(All the snorks are at Governor Wetworth's house for a social gathering)

Junior: If my father says he really led the snorks to Snorkland, then he did, didn't you dad? 

Governor Wetworth: Of course I did. *knocks on door* That's him, Cheif Featherfin's here, just act natural. *opens closet door and they all laugh*

Junior: That's the closet, dad.

Governor Wetworth: I knew it was the closet, just wanted to make sure it was clean. *opens door* 

Chief Featherfin: How!

Governor Wetowrth: Ooh, and how yourself!

All: Howdy, Featherfin!

Featherfin: Snorks run from many a snorky since we were all together.

Mrs. Kelp: Oh Chief, how simply wonderful to see you again.  

Featherfin: *scratches her chin* Too bad you run away. You are pretty snork-squah.

George: And she still is, Cheif Featherfin.

Mrs. Kelp: Oh George, now stop it! *giggles*

Junior: So, my dad tells my that the two of you and Davy Snorkett led the snorks to Snorkland. 

Featherfin: That true.

Junior: He did? He did! See, I told you so. Dad, plase tell us the story of Davy Snorkett, and how the snorks were won. 

Governor Wetworth: Well, once upon a time, many snork years ago, most of us lived in a place in the east called Shellguard. 

(all flashback)

Governor POV: We were not happy with the way things were being run. We were forced to work in the kelp mines, and give most of our food to the tax gimme-grabbers. We also lived in cosntant fear of the slimemamanders. 

Junior: Slimamanders? They sound worse than the snorkeaters.

Governor Past: Slimemamanders! Snork for your life! *all swim away* 

Governor POV: We were at our snorks end, and had to do something.

Governor Past: I just think it's time that we snorks moved out west to Conk Cove, where there's plenty of kelp for ever snork.

George Past: You can count me in.

Governor Past: And we'll have the freedom to pick any job we want. But the best thing is that there are no slimemamanders out west. 

(all cheer) 

George Past: But, who wil lead us to the west?

Davy Snorkett: *arrives on his seahorse* Davy Snorkett's my name, snork scountin's my game!

Governor Past: May I present our guide? 

Mrs. Kelp Past: Is it dangerous?

Davy: Never fear, Snorkett's here. 

George Past: How long will it take to get there?

Davy: Ooh, it'll take many a night to get there. The trail may be rough, and you'll wanna turn back.

Mrs. Kelp Past: I'll never wanna come back.

Governor Past: So, do we go west, young snorks?


(later, they push the wagons and leave Shellguard)

Davy: Move 'em out!

Governor Past: Westward ho, snorks!

Mrs. Kelp Past: I wanna go back!

Davy: Don't be scared, Mrs. Kelp.

Governor Past: We jsut have to get over this hill. 

Mrs. Kelp Past: I'm afraid, I'm afraid!

Davy: Come on, come on, we can make it. 

(seahorses budge)

Governor Past: Now what, Snorkett?

Davy: Beats me. Never had this happen before. 

George Past: I have an idea. *feeds them the kelpcakes* 

Governor Past: You're feeding them our kelp cakes.

George Past: We've got to get over the hill.

Davy: Well, don't that beat all? The old snork nose back! *pushes it* What goes up must come down.

(all go downhill from here)

George Past: I can't watch!

Davy: Hault! I knew I could still do it. It's time to let the dust settle, and camp for the night. 

(at campsite)

Governor Past: *hands them food* There's not much felt, those kelp eating seahorses ate too many.

George Past: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Davy: *takes a sea cactus* Nothin' to worry about with these sea cactus around. Not only can you drink from it, you can eat from it, too. Here, try it for yourself. 

Mrs. Kelp Past: *tastes it, and is disgusted* Tastes worse than it looks!

Governor Past: What is it?

Davy: There's somethin out there. And whatever it was, it's gone now. 

Governor Past: First a runaway wagon, then no food. What could possibly happen next? 

(all stranded in high wind)

George Past: Now we'll never find Conk Cove.

Mrs. Kelp Past: You mean we're lost? 

Davy: Never fear, Snorkett's here. We're almost there.

Governor Past: Well, which way?

Davy: Well let's see, uh, it's that way. *points at a diferent direction* Oh, it's that a way, I'm sure of it. Follow me, snorks. *he disappears into the sand and seaweed*

Mrs. Kelp Past: Well at least we know it isn't a slimeamander.

(come across seaweed field)

George Past: Well, we have plenty to eat now.

Mrs. Kelp Past: You mean we have to eat our way through this seaweed?!

Davy: I hope not.

Governor Past: Then what?

Davy: Well don't look at me. I'm a leader, not a thinker.

George Kelp Past: You know, Wetworth, you're full of hot air. 

Governor Past: Huh?

George Past: We're all full of hot air. Look. *Gallio blows it with snork* That's how we'll do it, we'll use our snorks. 

(all do so)

Governor Past: Yeah, we'll huff then we'll puff, then we'll blow these weeds down. 

Mrs. Kelp: *sings* On to Conk Cove, to Conk Cove, we will go! *runs into snorkeater* Yao, what are you? 

Snorkeater: I'm a snorkeater!

All: A snorkeater?!

Snorkeater: Yeah, get it? That means I eat snorks.

George Past: Oh, that's what I was afraid of. 

(all leave except Mrs. Kelp)

Mrs. Kelp Past: Sorry, we can't stay for dinner.

Governor Past: Why don't you try a slimeamander?

Mrs. Kelp Past: I'm having a real bad day! 

Snorkeater: And it's about to get worse!

(swim from him)

Snorkeater: Drat! These little eastern snorks are fast!

George Past: *throws rocks at him* Take that, you slippary seamonster! 

(He tries eating George, but gets caught and they are saved by indian snorks)

Mrs. Kelp Past: Catch me, I'm going to faint! *does so*

George Past: Indian fish, by golly!

Featherfin: How!

Governor Past: How? I was just going to ask you the same thing.

Featherfin: Me, Chief Featherfin!

Governor Past: Me, uh, I'm Wetworth.

Davy: Davy Snorkett, my chief, I knew someone was followin' us.

Featherfin: Did not know if you be friend or be enemy. 

Governor Past: Please, we're were friends.

George Past: We don't need any more enemies.

Featherfin: Any enemy of snorkeater are friends of indian fish. We must make plan - snorkeater will be back. 

Snorkeater: Those sneaky Indian fish! They're always poiling my fun!

Davy: You should get a kick out of this! *chases him around* 

Featherfin: Get ready, here they come! Do not miss this time!

Davy: Don't worry, I won't!

Snorkeater: *they miss* Hah, you missed me!

Mrs. Kelp past: Well I didn't! *hits him*

Snorkeater: Ow, that hurt!

Mrs. Kelp past: Serves you right!

(Governor gets on horse)

Snorkeater: Give it up, snorks! You want this? You're too wrapped up in your work!

Davy: Prepare for defeat! *wraps him up*

Snorkeater: Take a flyer! *smacks him away* 

Davy: *flies away* Honey, why always me?

Featherfin: Let a pro handle this.

George Past: If at first you don't succeed. *ties him up*

Snorkeater: Give it up, snork squirt!

Featherfin: Do your thing, octopus! *it smacks him* The bigger they are! 

(all defeat him and cheer)

Mrs. Kelp: *is in his arms* Oh, you made my day! *kisses him* 

Featherfin: *he blushes* Oh, excuse me, I have to see a - man about snorkeater. *swims away* 

(Snorkeater cries)

Governor Past: Thank you, Chief Featherfin and Davy Snorkett, you're the greatest. 

(Mrs. Kelp kisses him again) 

Davy: What about me?

Marina Past: You're okay, too, thanks, Davy. *she kisses him and he smiles* 

(all together now)

Governor Past: Chief, we've decided to take your advice and settle right here. 

Featherfin: Old Indian fish custon - when you gather with friends in new place, you play Indian pipefish.

Governor Past: Well, we need a new name for this place.

Featherfin: Why not call it Snorkland?

Governor Past: Yeah, I like that. Welcome to Snorkland!

(cheer, and then Davy leaves)

Davy: Well, I'm off to lead more snorks to Snorkland! Adios!

All: So long, Davy!

(back to the present)

Governor Wetworth: And that is how we came to settle in Snorkland. 

Junior: Gee, you were all so brave to leave your homes and start all over. 

Governor Wetworth: Yeah, thanks, son. We had a lot of help from our friends. 

Featherfin: And how!

(all laugh)

Junior: But, weren't you scared?

Mrs. Kelp: Oh no, we weren't scared at all, were we, Chiefy?

Featherfin: Snorks never scared!

(weird noise, Mrs. Kelp jumps in Featherfin's arms)

Junior: *shows up with Indian feather hat* Thanks for the present, Chief. *all laugh*

Featherfin: Like I said, snorks never scared - just friendly. 

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International