Das Boot



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Written by:

Charles M. Howell, IV

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: September 29, 1984

Paired With

Which Snork Snitched

"Das Boot" is the 5th episode of Season 1. Tooter finds a human's boot and the snorks believe it to be an alien space ship, Junior and his dad especially. But the snorks get a big surprise near the end.

Snorks 105 1

Das Boot

Plot Summary

The snorks are playing a game of snorkball with their seahorses, and everyone is having a good time. That is, until a man up in dry space is cleaning his brown boot, which ends up falling into the ocean. The snorks see this, and they scram the arena. They take a closer look at the boot, and they assume it's a UFO - an unidentified falling object.

As a result of all the stress and panic, a national emergency is declared for Snorkland. Junior and Willie join the local army with Governor Wetworth, as they have to be on the lookout for anything more suspicious. Meanwhile, Dr. Gallio shows the others his blabbletron machine, and he wants to use it to attract fish, but it ends up going haywire from the beginning. Back at the arena, Tooter is still hiding in a trash can. He decides to take a closer look at the boot, playing echos inside it. He realizes it is nothing. However, Junior finds it, and Tooter decides to prank him by making noises. Junior gets scared, so he warns his family who in turn warn all of Snorkland. Dimmy and Daffney realize Tooter is still missing, so they search for him. Allstar and Casey do the same, but they find Tooter in downtown Snorkland. Tooter lets them know he was only pranking Junior, and the three teenage snorks get a good laugh out of it.

Dr. Gallio goes over to the arena, where where he tests his blabbletron yet again. It ends up attracting starfish. Meanwhile, Junior has Willie and the Governor take a closer look at the boot, and Junior attempts to fight it off. A giant crab shows up, and everyone hides yet again. Turns out the crab is only after the boot - the noises Tooter made earlier sounded like a female crab's mating call. The crab falls in love with the boot and takes it away. The Governor gets mad at Junior for scaring everyone and Junior will be in hot water when they get home. Meanwhile Dr. Gallio finds that the blabbletron can also attract sea-eneminies.

Background Information

  • Snorks 105 2

    Gallio shows off his blabbletron

    The seahorses make their first appearance, though they aren't given names until Now You Seahorse, Now You Don't
  • UFOs will be mentioned a second time in Allstar's Freshwater Adventure
  • Mr. Kelp's first appearance (also unspoken) takes place here - it is also hinted that he works as a grocher (Robin Snork)
  • Clips from this episode can be seen on the Snorks segment featured on VH1's I Love the 80's 3D: 1984 episode

Memorable Quotes


  • Throughout, Willie is lighter skinned than Junior
  • When Allstar and Casey are talking to Tooter downtown, Occy's eyes are white instead of yellow


  • The title and the episode parody the 1981 military film of the same name



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