Daffney's Ransom



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Written by:

Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

John Bates

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: October 24, 1987

Paired With

Salmon Chanted Evening

"Daffney's Ransom" is the 13th episode of Season 3. Daffney gets kidnapped by Bigweed and Lil Seaweed while shopping, and Bigweed wants a reward for her finding. In the meantime, Daffney gives Lil Seaweed a makeover.

Snorks 313 2

Daffney's trapped!

Plot Summary

One afternoon outside of Snorkland, Casey and Allstar are searching for plant specimens to collect when they try hiding from Bigweed in his sub. They also come across a strange looking plant that changes colors, so they take it to Gallio's where he says it's a Neptunia plant, and that he was going to have to do more research on it. Meanwhile, Bigweed has seen the plant, and he knows the snorks have gotten a hold of it. He then sees Daffney shopping, so he disguises himself as a shoe salesman and takes her into the sub. 

Back in Snorkland, Corky receives a ransom note saying if the plant isn't turned in, he would still keep Daffney hostage. Meanwhile, Daffney is placed in jail, where she soon distracts the Yucks by having them exercise with her. All this takes place as Bigweed tries to create a potion that would turn Snorkland into one of the nastiest places in the entire ocean. Bigweed then has the crustaceans keep guard of her while in her prison cell, but they are too distracted by her hair accessories and fight each other over them. 

Now it's all up to Lil Seaweed to keep guard of her. However, Daffney has other plans in mind - she does her nails while also giving her a big makeover. This upsets Bigweed, especially after they destroyed his lab equipment to make room for what they need. In the meantime, Jojo and Corky find Bigweed's lair, and Bigweed pleads the Snork Patrol to take her away. Back in town, Corky is commended as a hero, but he really gives the honor to Daffney. Also, Gallio has found that the plant could be used to make snorks live longer. However, Willie eats it assuming it was part of a bacon, lettuce, and tomato kelp burger. Gallio's now upset that they have to wait another 1,000 years for another Neptunia plant to grow, but Daffney's more upset that she missed out on a 90% off shoe sale.

Snorks 313 1

Making over Lil Seaweed

Background Info

  • First appearance of the "Yucks" (Weed and Wood)
  • First time Lil Seaweed and Daffney are seen getting along (this would be more prevalent in The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze)
  • We learn that Daffney's really obsessed with shoes

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: *looks at list* Hmm, I wonder if I've bought enough shoes. I wonder if I should move on to sweaters. Gee, life is full of hard decisions! 

Daffney: *in sub* Well this is a really weird shoe store.

Bigweed: Yes, well I've got some news for you - I'm not really a shoe salesman.

Daffney: Huh! I should've guessed that from your shoes! Your taste is terrible!

Willie: That was the best bacon, lettuce, and tomato kelp burger I ever had! There was soemthing special about it!

Gallio: I guess we'll just have to wait another thousand years!

Corky: Well don't feel too bad, Daffney. At least Bigweed didn't get the plant either.

Daffney: Yes, but to think! A 90% off shoe sale, and I missed out! *moans*


  • It was never explained how Jojo took Allstar's place at Gallio's
  • Near the end, the ends of Governor Wetworth's sleeves are white instead of purple
  • When Gallio moans about not having another Neptunia plant for 1,000 years, Allstar's sleeves are white


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