Chills, Drills and Spills



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Written by:

Evelyn A-R Gabai and Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

David Schwartz

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: November 21, 1987

Paired With

The Longest Shortcut

"Chills, Drills and Spills" is the 21st episode of Season 3. While visiting Esky at the Snork Pole, Casey, Daffney, Tooter, and JoJo learn about an oil drilling in the area, so they do their best to stop it before things get worse.

Plot Summary

Snorks 321 1

Oil drilling

The episode begins with a viewing of Snork Pole and its people. In a matter of a few minutes, an oil drill enters the ocean and takes as much oil out, spewing everywhere and making the residents of Snork Pole leave. Casey, Daffney, Tooter, and JoJo have just arrived there, and Esky tells them the bad news. They decide to go into dry space and stop it.

They get up there and reason with a man named Johnson, who runs the oil company that's drilling Snork Pole. He thinks he's working too hard because the snorks are talking to him, telling him to quit drilling in their home. He sends them back to the ocean, and Casey comes up with another plan. She and the others get back on the boat, and Casey lowers her voice to sound like Johnson's to distract one of the guards. She tries turning the drill off when she and her friends get caught and thrown back into the water.

Casey has another idea, where her and Tooter stop the drilling with large rocks. This proves to be a success, but Johnson doesn't like this one bit. He goes down into the ocean to take a clsoer look at it. He's afraid of losing his job, which is why he has to drill at the same pot. Then the cord to his oxygen gets cut off. JoJo and Esky save him by covering the cord with a clam and JoJo tying it back together. Johnson realizes the snorks are useful, as they saved his life. He then decides to find another spot to drill, and the snorks decide to relax in Snork Pole.

Background Info

Snorks 321 2

Trying to reason with Johnson

  • A lot of snorks from Snorkland go on vacation to the Snork Pole
  • Esky's final appearance in the series
  • Casey can disguise her voice to sound like a man's

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: We always have a great time at the Snork Pole - I can't wait!

JoJo: *sees snorks fleeing* Looks like some snorks can't wait to leave there.

Woman: We have to talk to the boss about these 10 second lunches - sheesh!

Casey: Hey, now I know what to do. *disguises her voice into a man's* Johnson - get out here, now!

Casey: *realizes* I've got another plan.

Daffney: It better not be as icky as your last one.


  • When Casey asks Johnson to leave, there are sharp scene changes, plus her facial experssions change and her belly's not showing
  • Tooter's hair is shorter while figuring out a way to stop the drilling


  • Snork Pole is a snorky form of the North Pole



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