Casey and the Doubleheader/Transcript

(Casey and Dimmy are swimming)

Casey: Oh, this reef has lots of plants for our Aqua-Botany class, Dimmy.

Dimmy: *spots a red coral piece* What's that? *sees it moves* Yipe, it's moving!

Casey: *looks at it* Amazing. it seems to be some sort of coral cocoon. 

Dimmy: Yuck! Don't touch it, Casey! Who knows where it's been. 

Casey: Oh, don't be such a scaredy snork. *two creatures pop out* YIPE! *her and Dimmy hide*

(Red and Ed pop out and yawn)

Dimmy: Pa-pa-pa-please don't hurt us!

Red: Don't be afraid.

Ed: We're friendly.

Dimmy: Well in that case, nice to meet you. The name's Dimmy. *shakes hands with them* And this is Casey Kelp. 

Red: I'm Red.

Ed: And I'm Ed.

Red: And together, we're a complex -- 

Ed: Duplex. *yawns* And we've been hibernating --

Red: -- a long, long time - and I, I mean, we're hungry.

Casey: Oh sensational. We'll have lunch together. Let's jet along. *they follow her* 

(At Snork-In-the-Box)

Snork-In-the-Box: Four quarter flounders coming right up! And thanks for eating at Snork-In-the-Box! *pops out basket, and Casey gives it some change*

Dimmy: Mmm, that sure looks tasty.

Red: I'll say. Mind if I have some?

Casey: Sure, help yourself.

Red: *eats the whole basket*

Ed: Where are your manners, and what about my diet?

Dimmy: Well, I wasn't that hungry anyway. 

Casey: Oh look, there are some friends of ours. Come on, I'll introduce you. *takes them to Allstar and Tooter* Allstar, Tooter, wait up! 

Allstar: Great groupers, Casey, what kind of seaplant is that?

Casey: *giggles* It's no seaplant, silly, it's a complex duplex named Red and Ed. 

Red: Hey.

Ed: Hi.

Dimmy: *to Tooter* Keep your eye on that kelpsickle. That red head loves to eat. *Red swallows it* See what I mean?

Tooter: *toots in disappointment*

Ed: Please excuse my brother's indescriminate overeating. *moans and rubs stomach* It seems to have given me a bellyache.

Red: *rubs his as well* Oh, me too.

Allstar: Don't worry. my Uncle Gallio will have something for your indigestion. *takes them to him* Come on. 

(At Gallio's)

Gallio: This Aqua-Seltzer should settle your stomach. 

Red and Ed: *drink* Ah, thanks doc. We needed that. 

Ed: What's this? 

Gallio: *shows sizemograph to them* This is my latest invention - the super sea sizemograph. It's so sensitive, it can trace the sound of a falling shell. *demonstates it by dropping the shell, and it works* 

Red: *yawns*

Gallio: Forgive me, I must be boring you.

Ed: It's not you, Dr. Gallio. It's Red's turn to sleep. *Red snores*

Gallio: A complex aquarius sleep patterns allow one head to rest while the other stays awake. Fascinating.

Ed: Well it may be fascinating to you, but it can be a real drag. *leaves*

Casey: Come on, you can stay at my house.

(At Casey's house)

Mrs. Kelp: Of course, you two can sleep in the living room. 

Casey: Yes. This is a convertable conk. *pops out bed* 

Mrs. Kelp: I'll leave some of my special searoses by your bed. *puts them out*

Ed: *smells them* They're beautiful.

Mrs. Kelp: I raise them in my garden.

George Kelp: And they're going to tkae first prize at next week's Snorkland's Seaflower Show. 

Mrs. Kelp: Oh, daff, you're such an optimist.

Casey: Here's a pillow. *places it behind them* Good night, Ed. 

Ed: Good night. *yawns then falls asleep*

Red: *smiles then smirks* At last, he's asleep, the only time I ever have any fun. *laughs* Now what's to eat around here? *sees searoses* Ah, these smell yummy. *eats them* They taste even better! *eats some more* I could eat a reef full of these. *sees garden* This must be my lucky night! *eats again* Uh oh, I did bad, but it felt so good. Now to have some more fun.

(Red goes over to Gallio's lab)

Red: *places bubbles in the lab* Now this is fun! *sizemograph goes crazy* Lucky for me, he's such a sound sleeper. *laughs* Now to make that thing really move! *pops bubbles* Pop go the bubbles! *registers high and jumps up and down* Oh, this should really register! And this! *knocks over book shelf, and it explodes* Whoo, that was quite a quake! Oh, that party pooper's gonna wake up soon, I better get back. *leaves* 


(The next morning at Casey's house)

Mrs. Kelp: *opens window* Rise and float, everybody, it's a beautiful *GASP*! My searoses, they're gone!

George Kelp: Jumping jellyfish, what in the whirlpool could've happened?

Ed: You were awake during the night. Did you see anything? 

Casey: Yes, Red, did you?

Red: Yes, well, uh, as a matter of fact, I did feel a cold wave pass by.

Ed: Is there anythign we can do?

George Kelp: Cold waves happen, it's not your fault.

Mrs. Kelp: Even with my green thumb, I don't think it's possible to grow more searoses in time for the show. 

Casey: Oh, poor mom. Her searoses were so beautiful. 

Ed: But we've seen wild ones almost as nice. 

Red: Sure, way out on the reef.

Casey: Hey, maybe if we look, we can find some. Come on. *they follow her into town*

Tooter: *horns in town*

Casey: Tooter, what's the emergency?

(Tooter motions them to visit Gallio at his lab)

Gallio: Obviosuly, there was a tremendous seaquake during the night. 

Allstar: But Uncle Gallio, none of us felt it. 

Tooter: *toots he didn't feel it either*

Red: Uh, I felt it. It was real strong - almost knocked me, or, er, us, out of bed. 

Gallio: I knew my sea sizemograph wasn't mistaken.

Casey: What a strage turn of events. First a cold wave ruins my mom's searoses, a now a crazy crazy quake wrecks your uncle's lab. 

Allstar: Casey, where in the whirlpool are you going?

Casey: *leaves with Red and Ed* Out to the reef to find my mom some wild searoses, I hope. 

Tooter: *finds a pedal from a searose*

Gallio: Looks like Tooter found a searose of his own.

Allstar: *smells it through his snork* I know that scent anywhere. That's one of Casey's mom's homegrown searoses. But how did it get into the lab? 

Dimmy: Maybe it blew in last night, except these shell shutters are closed. *finds red and yellow hairs* This hair got stuck in them. 

Gallio: *sees it* Yeah, red and yellow, like that complex duplex, and one's used a crowbar-fish on my shutters. Very peculiar. 

Allstar: I'll say. *star turns on his belt* The duplex was never near the window yesterday, so their hair means they snuck in last night, wrecked your lab, and dropped a searose while they were at it.

Tooter: *toots why* 

Allstar: I don't know why, Tooter, but something tells me Casey's new friends are bad news. *heads out*

(They leave the lab)

Gallio: Just be careful.

(Casey, Red, and Ed are at the wild reef)

Casey: Oh, not a searose in sight. And we can't go much further. there are dangerous reef rapids all along here. 

Ed: I'm sorry, Casey. The searose beds must have shifted since the last time we hibernated. 

Red: yeah, it doesn't look like a very good spot for lunch, either. 

Ed: Red, you're starting to worry me. Sometimes all you think about is your *yawns* stomach.

Red: Our stomach, brother, and it looks like it's time for your nap. *he yawns* 

Casey: heads up, you two, I found them! *pulls them out* Oh, just look at these wild searoses, they're beautiful. 

Ed: *yawns* I'm so glad, Casey. *falls asleep*

Red: So am I. *eats them* Tasty. Not tasty as your mom's, but not bad.

Casey: You ate my mom's searoses?

Red: Sure, while he was asleep. *slowly goes after her* And now, I'm gonna eat you. 

Casey: But I'm a snork. You don't eat snorks, do you?

Red: *laughs* Why not try? What do i have to lose?

Ed: *wakes up* A friend, that's what!

Red: Ed, what are you doing up?

Ed: I said you were starting to worry me, Red.

Red: Yeah, but you're supposed to be asleep.

Ed: Well I only closed my eyes so I could see what you're up to.

Red: Well I'm having snork for lunch, and don't try to stop me. I'm stronger than you are, and I eat more.

Casey: *nearly falls over the waterfalls* I'm sorry I met you two. Help!

Ed: Casey!

Red: Are you out of your head? Come back here! *grabs her*

Ed: Got ya!

(Casey's saved, and Allstar observes)

Red: Now look what you've done! You're stuck! 

Ed: Use your head! We're both stuck!

Red: Hey, you're right!

(All fall down)

Allstar: You're safe now, Casey, I saw the whole thing. *shakes their hands* Congratulations, Red, you're a hero. You too, Ed. 

Red: Who? hero? Me? I-I-uh, I mean us?!

Tooter: *cheers for them*

Casey: But what are you doing here, Allstar?

Allstar: Oh, I had some silly suspicions about the duplex ruining Uncle Gallio's lab, adn your mom's garden. *sees them picking out wild searoses* But, I see I was wrong. 

Red: Do you think we have enough for Mrs. Kelp?

Ed: If you take anymore, we won't be able to swim. 

Casey: What's going on?

Ed: Red's found out a better way to get attention. Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming. 

(George and Mrs. Kelp get more searoses from Red and Ed)

Mrs. Kelp: Oh Red, they're beautiful.

Red: uh, I hope you win the contest, Mrs. Kelp.

Ed: Now where are we going? 

(They're at Gallio's)

Gallio: Thanks for fixing up my lab, Red.

Red: I like doing good things. it makes me feel good.

Ed: *yawns* Good and tired. 

(They push children resembling Dimmy and Tooter on the swings)

Red: *laughs* Oh, this is fun. Well, how am I doin', Casey?

Casey: Oh, just fine. Oh, it's hard to believe Ed ever had a bad side to him.

Ed: *yawns* But how am I ever gonna get a good night's sleep? Oh, I can't wait to hibernate.

(Red sees Ed falling asleep, but only smiles)

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