Das Boot/Transcript

(Crowd is cherring at the local stadium. Dimmy is on a seahorse moving the snorkball with his snork. Casey also tries following suit)

Casey: Allstar, catch!

(Ball ends up inside fish, and Allstar catches the fish AND the ball)

Allstar: Got it, Casey.

Junior: You can't hit that ball past me.

(Allstar thorws it to him, who catches the fish instead of the ball, thus the ball flies past the score post)

Referee: It's on.

Cheerleaders: Yay, Allstar! Horray!

(His family member are also in the crowd cheering for him)

Junior: Everyone thinks Allstar is so great! I'll show them!

(Meanwhile, a boot falls off a ship and into the ocean, but the game still goes on)

Tooter: *toots for the ball*

Allstar: Here it comes, Tooter.

Junior: Move over, Allwet!

Audience: Boo!

Governor Wetworth: Oh, way to go, son!

Junior: Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya! *falls off seahorse* You crazy seahorse, what are you -- yipes! *sees bott fall down*

Gallio: *through binoculars and gasps* My word!

Allstar: Holy jumping catfish! What's that?

Casey: It's the size of a house!

Daffney: And it's gonna land right in the middle of our field!

Dimmy: Hey you! Get outta here! You're ruining our game!

Tooter: *runs into the nearest trash can*

Snorks: Yikes! *dodge for it* 

Governor Wetworth: *as the audience scrambles out of the stadium* Stay calm, everyone remain seated! On second thought, run for it!

(boot lands in the field)

Dimmy: Wow, what do you think it is?

Daffney: Maybe a big fish.

Casey: I've never seen a fish like that before.

Gallio: *bumps into them* Whoo, there you are. 

Allstar: Uncle Gallio!

Daffney: What is that thing?

Gallio: Well, I believe it's some sort of UFO - unidentified floating object, brought here by aliens from beond the limits. 

All: *gasp* Aliens!

Allstar: Wow, is there some way we can talk to them?

Gallio; Yes. I think I have just the thing. Come with me to the lab.

(At Wetworth's)

Governor Wetworth: Gun-foundit! Junior, Willie, have you seen my helmet?

Junior: I think it's in the hall closet. Wait, --

Governor Wetworth: There's no time to wait, that thing could attack at any moment! This is a national emergency! *things fall on him* Call out the Snorkland Guards, help! 

(Now he has his helmet)

Governor Wetworth: Attention! I have a very important assignment for you two. *crab takes his helmet* I want the two of you to get into your uniforms and guard the stadium. Keep an eye on that thing out there, and if you see any sign of movement, report back to me at once. Where'd my helmet go? *sees crab with it* Hey, you, get back here!

Junior: Oh boy, if I help get rid of that thing in the stadium, I'll be ahero!

Willie: Hero!

Junior: I'll be even more popualr than Allstar!

Willie: Allstar!

Junior: That's what I said.

(Now at the lab)

Gallio: Voila! The blabbletron!

Dimmy: Oh, what is it?

Gallio: It's a device I've designed to tlak to any kind of creature. There's just one problem.

Allstar: What is that, Uncle Gallio?

Gallio: *Occy accidentally turns it on, calling fish* That is the machien. Sometimes, the machine turns on accidentally.

Allstar: Well, at least we know it works on fish.

Gallio: Where's Totoer?

Daffney: He was right near that UFO when it landed. I haven't seen him since.

Allstar: He could be in danger! Uncle Gallio, you keep working! We'll go find Tooter!

(Back at the stadium with Tooter)

Tooter: *pops out of the trash can and whistles into the boot, having lots of fun with it*

Junior: Hut 2, 3, 4, *repeats it several times* Hault! I thought I saw soemthing move.

Willie: Move?

Junior: Yeah, uh, we better investigate. Willie, you go first.

Tooter: *laughs*

Junior: Hello, eh, whoever you are. We come in peace.

Tooter: *makes strange noises*

Junior: Yipes! *he and Willie* Aliens! help! Help! Aliens have landed! Help!

Willie: Help! Aliens!

Junior: Help, it's an attack! They're after us!

Tooter: *laughs*


(Junior and Willie warn the other snorks all over town)

Junior: A whole bunch of horrible creatures are in the thing that landed in the stadium!

Willie: A Whole bunch!

Junior: Dozens!

Workers (including George Kelp): Yipes! *close up shop*

Junior: *to a mother and her baby* There are hundred of them! They have huge spots, eyes, tentacles!

Mother: *hides in stroller with baby*

Junior: *to other random snorks* They eat snorks, and they've come to take over Snorkland!

Snorks: *scream and run off*

(Now they're with their dad and the Snorkland Guards)

Governor Wetworth: Hoo, these are horrible creatures we're up against! They'll stop at nothing! As you know, my brave sons here just narrowly escaped! Good work, boys!

Junior: Thanks, dad.

Governor Wetworth: Alright, snorks! Right face! March!

(the guards bump into each other)

Governor Wetworth: Can't you get anything right? *jumps up and down* This is a national emergency:

Guard: But Governor, we've never had a national emergency.

Daffney: Has anyone seen Tooter?

Dimmy: He was right near the UFO when it landed.

Junior: The aliens must've kidnapped him!

Governor Wetworth: There's no time to lose! Alright, snorks! CHARGE! *all run over top of him and get into a van* Wait, I get to sit in front!

(Later that night, Tooter is walking through downtown Snorkland)

Tooter: *hums a tune to himself*

Allstar: Tooter, where have you been? We've been looking all over for you!

Casey: There are horrible things in the alien at the stadium! How did you get away!

Tooter: *laughs*

Allstar: What's so funny?

Tooter: *demosntrates he made those noises to scare Junior*

Casey: It was you?

Allstar: There are no aliens? Whoa, what a relief!

Casey: *laughs* Everyone thinks Junior's a hero!

All: *laugh simultaneously*

Allstar: What a joke! Huh? *sees the guards* It's the Snorkland Guards!

Casey: They must be after the "horrible aliens!"

Allstar: We better go tell 'em there aren't any.

(At the stadium, Gallio tests his blabbletron)

Governor Wetworth: Gallio! What are you doing here?

Gallio: Oh, I'm gonna try and talk to the aliens with this device.

Governor Wetworth: That's ridiculous! You couldn't call a fish with that thing! *but he called starfish this time* Starfish?! Shoo! Scat!

Gallio: Oh dear, I must've set it wrong!

Governor Wetworth: I'll say! *the starfish finally leave*

Gallio: Now, if I just adjust the pitch, it will call larger creatures. 

Governor Wetworth: You don't know! They're maybe whales in here next!

(a giant crab shows up and hears the call of the blabbletron)

Governor Wetworth: This is a waste of time! Turn that thing off!

Gallio: No, wait! We've got to try and talk to them!

Daffney: *hears and sees Tooter* Look, Dimmy, it's Tooter! Tooter, you're safe!

Tooter: *toots*

Junior: Everybody thinks you were captured by the aliens! *they laugh at him* What's so funny?

Allstar: There aren't any aliens, Junior! It was Tooter playing a joke!

Junior: Ooh - wait, you mean that thing's empty?

Casey: That's right, Junior!

Junior: *swims over to the boot* Alright, aliens, I'm not afraid of you! *tries beating it up* Take that, and that, and that, you miserable aliens!

Governor Wetworth: My son's a brave snork!

(the same giant crab breaks through the stadium)

All: Yipes! *all try to hide* 

Governor Wetworth: Hey, you, get out of here! This is an outrage! I'll have you thrown in jail! I'll have you run out of town! I'll have *crab knocks him over* I'll have a huge lump on my head in the morning.

Dimmy: What's that crab doin'?

(crab hugs and kisses the boot)

Allstar: He's in love with it!

Daffney: Aw, he must've thought the noise from the blabbletron was a maiting call!

Junior: Alright, aliens, you take that! *crab dumps him out* Yikes! *crab takes the boot away*

Casey: I guess they're gonna live happily ever after.

Allstar: We can't say as much for Junior.

Governor Wetworth: So, fighting aliens, eh?

Junior: Uh, well, I uh, uh --

Governor Wetworth: You had the whole town in a panic! *grabs him* Ooh, wait'll I get you home!

Casey: Well, so much for Junior.

Tooter: *laughs*

Allstar: And so much for our aliens! Right, Uncle Gallio? Uncle Gallio!

Gallio: If I could get this to work, we could finally make friends with the fish! *but this time sea eneminies are called out* Sea eneminies?! Shoo! Scat!

Casey: With eneminies like that, who needs friends?

All: *laugh* 

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International