Dr. Strangesnork (character)


Dr. Strangesnork





Family Members

Brothers: Dr. Gallio and Mr. Seaworthy

Nephew: Allstar Seaworthy

Niece: Smallstar Seaworthy

First Appearance:

Dr. Strangesnork (episode)

Final Appearance:

Oh Brother!

Voiced by:

Rene Auberjonois

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Dr. Strangesnork

This article is about the character. If you are looking for the episode, see Dr. Strangesnork (episode).

Dr. Strangesnork is one of the main antagonists in the series. He is Dr. Gallio's evil twin brother as well as Allstar's evil uncle. He has a pet catfish named Finneus, and his main goal is to take over Snorkland.


Dr. Strangesnork was presumably born in Snorkland to Allstar's grandparents on the Seaworthy side of the family. His brother is Mr. Seaworthy, and his twin is Dr. Gallio. When he and Gallio were both children, they both entered a science contest at their elementary school. Strangesnork kept tourmenting Gallio about it, but Gallio enters it by creating glue, and winnng the science contest. Ever since then, this has put a strain on their relationship. (Oh Brother!)


Dr. Strangesnork is evil, but he is more on the comical side. In his sense, he will often forget most aspects about his scheme and that he's absent-minded. In fact, he's so absent-minded that Finneus will have to whisper in his ear what he has forgotten at the moment. In the end, his schemes almost always fail.

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Gallio and Stragesnork in their younger years


Dr. Strangensork has a part of black hair, but is mostly surrounded by white hair. He had blue hair when he was younger. He now has a moustache, and he has always worn a blue colored lab coat.


Dr. Gallio

Ever since they were kids, he and Dr. Gallio have never gotten along. All of this really started after Gallio won the local school science fair for submitting glue. At one point, they agreed to go back in time and fix their relationship, but it only has made Gallio receive the Snorkland Hero award (Oh Brother!).


The villain has used Allstar as bait from time to time. He knows Dr. Gallio adores him and they have a great uncle-nephew relationship. Because of that, he will take everything out on his nephew. The first time he met was when he tried "mind-swapping" Allstar's and Occy's so they would act like polar opposites, meaning he wouldn't be able to stop the villain from taking over town (Dr. Strangesnork). 

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Dr. Strangesnork

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