First Snork In Space



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Written by

Lisa Maliani

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Network Premiere: January 7, 1989

Syndication Premiere: November 29, 1988

"First Snork In Space" is the 33rd episode of Season 4. Casey meets an alien snork named Molly, and she helps her find medicine to cure her sick father. But when Lil Seaweed follows along, trouble cannot be escaped.

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Casey, Molly, and Lil Seaweed in space

Plot Summary

Casey is on the outskirts of Snorkland at night with her telescope. She's anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Flying Starfish, which only comes once every ten years. She spots a meteor and wonder what's going on. Casey sees a spacesub and a two snorked alien who "captures" her. The creature's name is Molly, from the planet Seaturn, who has come to collect the Speckled Snorkelitis plant - it is needed to cure her sick father. One major problem - the plant is grown in Snorkeater territory. Molly offers Casey a reward, so they go together to retrieve that plant, dodging the snorkeaters at the same time, despite being chased by them.

Back on the spacesub, Lil Seaweed sneaks inside, upon overhearing about the reward. Molly and Casey catch her, causing the villain to accidentaly press the speed button, sending them off into space. They're headed for the Axillon Constilation, but must first go through the Forbidden Zone, guarded by sea pirates who hate intruders. They get caught by those sea pirate, causing them to get trapped in a meteor shower, which takes them back to space before they lose fuel and fall back into the ocean.

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Casey and Molly

Fortunately, all three end up at a repair sea space station. While there, it is learned thta Molly needs the tail feather of a bird fish for the medicine. A Sea Pirate walks inside a disco with it. Molly asks him for it, but he refuses. He then spots Lil Seaweed in the distance, and instantly forms a crush on her. While the sea pirate is distraced by dancing with Lil Seaweed, Casey and Molly attempt to snath a feather from the bird fish. This doesn't work, so they end up causing a wreckas at the disco. Thankfully, they catch the bird feather in the nick of time.

In order for the medicine to work, Molly must retrieve the formula from an old hermit on Nebith, a floating asteroid reef. Once they arrive there, Molly enters to home of the hermit, requesting the formula. However, he wants some nectur before he can give her the formula. After going through a hot geyser to retrieve the nectur, they return to the hermit. He finds out it's not there, and that Lil Seaweed had eaten it because she was nervous. She makes the damage undone by giving him a candy bar, which he likes even better than nectur. They head over to Seaturn to give Molly's father the medicine, and he's instantly cured. She then shows Casey and Lil Seaweed a room full of gold, which is their reward. Casey only retrieves a necklace, unlike Lil Seaweed, who takes all the gold back onto the spacesub. This causes it to crash, making Casey and Lil Seaweed return to Snorkland via the Flying Starfish. It makes a slow return at first, so Lil Seaweed has no other choice but to dump all the treasure. They run into the same sea pirate from earlier, who wants the jewels - otherwise, Lil Seaweed will becoem his treasure. She reluctantly gives him a ruby so she won't ever have to see him again. Soon enoguh, Casey and Lil Seaweed arrive home. Lil Seaweed tells Casey she had saved a pearl from the reward, but it gets eaten by a clam.

Background Information

  • Molly is the second character in the series that has two snorks
  • This is the second time Seaturn is mentioned, but as a real planet this time (The Day the Ocean Stood Still)
  • Casey's quote, "Well, if the shoe fits, Lil Seaweed," is more than likely a reference to "Snorkerella," which Lisa Maliani wrote prior to this episode
  • This is the second time it's revealed that Casey can be just as clumsy as Allstar (Learn to Love Your Snork)

Memorable Quotes

Lil Seaweed: Reward? Treasure? Well, I should get a piece of that. After all, this spacesub is in my backyard.

Lil Seaweed: *opens hatch* And they say I'm not bright! *gets her tail caught in door*

Lil Seaweed: I guess I don't really need my beauty sleep. After all, with all those treasures, who needs looks?

Lil Seaweed: Ugh, this place gives me the creeps.

Casey: Well, if the shoe fits, Lil Seaweed. *giggles*

Casey: *in response to the overabundance of treasure on spacesub* Lil Seaweed, don't you think you overdid it a little?

Lil Seaweed: Are you kidding? One stupid necklace just won't do it for me!

Sea Pirate: *rants*

Lil Seaweed: What did he say?

Casey: He says he wasn't spying, he just couldn't take his eyes off of you.

Sea Pirate: *hearts in his eyes*

Lil Seaweed: So long, Romeo!

Casey: And hello, Snorkland, here we come!


  • Casey's necklace she got from the reward is off, then back on, then off again
  • Casey claimed the flash came from inside the spacesub, when it really came from the meteor
  • When entering Snorkeater land to get the plant, Casey's and Molly's skins aren't shaded in
  • The sea pirate's voice changes in between the scene at the disco to him wanting Lil Seaweed's jewels


  • "So long, Romeo!" is a reference to Shakesphere's Romeo and Juliet



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