Chills, Drills and Spills/Transcript

(We open to view the quaint cold city of Snork Pole, where Esky lives)

Female snork 1: *opens window* Oh, what a beautiful morning. 

Paper snork: Paper!

Female snork: Thank you!

Male snork 1: Morning.

Male snork 2: Good morning.

Male snork 3: Betcha can't catch thos one, snork fingers?

Male snork 4: Oh yeah, watch this! *catches frozen snorkball*

Male snork 3: Alright! Great catch! *they both see giant shadow* Oh no! 

Female: *gasps and shuts door*

(all flip out - oil drilling up in land, and the snorks freak out)

Esky: *wakes up* Huh, what's happening? *scrams from giant boulder* Wow, I don't believe my ice! *sees drilling and the oil fall onto their igloos* 

Snork 5: We've got to escape! *takes family with him* 

Esky: The Snork Pole is being destroyed! 

Father: I noticed, we have to evacuate! 

(meanwhie, snorks arrive)

Casey: I hope Esky doesn't mind us dropping by unannounced. 

Tooter: *toots*

Daffney: Yeah, we always have a great time at the Snork Pole! I can't wait to get there! 

(snorks leave)

Jojo: Looks like some snorks can't wait to leave there.

Daffney: *oil on dress* Oh, my clothes, icky! 

Esky: Hurry, swim for your snorks! A giant drill is destryoing the Snork Pole!

Casey: *grabs him* But you can't just swim away. 

Esky: Of course I can! It's what I'm good at! Just watch! 

Casey: But your village - isn't it worth saving?

Jojo: Don't you wanna at least try to save it?

Esky: You know, I haven't thought of it. That's not a bad idea. 

Daffney: Come on, we'll help you.

Tooter: *toots*

Esky: Okay, but I think I'm gonna regret this. 

(they see the drilling of the pil in front of them)

Jojo: We've gotta find out where that drill's coming from. 

(go up chains to see humans on boat drilling)

Casey: I should've known humans were behind this!

Esky: I guess there's nothing we can do then. Too bad. 

Casey: Nonsense. humans are reasonable. We'll just politely ask them to leave. 

(up on boat..)

Mugner: Move it, you bum, we've got oil to find!

Tom: But Captain Mugner, we've been working for weeks without a break! 

Mugner: Tom, nothing will stop me from finding the perfect palce to drill. Now move it! 

Casey: Excuse me, sir.

Mugner: Wha? Who said that?

Casey: Hi, we're snorks, and we'd just want you to know what your drilling is disturbing one of our villages. 

Mugner: *wipes eyes* I must be working too hard. You guys can't possibly be real!

Daffney: We are too real!

Casey: And the sooner you move your drilling, the sooner we can fix your village, okay? Thanks. 

Mugner: I'm not moving my driling for any snarks, or snorks, or whatever you are. I gotta job to do, so get off my ship. *blows them away*

(all get off)

Lady: Oh, uh, who were you talking to, boss?

Mugner: None of your business, now get back to work! 

Casey: Who does that guy think he is?

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Esky: Oh he's in charge, and he seems to be in a very bad mood. 

Casey: Well I don't care! He can't push us around like that!

Daffney: Yeah! 

Casey: We've got to stop him from destroying the Snork Pole!

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Casey: And stop him now!

(up top again)

Mugner: Rats! Oh, I guess it's time for your lunch break! Alright, go ahead!

(all hungry and eat)

Mugner: Okay, that's it! Lunch is over! Back to work!


Lady: Oh, we have to talk to the boss about these 10 second lunches, sheesh! 

(snorks return to boat as a human sleeps)

Casey: Oh no, you guys, there's a human in there. 

Mugner: Johnson, if I catch you sleeping again, you're fired!

Johnson: *wakes up* Oh, thank you, boss. 

Casey: Hey, now I know what to do. *male voice* Johnson, get out here now!  

Johnson: *leaves* Coming, boss!

Casey: *messes with the controls* Now let's see here. I'll try this one first. *pulls down lever* 

Mugner: *ground shakes* Uh, what's going on? *to Johnson* Why aren't you on the bridge*

Johnson: You told me to come and see you.

Mugner: Must be those little fish again. Uh, you better stay here. I'll be right back.

Casey: Come on, jsut a little more, and we'll break the drill. 

Daffney: You'll do it!

Casey: Oh, no, we're not!

(all thrown off again and back into the water)

Casey: Don't worry, guys, I've got another idea!


Casey: Now's our chance, come on. 

Jojo: *uses sworfish to cut it off* I think we're gonna make it. 

(all thrown off by drill)

Esky: Cut it out, you guys. 

Casey: Well, they won't get the best of us! I've got another plan!

Daffney: It better not be icky as your plast plan! 

(now use a rock)

Casey: Okay, be sure to tie it tightly, Tooter. 

Tooter: *ties it to rock* 

Jojo: There, that should hold. 

Casey: There, let's move. *ties it to pole*

Jojo: Quickly, before the drill starts up again. 

Daffney: Clamtastic, it's working! 


Lady: Hey, the drill's busted. We've gotta pull it up and make repairs. 

Mugner: Oh we don't have time to pull up the drill. I'm going in after it. 

Johnson: Oh, can I go too?

Lady: Yeah, me too. Hey, I wanna help

Mugner: *in scuba gear* I'm doing it myself. Now get back to work. *descends into the water and sees rocks near drill* Oh, so that's the trouble. I should've know - it was those little troublemakers again. 

Esky: Listen to us! We live here! You've gotta drill somewhere else! 

Mugner: You want me to lose my job? You're slowing me down, so get lost! Ugh, it's not been my day. Alright, the boulder's are clear! Now start the drill.

Lady: Ay yay, sir. 

(drill starts back)

Mugner: I'll stick around for a while, and make sure those pests don't try anythign else. 

Daffney: Sorry, Esky, we tried everything we could. 

Casey: Wait, you've got to turn off the drill! 

Mugner: Yeah, yeah, save your breath! Nothing can make me shut off that drill! 

Casey: But your air hose is wrapped around it. 

Mugner: *sees it for himself* My air hose?! Oh no! *gets caught and cut off with water going in his tank* Uh oh. 

Jojo: Got it! Hold on, I'm coming! *tooter gets clam to tighten it* Thanks, Tooter. This clam is just what I needed. 

Clam: That's the way it always is. I do all of the work and get none of the credit. 

Mugner: You saved me after I was gonna destroy your town. No one's ever been this nice to me before. 

Esky: But why have you been destroying our village?

Mugner: Ah, to get the oil, what else?

Esky: Are you serious? I know an underground cavern that's just filled with that junk. It's right over that ridge. 

Mugner: In that case, there's no need to continue drilling in your town. From now on, we'll stay clear of the area. Ugh, I still don't believe any of this. 

(back on boat)

Mugner: Stop drilling! We're moving to another location! 

Johnson: Why, boss? What made you change your mind? 

Mugner: Don't ask, alright, just don't ask!

Johnson: Okay, okay, take it easy, boss! 

(drill leaves the area)

Esky: By the way, why were you visiting the Snork Pole anyway?

Casey: To have a relaxing vacation. 

Daffney: Now it looks like we're gonna need another vacation to recover from this one. 

Tooter: *agrees*

(all chill out now - no pun intended, by the way)

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International