Hooked On a Feeling
Season 1, Episode 3
Snorks 103 1
Production Code 103
Air Date September 22, 1984
Writer Gordon Bressack
Director Gerald Baldwin
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Hooked On a Feeling is the 3rd episode of the series and second episode of the first season. Occy falls for a female octopus, who is actually a fishing lure from "beyond the limits," and this causes havoc throughout Snorkland.

Plot Summary

Snorks 103 1

Occy and his "girlfriend"

Out in dry space, a boat is using a fishing lure which looks a lot like a yellow female octopus. Meanwhile down in the deep blue sea, a local carnival is taking place. Allstar and Casey are riding the Shell Wheel while Dimmy and Daffney dunk Junior to win a prize. Also, Tooter goes on "the love boat" with an unnamed female snork. Occy tries going on all of those rides, but octopi aren't allowed. 

Depressed, Occy tries watching a play starring Marina. There does he find the same female fishing lure, and assuming it's a real female octopus, he falls in love with it. The snorks laugh at Occy being attached to it until they see him going towards a swordfish. The swordfish ends up being after them, so the snorks try rescuing them. They even use a boulder to trap it, but it escapes and causes havoc all over Snorkland.

As a result, Governor Wetworth decides to banish all octopi to beyond the limits. This upsets all of the snorks, but the swordfish ends up following the lovestruck octopi beyond the limits. Allstar is warned about this, so he and the snorks team up to save Occy with the Silverfish. Once the octopi are rescued, Occy sees the strongs coming out of his love, and now he knows she was a fake all along. Although octopi are no longer banished in Snorkland (and the swordfish is now an attraction at the carnival), Occy feels depressed. That is, until he finds a purple colored female octopus and falls in love with her.

Background Information

Snorks 103 2

No one wants Occy to go

  • This episode marks the first time there has been some evidence of dry space given to the snorks
  • This is Occy's first time in love, and it would happen again in The King of Kelp
  • First appearance of Marina
  • We learn that Casey enjoys eating cotton candy on Shell Wheels

Memorable Quotes

Vendor: *to Dimmy* Here you are, fella! The little lady won ya a snorky doll!

Dimmy: *blushes in humiliation*

Daffney: But Governor Wetworth, it's an emergency!

Governor Wetworth: Emergency? What emergency? Is this some kind of a joke?

Allstar: *to swordfish* If it is, he's not laughing!

Governor Wetworth: What's that octopi -- octopu -- what's that thing doing here? They're banished!

Dimmy: Yeah, but for how long?

Governor Wetworth: Until that swordfish leaves us in peace!

Allstar: Oh, he's peaceful, alright.

Governor Wetworth: *feels nauseous and faints after seeing the swordfish at the carnival*


  • When the snorks swim up away form the swordfish, they're darker than normal
  • Also, Casey wasn't the one pushing the boulder with the others
  • When Governor Wetworth says "He qualifies," Allstar's sleeves are blue
  • As the fishing lure passes above the snorks, Allstar and Casey can be seen holding hands - however when Allstar laughs at Occy a second later, they are not holding hands
Snorks 103 3

Occy finds a new female octopus to love!


  • "Snorkio and Juliwet" is obviously a reference to Romeo and Juliet



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