by Corky, the fleas surround Bigweed and they escape. back at the castle, Irene learns that Allstar is really the chosen snork, so she has him pick one of three prizes, and so out of those, he chooses the Greek earn along with the Pearl of Wisdom, which grants him three wishes. She invites him back once evil has stopped lurking, but he needs her help after Lil Seaweed locks him up in a large clam. Irene and Lil Seaweed battle by turning themselves into Zeus and a cyclopse. Once the fighting is over, Allstar wishes for Lil Seaweed to turn into a sardine, and for Bigweed to join her inside the locked treasure chest. Allstar and Irene have to part ways, but he tells the stories to Corky and Casey, who still don't believe him. However, he plans on saving his last wish to visit Irene in times of need. 

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Allstar and Irene

Background Info

  • We learn that Allstar wanted to be President when he was little, although as he got older he outgrew that dream
  • Daffney and Junior made unspoken cameo appearances in this episode - the second time Daffney was unable to talk in an episode is Robin Snork and for Junior it's Wish Or Wish Out
  • Allstar is very itnerested in the Greek legends and myths
  • First (and only) time a siren is shown in the series
  • This episode contains one of the few "Castar" moments in Season 4
  • We learn that Corky loves having seat covers, and wants one for his sub

Memorable Quotes

Lil Seaweed: Look! Ancient junk! The little horn-head is onto something!

Bigweed: Eh, it's all Greek to me.

Lil Seaweed: Exactly!

Casey: Allstar's gone!

Corky: Missing in action!

Casey: *picks up a piece of the fleece* Golden fleece, and torn seaweed. 

Corky: My seat cover! 

Casey: *takes out his magnifying glass and looks at it* Evidently evidence! *looks at Corky through it* 

Corky: He's been eaten by a one-eyed seamonster!

Casey: Corky!

Corky: Just testing your alertness! I suspect foul seaweed - if you catch my drift. *they get in the sub* Quick - while the trail is fresh!

Lil Seaweed: How do I look as a jellyfish?

Bigweed: I think of you more as the peanut butterfish type!

Allstar: *at front door* She sounds great! I wish I had something fancy to slip into. *rings doorbell, and falls down into another room* Whoa! Fancy enough! *he sees lots of silver and then lands in Irene's palace into a large pile of gold* 

Irene: You rang?

Allstar: You sang?

Corky: Casey, this isn't a real sea serpant. It's our lucky day!

Casey: *uses the steers* I knew it when I stepped my snork on that four leaf sea clover. There must be a way out. If only we had the golden fleece. 

Corky: We do! *takes out a bottle of fleas* I always pack my official golden fleas on rescue missions!

Casey: Fleas?! Who wants fleas?! They're itchy and yucky!

Corky: *laughs* And they love seaweed!


  • When Allstar says "coochie coo," his shadow reveals Junior's character design
  • Allstar is shown to get back in the clam multiple times
  • Although Corky and Casey spot some seaweed, all that's shown is the pieces of the golden fleece
  • When Corky quotes about being inside the junkyard, Casey's uncolored


  • Title and parts of the storyline parody the famous epic Homer's Odyssey
  • Snorklantis is an obvious parody of Atlantis
  • There are many Ancient Greek legends that are referenced throughout the episode
  • Titanis might be a small reference to the Titanic
  • Pansnorkis might be a reference to Pandora's Box
  • Helen of Troy, Lady Penelope, and other Greek people are mentioned here in some form of context
  • Reef of No Return is a parody of the Point of No Return
  • Snorkis DeMilo is a reference to Venus DeMarlo
  • When Allstar follows the jellfish, the musical background ios remniscent of a famous country/folk song
  • Irene's song has a similar melody to the famous pirate shanty Jolly Sailor Bold



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