Dimmy Finster
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Gender Male
Age Around 14-15
Hometown Snorkland
First seen Journey To the Source
Last Seen The Backwards Snork (Offical)
Wish Or Wish Out (cameo)
Voiced by Brian Cummings
"If I told ya once, I told ya a MILLION times. I never exaggerate - much! *wink*"
―Dimmy Finster

Demetrius "Dimmy" Finster was one of the main characters of the show during Seasons 1 and 2. For both Seasons 3 and 4, he was written out of the show for completely unknown reasons, although he made cameo appearances throughout.


Dimmy was born Demetrius "Dimmy" Finster in Snorkland. Not much is known about his past. However, it seems like he has been friends with Daffney and Allstar since they were in elementary school (The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth).


Dimmy can be best described by fans as being athletic and funny. He also has a large appetite, and can be seen eating in most of the episodes he makes an appearance. Dimmy fancies himself as a comedian and a fighter, although the jokes he makes can be somewhat dry (Snorkymania). When he talks, he sounds like he has a cold. Dimmy has also been known to exaggerate (Never Cry Wolf-Fish, The Backwards Snork).
Winter 1011 Kelz 279

Dimmy and Daffney at the Starfish Prom


Allstar, Casey, and Tooter

Dimmy was really close friends with Allstar, Casey, and Tooter. They did most activities together as a group.


See Dimmy and Daffney's Relationship for further information


To Dimmy, Junior is seen as a rival. He doesn't like his actions, although, like everyone else, he would occasionally give in to them. He even once humiliated him by throwing pie at his face during a stand-up comedy show (Snorkymania).


Dimmy is orange skinned. He can be seen wearing a long sleeved yellow shirt with a black belt around his waist. Dimmy also wears yellow shoes and black tights. His snork has a unique shape, which bends upwards unlike most snorks which bend forward.

Winter 1011 Kelz 281



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