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Allstar Seaworthy
Gender Male
Age Around 14-15
Family Mr. Seaworthy (dad)
Mrs. Seaworthy (mum)
Smallstar Seaworthy (younger sister)
Dr. Gallio (uncle)
Dr. Strangesnork (uncle)
Unnamed grandmother [1]
Aqua Seaworthy (great-great-great grandmother)[2]
Hometown Snorkland
First seen Journey To the Source
Last Seen My Dinner With Allstar
Voiced by Michael Bell
"I've got a starbright idea!"
―Allstar Seaworthy

Allstar Seaworthy is the main male protagonist in "The Snorks." He's athletic and brave, more or less the hero of the series. He's also an inventor, and frequently helps his Uncle Gallio with his many inventions. He also had a huge crush on Casey Kelp during the first two seasons and parts of Season 3.


Allstar is the eldest child of the family. In his early years of elementary school, he was close with Junior Wetworth. He taught him how to stand up to Moose, the school bully. Unfortunately, their close friendship ended when standing up for himself got into Junior's head (The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth). When he was in junior high, he adopted Occy after Junior disowned him (Junior's Octopuppy). Shortly afterwards, his parents gave birth to his little sister, baby Smallstar Seaworthy. In Seasons 3 and 4, his arch nemesis is Bigweed. While they fight in many episodes, they work together to solve problems (My Dinner With Allstar).


Allstar is kind, generous, and good-hearted. He generally knows right from wrong. Whenever a conclusion or idea comes to mind, the star on his belt moves, thus giving him "starbright ideas." He learns engineering under his Uncle Gallio and helps him build things. His uncle helps him invent and build his own inventions such as the Silverfish (Journey To the Source; The Blue Coral Necklace).

Allstar is even protective and caring of his friends and family. Finally, Allstar is crazy about girls, especially Casey early on in the show (Snorkdance, Allstar's Double Trouble, Fine Fettered Friends, Learn to Love Your Snork, Snorkerella, The Story Circle). Allstar also has shades of being a show-off, and can be pushy and demanding at times (Snork Ahoy). In spite of his intelligence, he sometimes doesn't do very bright things such as stealing his mom's necklace to give Casey as a gift, but lets Occy try it, who then utterly destroys it only a couple minutes later (The Blue Coral Necklace).

Allstar and Junior



Allstar and Junior used to be close. That is, until standing up for himself went to Junior's head (The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth). Ever since then, they have become frenemies. Junior often calls him "Allwet," and is even jealous of him because of Casey. In the bad future of Snorkland, Junior once had a "No List," in which Allstar was in it, banning everything about him, even his name, when he became governor of Snorkland (The Shape Of Snorks To Come). In spite of being frenemies, Allstar generally tries to be friendly to Junior. Throughout the series, even occasions prior to Season 3, they will work together to solve problems if nessecary, such as when they were handcuffed together (Fine Fettered Friends). Then in Season 3 and 4 they became a bit closer but it’s not perfect. It was definitely not how it was before they became frenemies.


Allstar adopted Occy after Junior disowned him (Junior's Octopuppy). He loves Occy unconditionally, and vice versa. He would even get very upset after yelling at him, especially since Allstar couldn't find Occy after those times (The Old Shell Game, I Squid You Not, Little Lord Occy).

Dr. Gallio

Allstar and his Uncle, Dr. Gallio, are very close to each other. They often help each other with their inventions, and even gets along with his friends.


See Allstar and Casey's Relationship for further information.


Allstar is a yellow male snork, wearing a white shirt with blue sleeves (white during much eariler episodes), a red belt, and a light blue star that spins around whenever he gets a "starbright idea." He also wears blue pants and blue shoes.


Allstar's voice is somewhat high throughout much of Season 1. However, beginning in Season 2, his voice becomes relatively deep. In fact, it's even deeper compared to the voices of some of the other male snorks, such as Dimmy and Junior. He is voiced by Michael Bell who also voiced Drew Pickles on Rugrats.

Allstar and friends