The Great Snork Nork
The Grest Snork Nork
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hometown Snorkland
First seen It's Always Darkest Before the Snork
Last Seen Mummy Snorkest
Voiced by Frank Welker
"I, the great Snork Nork have a sneaky nork of an idea."
―Snork Nork

The Great Snork Nork is a villain who parodies Count Dracula. Fans refer to him as Count Snorkula.

He lives in the deepest darkest regions of Snorkland, sleeps upside down and unlike the other Snorks, his snork is on his face upside down like an elephant's trunk. He plots various schemes to take over Snorkland with his Nork minions.

Even though only makes an appearance in two episodes of Season 3, he is one of the characters seen in the Come Along With the Snorks theme song. Not only did he once want to make Snorkland dark for all eternity, he also wrecked havoc all over the local museum, but both plans failed. He is voiced by Frank Welker

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