Dr. Gallio








Brothers: Mr. Seaworthy and Dr. Strangesnork

Sister-In-Law: Mrs. Seaworthy

Nephew: Allstar Seaworthy

Niece: Smallstar Seaworthy

First Appearance:

Journey To the Source

Final Appearance:

Oh Brother!

Voiced by:

Clive Revill

Dr. Gallio is a character in "The Snorks." He is the uncle of Allstar and Smallstar Seaworthy, the brother of Dr. Strangesnork as well as Mr. Seaworthy, and is well-known in Snorkland for his scientific accomplishments.

Snorks 105 2

Gallio shows off his invention


Gallio was born in Snorkland, and is Dr. Strangesnork's twin brother. Not much is known about his relationship with brother Mr. Seaworthy; however, he and Dr. Strangesnork don't have a very good relationship. This animosity became worse after Stragensnork lost the school science fair to Gallio, after he supposidly invented glue (Oh Brother!).


Gallio is a relatively nice snork, and is willing to help others. He also makes sure his inventions are in working order. However, he is known to be a little clumsy and has been shown to have little patience at times. He is also very stingy with his money (Allstar's Allstar Band).


Dr. Gallio as Assistant Governor


Dr. Strangensnork

Gallio and Dr. Strangesnork have an ongoing rivalry with each other. He has stopped his evil twin brother a countless number of times from trying to take over Snorkland let alone "brainwash" his nephew, Allstar (Dr. Strangesnork, Gills Just Wanna Have Fun, Dr. Strangesnork's Bomb). In fact, their rivalry dates back to their childhood. Dr. Strangesnork wanted his science project to win the school science fair, but Gallio accidentally invents glue, making him the winner. When the two got older, Dr. Strangesnork decides to go back in time and change everything. But much thanks to him, Gallio is considered a Snorkland Hero for his efforts (Oh Brother!).


Gallio gets along very well with his nephew, Allstar. Both share similar interests in science, and Allstar strives to be an inventor himself. As a matter of fact, Allstar seems to be closer to Gallio than his parents.


Gallio has gray hair sideburns, wears yellow glasses, and generally has on a white lab coat. He also has been seen wearing brownish colored pants.

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Dr. Gallio with Allstar and Casey


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