Battle Of the Gadgets



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Written by:

Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

Alan Swazye

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: October 8, 1988

Syndication Premiere: October 28, 1988

Paired With

Little Lord Occy

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Junior lost to Allstar

"Battle Of the Gadgets" is the 9th episode of Season 4. Junior loses to Allstar at an awards ceremony, and now he sells his gadgets to an old lady, not knowing it's Lil Seaweed, so her and Bigweed can use it to take over Snorkland and possibly get Junior in trouble.

Plot Summary

Bigweed is in his lair, testing his latest invention - the chopper - on a fake demosntration of Snorkland. He ends up "gulping" one of the stuffed snorks of the town, and it works. Lil Seaweed sees this, and she shows his her newst invention, the Goop Gun. The goop gets all over him, and he thinks it's atrocious and useless in taking over Snorkland. She decides to go off and spy on the other snorks at the Defense of Snorkland awards ceremony.

The annual Defense of Snorkland awards is being held at town hall, and this is when the snorks show off their inventions that could be useful in defending Snorkland during an attack or invasion. Jojo has rocks and Junior has the Snoozemaker, but Allstar's machine won. Junior gets annoyed about it at first. He goes over to Corky and demands an explanation. Then without a fight, Junior accepts the reason why it didn’t win, and then he walks out of the town hall, depressed.  

A gloomy Junior seems to walk down the street without the slightest thought of revenge. He runs into an elderly woman, who happens to be Lil Seaweed in disguise which Junior fell for it. They then discuss each of their inventions. Although Junior didn’t win, he wanted to get something for it, althugh he is hesitant at first. Then the so called “elderly lady” talks Junior into trading their inventions for a 3,000 clam deal. Junior accepts the offer. 

Lil Seaweed tests Junior's invention in the lair, and it works. Back in town, Allstar and Corky test the winning invention, and it works because it detects Bigweed and his chopper coming to invade town. All ther snorks fight, and Junior has to use the Goop Gun to stop the Snoozemaker from making all the snorks, including Allstar and Corky, fall asleep. Then all of the Snorks wake up.  

Everyone is proud of Junior until Allstar asks him about the Goop Gun. Junior confesses to him along with the other snorks that he actually traded his original invention. After that, a humiliated Junior gets in hot water and everyone chases him out of town hall. Well, at least Junior told the truth right? 

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The battle of the gadgets

Background Info

  • Junior thinks that no one appreciates him becuase he's "ahead of his time"
  • Dimmy can barely be seen as making a cameo in this episode (one split scene of an orange snork with a gold colored shirt)

Memorable Quotes

Corky: And the winner is, Allstar Seaworthy.

Junior: *laughs* Better luck next year, guys, I guess I'm just a -- Allstar Seaworthy?! Hey!

Lil Seaweed: What a sucker! I just made a deal of the century!

Junior: What a sucker! This is great! 

Allstar: Can you hear anything?


Corky: Yes, yes I can. 

Allstar: What is it?

Corky: I can hear... the ocean!

Junior: Boy, this just isn't my week.


  • The stuffed snork from Bigweed's chopper was upside down in the cage, then somehow became face up
  • One snork at the Defense of Snorkland Awards was not colored in
  • All the snorks who fell asleep after Junior demonstrated his machine were in different spots
  • One of Bigweed's yucks was darker than usual


  • None



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