Daffney Gillfin
Daffney Gillfin (October 18, 1985)
Gender Female
Age Around 14-15
Hometown Snorkland
First seen Journey To the Source
Last Seen The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth
Voiced by Nancy Cartwright

Daffney Gillfin is a central cast member in the series. She has a good heart and enjoys shopping. She is best known for her somewhat complicated relationship with Dimmy Finster in Seasons 1 and 2. She's best friends with Casey Kelp, and also Junior's love interest in Seasons 3 and 4.


Daffney Gillfin

Daffney was born to the Gillfins in Snorkland. Not much is known about her past, except that she has known Dimmy, Allstar, and Junior since childhood (The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth). She has also been best friends with Casey since they were very young (Water Friends For?).


Daffney is not as vain as Junior, but she‘s very sassy. She loves fashion and shopping. She hates stuff that is nasty. She always likes to look her best. However she does have compassion for the other Snorks.


Allstar and Tooter

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Daffney with Dimmy

Daffney has known Allstar and Tooter since they were children. While there have been times when she "appears" to be romantic with each of them, that's not the case. In fact, she was still all about Dimmy when she kissed Tooter on the cheek (Vandal Scandal).


Daffney and Jojo are good friends. At one point, she may have shown signs of affection for him when they went to the Debutante Ball together after Dimmy rejected her (Me JoJo, You Daffney).


See Dimmy and Daffney's Relationship for further information.


Daffney and Junior were generally frenemies in the first two seasons. When Dimmy left the show for the last two seasons she appeared to have a little crush on him, despite being grossed out when he kissed her on the cheek (The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth).


Her and Casey have been best friends since childhood. They do almost everything together, whether it'd be shopping or joining their friends on their many adventures. One time, they got into a feud over going to a hockey game versus a rodeo, and almost ended their friendship because of it. Soon enough, they reconciled their differences (Water Friends For?).


Daffney is coral skinned, wearing a short red dress. She also has a purple bob haircut, and a red star shaped hairpin.

Background Info


Daffney in character

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