Freeze Save Our Town



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Written by:

Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

David Schwartz

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: September 26, 1987

Paired With

Snip and Snap

"Freeze Save Our Town" is the 5th episode of Season 3. Esky's hometown is being invaded by snorkeaters, so the snorks do what they can to stop them.

Snorks 305 2

Helping out

Plot Summary

The Snorkeaters have plans on invading the small village of Snork Pole. Esky, a resident there about the same age as the teenage snorks, is told it's up to him to save his home. He swims away in fear, believing he would be no help and how impossible it would be to save them from the snorkeaters. Along the way, he meets a rather chatty snorkeater-eater, whom he at first tries to get away from because he's in such a hurry.

Back in Snorkland, Allstar and Casey are playing volleysnork with Jojo and Corky when Esky comes in to warn them of impending danger in the Snork Pole involing a herd of snorkeaters. Everyone gets inside Corky's sub, where the Snork Patrol snork himself attempts to use his Automatic Navigational System to track the location of Esky's village. However, it goes haywire, and when they arrive at the scene, the snorkeaters are prepping for their meals. Allstar has the others (minus Esky who leaves to warn his people) disguise themselves as a snorkeater to distract the other snorkeaters. After placing on globs of red make-up, Allstar deepens his voice to make his sound like an actual snorkeater and lets the other snorkeaters know where some more snorks are located. However the disguise slips out, and they are trapped with the other snorks about to be devoured.

While all of this is going on, Esky is watching from above a far ridge, now starting to question whether he is really capable of saving the Snork Pole. The snorkeater-eater returns and talks to Esky, who tells the tiny yellow fish of him having troubles with some snorkeaters. The snorkeater-eater gets really excited and Esky guides him to the town. The snorkeater-eater chases after the snorkeaters and tries eating them whole. Everyone in the Snork Pole commends Esky for saving the day, and they all celebreate by eating some of Snork Pole's famous delicacies, with Jojo enjoying it the most.

Snorks 305 1

Disguised as a fellow snorkeater

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Snorkeater-Eater: Sheesh! Everybody is always in such a hurry these days!

Allstar: Do we look like a snorkeater, or what?

Jojo: I don't know. *pulls out mirror* Do you think I used too much eye make-up?

Snorkeater: Uh, I get the fat one there!

Jojo: Hey, who you calling fat?!


  • When trying to save the village, the back of Casey's hair is pink while Jojo's eyes are brown
  • At one point, Allstar has on a white sleeve with a yellow colored belt
  • The snorks refer to volleysnork (The Shape Of Snorks To Come) as snorkball in this episode, although snorkball is already an entirely different game


  • The Snork Pole is a reference to the North Pole



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