Casey in Sandland



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Written by:

Neal Barbera

Teleplay by:

Candace Howerton

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: October 31, 1987

Paired With

Reefberry Madness

"Casey in Sandland" is the 15th episode of Season 3. Casey meets Sandy, her double - the Princess of the Sand People - and the two decide to trade lives, but all doesn't go well.

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Switching lives

Plot Summary

Casey is on a beach one afternoon in dry space, talking to herself about how she's bored out of her mind and how she really needs an adventure. She then gets sucked back into the ocean, where she comes across Sandland and sees a giant Sandcastle. She then meets Sandy - the Princess of the Sand People - who also happens to look a lot like her, only she doens't have a snork on her head. She then gladly gives Casey a tour of the castle, where she talks about how all she does is sit around and wear pretty gowns. Casey wants to stop playing for a while, so they each agree to switch up for a day - Casey gets to be a princess while Sandy gets a chance to play.

All seems to be going well with this plan at the moment. Casey gets to try on gowns, which the maid changes for her. However, Sandy doesn't get a chance to play because the sand people are forced to bring fish for the king. Meanwhile, Morbod the Magician and the Prince team up to take down Sandland. Casey's being fed grapes when they break in and threaten to destroy the entire kingdom. They assume she's Sandy, so she tells them she's not, but before she can get a word in edgewise, they freeze her. Back in Sandland, Sandy's hungry and learns from another sand person that the king has raised taxes, so the sand people are being forced to give him all their fish. Casey gets unfrozen, so she uses the ring Sandy had given her to make her return at once. She does so, and they both stop Morbod and the Prince. Once Sandy has stamped a seal on the Prince's forehead, they are taken away. Sandy and Casey then have to say goodbye to each other. Casey returns to Snorkland and tells her friends about her day, but they don't believe her one bit. 

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The villains

Background Info

  • This is the only time in which a main character "sees double"
  • We learn that Casey likes to go on th beach in dry space
  • This is the first time Snorkendale's was mentioned (the second would be in The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze)

Memorable Quotes

Sandy: You're right, Casey. With the hat covering your snork, we do look a like. 

Casey: Yeah, I look like a princess.

Sandy: And I look like a snorkless snork!

(both laugh and hug each other)

Sand Person: *referring to Sandy* Poor little thing. She's so hungry, she thinks she's the princess.

Allstar: You know, Daffney, I think Casey's been spending too much time in the sun lately.

Daffney: *laughs* I think so too!


  • Casey's pants reappear and disappear while she wears Sandy's dress
  • This episode marks another time in which Snorktown is used instead of Snorkland


  • Title parodies Alice in Wonderland, although the plotline is based off of Mark Twain's novel The Prince and The Pauper 
  • Snorkendale's is a parody of the popular chain store Bloomingdale's



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