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Casey meets Red and Ed, the complex duplex

Casey and the Doubleheader



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Written by

Glenn Leopold

Directed by

Berny Wolf

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NBC Premiere: October 26, 1985

Paired With

The Ugly Yuckfish

"Casey and the Doubleheader" is the 13th episode of Season 2. Casey meets a compel duplex named Red and Ed, but they're not entirely who she thinks they are when they destroy her mom's sea rose garden and Dr. Gallio's lab.

Plot Summary

Casey and Dimmy are searching for material needed for their aqua-biology course. Casey spots a moving reef, so she swims over to check it out. Inside the reef pops out a complex duplex. They introduce themselves as Red and Ed, who've been hilbernating for a very long time. They're even hungry, so Casey offers to take them to lunch. She order four quarter flounders at Snork in the Box, but Red ends up eating the entire meal, including the box. Once Casey introduces them to Allstar and Tooter, Red eats the remainder of Tooter's kelpsickle. Red's overeating gives both him and Ed a bellyache, so Allstar takes them to Dr. Gallio for a remedy.

After Red and Ed are given aqua-seltzer, Gallio shows them around his lab. He also shows them his latest invention, the super-sea-sizemograph, which can detect even the smallest (and lightest) movements in the room. He tests in on a shell, and it quickly registers. After that, Casey offers they stay at her house for the night. Mrs. Kelp even shows Red and Ed her prized sea roses, which she raises in her garden, next to the bed. Mr. Kelp also anticipates they'll take first place in the Snorkland Sea Flower Show being held the next week. When Ed finally falls asleep, Red goes outside and eats all of Mrs. Kelp's searoses. Then he goes into Dr. Gallio's lab and jumps around, causing everyhting to bounce and the sizemograph to register the heavy movements as a huge seaquake.

Snorks 213 2

Pop goes the bubbles

The next morning, Mrs. Kelp wakes up to see a very disturbing sight - her entire garden destroyed. Red blames it on a cold wave, and Ed tells Casey they can search for mroe sea roses out near the reef. As they do so, Tooter frantically swims towards Gallio's, and Casey and the complex duplex soon follow. Gallio's sizemograph tells him there was a tremendous seaquake the night before, although none of the others felt it. Red CLAIMS to have felt it. Casey, as she goes out to the reef, believes this is all too strange. Tooter finds a petal from the sea rose, and Dimmy finds hairs from Red and Ed. Allstar believes that Red and Ed were the ones who ate Mrs. Kelp's searoses, and wrecked his uncle's lab. He then decides to go out to the reef to find Casey before she gets in harm's way.

While out on the reef, Casey can't find a single sea rose. Ed almost falls asleep when Casey finally finds some. Red eats them out of the palm of her hand, claiming they're not as good as her mom's. Red even tries to eat Casey, although Ed pleads not to. She then confesses she's sorry she ever met them. She nearly falls deep into the rapids when Red grabs her by the arm. They're trapped in between two tree branches for a few seconds when they finally get back on land. Allstar, who's been watching the entire time, commends the compelx duplex for being heroes. He then tells Casey he thought there was something suspicious about them, but was wrong. Red and Ed collect more sea roses, return them to Mrs. Kelp, and clean up his lab. Then they give a few children (who strongly resemble Dimmy and Tooter) pushes on the swing. Red learns a lesson about doing good deeds in order to get attention.

Background Info

  • This marks Snork in the Box's 2nd appearance (Allstar's Freshwater Adventure)
  • A clip of Casey pulling out the convertable conk at her house can be seen in the Snorks segment on VH1's I Love the 80's 3D, 1984 episode

Memorable Quotes

Dimmy: Mmm, that looks tasty!

Red: Sure does! Mind if I have some?

Casey: Sure, help youself! *Red eats everything, including the basket*

Ed: Where are your manners, and what about my diet?

Dimmy: Well, I wasn't that hungry anyway.

Casey: What a strange turn of events. First, a cold wave ruins my mom's sea roses, and then a crazy quake wrecks your uncle's lab.

Allstar: Casey, where in the whirlpool are you going?

Casey: Out to the reef to find my mom some wild sea roses - I hope.

Allstar: You're safe now, Casey. I saw the whole thing. *shakes the hands of the complex duplex* Congratulations, Red, you're a hero. You too, Ed.

Red: Really? Uh, hero, uh, who me? I mean, us?


  • Mrs. Kelp's hair is longer than usual at one point
  • One minute, there are black marks all over Red - by the nexy scene, they've vanished
  • When Mrs. Kelp says "Rise and float," the top half of her lips aren't shaded in
  • Casey looks so much different after getting out of the rapids
  • Casey says Ed had a bad side to him, even though she probably meant Red


  • Aqua-seltzer is a play on Alca-Seltzer



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