Brian Cummings


March 4, 1948 (age 67)


Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Voice actor

Characters Played:

Dimmy Finster, additional voices

Brian Cummings

Brian Cummings

Brian Cummings (born March 4, 1948) is an American voice actor. On the Snorks, he voiced Dimmy Finster for Seasons 1 and 2, before he left the show to pursue other projects. Despite sharing the same last name, he's not related to Jim Cummings, who joined the series for the final two seasons. 

Characters Played

  • Dimmy Finster
  • Additional voices

Other Notable Voice Work

  • Bumblelion - The Wuzzles
  • Dr. Mindbender - GI Joe
  • Hollywood - 2 Stupid Dogs
  • Doofus Drake - Ducktales
  • Papa Bear - The Bernstein Bears (1985)
  • Stove - Beauty and the Beast
  • Morton Fizzback and Professor Funt - Denver the Last Dinosaur
  • Grungees - Jetsons: The Movie
  • Vulture Police - Timon and Pumbaa 
  • Clude Cat - Tom and Jerry Kids

Video Game Roles

  • MCP - Tron: Solar Sailer
  • Enric - Die By the Sword
  • Sully - Monsters Inc: Video Game
  • Sokolov - Metal Gear
  • Victor5 - Ares 51
  • Baumusu - Rise of the Kasai

List of Promos and Roles as Announcer

  • Most Daring and Most Shocking
  • The All New Let's Make a Deal (1984-1985)
  • Walt Disney Home Videos (1986-early 2000s)
  • Dreamworks Animation Home Entertainment (2006-2007)
  • McDonalds (1990s)
  • Traveler's Insurance
  • Sara Lee
  • Chef Boyardee
  • ALF Closing Announcer (syndicated reruns)

Personal Life

Brian Cummings was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He is well known for his work in radio and TV commercials, TV and motion picture promos, and cartoons. He began pursuing his chosen career during his senior year in high school, while he worked at a local Aberdeen, South Dakota radio station, KSDN-FM. Ever since then, his voice work has become among the most versitile from the 80s to today. His spouse is unknown, but according to his blog Voiceatility, he does have children of his own. 

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