Governor Wetworth








Father: Grandpa Wetworth

Brother: Captain Long John Wetworth

Wife: Mrs. Wetworth

Sons: Junior Wetworth and Willie Wetworth

First Appearance:

Journey To the Source

Final Appearance:

All That Glitters Isn't Goldfish

Voiced by:

Frank Nelson (Seasons 1 and 2)

Barry Gordon (Seasons 3 and 4)

Governor Wetworth is the governor of Snorkland. He is portrayed as snobby, greedy and demanding of what he wants and what he expects out of his citizens.


Governor with Dr. Gallio


Governor Wetworth was more likely born in Snorkland under the name Wellington Wetworth. He is the son of Grandpa Wetworth, and the younger brother of pirate Long John Wetworth (Snork Ahoy). He met Mrs. Wetworth sometime after high school (Robin Snork). The two got married and also have two sons - Wellington "Junior" Wetworth and Willie Wetworth.


Governor Wetworth is portrayed as a greedy and manipulative governor who often stutters his words and often forgets his words to the point where Mrs. Wetworth either has to take over for him or whisper the words into his ear. However, there are times when he can be charitable to others (Junior's Secret).

Snorks 415 2

Governor with Corky


Mrs. Wetworth

He seems to have a very loving relationship with his wife, Mrs. Wetworth. His nickname for her is "Elaine-y-fish" (It's Just a Matter of Slime).

Captain Long John Wetworth

Governor and his older brother have a typical sibling relationship, despite it being kept a secret from the general public, as well as other family members. However, it proves that Long John can be just as greedy as the Governor (Snork Ahoy).

Junior and Willie

He is very proud of his sons no matter what they do, although Governor can be irritated with Junior at times (Which Snork Snitched, The Snorkness Monster).

Dr. Gallio and Corky

Governor Wetworth fully supports the Snork Patrol, and has trusted Gallio whenever it comes to his inventions since Season 3.


Governor Wetworth is an orange colored snork who's overweight with a gray moustache and gray hair sideburns. He frequently wears a purple tuxedo with a red cape.

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The Wetworth family although Junior's missing


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