Casey Kelp
PortalCasey Kelp
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Hometown Snorkland
First seen Journey To the Source
Last Seen All That Glitters Is Not Goldfish
Voiced by B.J. Ward

Casey Kelp is the female lead character on "The Snorks," and is very likeable. She's brave, intelligent, and cares for others. She is best known to have had a crush on her best guy friend, Allstar Seaworthy, particularly in Season 1, Season 2, and portions of Season 3.


Casey is a pink-skinned snork with her red hair in pigtails. She is often seen wearing a midriff revealing green three-quarter length sleeved shirt and green pants.



Casey with Neb

Casey Kelp is the daughter of Mrs. Kelp, a housewife, and George Kelp, owner of Kelp's Grocery Store (Casey and the Doubleheader, Robin Snork). She's also the niece of Marina, Snorkland's famous actress. Not too much is known about her past, and it is possible she's not originally from Snorkland, as she was not seen in flashbacks in "The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth."


Casey is sweet, caring, and helpful to sea creatures in their time of need. She can also be a bit "boy crazy," as evident with her crushes on Allstar and Stevie. Despite being positive about life, she can be very self-conscious about her looks (Learn to Love Your Snork). Although she is a relatively nice snork, she can be very mean whenever promises are broken, she doesn't get her way, or she's standing up for her friends and herself (Allstar's Freshwater Adventure, Snork Ahoy, The Boo Lagoon). In Seasons 3 and 4, her arch-nemesis is Lil Seaweed. While the two fight each other in some episodes, they have been known to help each other out (First Snork In Space).


Winter 1011 Kelz 273

Casey blushing when around Allstar


Casey is best friends with Daffney Gillfin, and they have been since they were younger. They shop together, go on adventures together, and even do some of the same leisure activities together. In fact, they were once cheerleaders, but quit because the captain of the cheer squad hated Casey and wanted her to leave (Water Friends For?).


Casey and Junior Wetworth are frenemies. While Junior has joined with Casey and her friends on their adventures under the sea, the two would often argue about what's right and wrong. In Seasons 1 and 2, he had a huge crush on her, and was very jealous of Allstar because of it. There have even been times when Junior did really mean things to destroy Casey's reputation, almost causing her to lose her friends at one point. An example of this is when Junior bribed everyone with food so they could vote for him in the election instead of Casey. Turned out that Junior won that election, but was soon dethroned of the title (Junior's Empire). Near the end of the show's run, Junior changed his ways and bought Casey tickets to the amusement park for her birthday. As a result, she kissed him on the cheek (The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth).


See Allstar and Casey's Relationship for further information.