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Grandpa and Junior competing

I'll Be Senior



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Written by

Laren Bright and Lane Raichert

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: December 31, 1988 Syndication Premiere: November 21, 1988

"I'll Be Senior" is the 31st episode of Season 4. Grandpa questions his true state of mind beause of comments on his age. Meanwhile, the Sea Urchins create a potion turning much of the Snorkland population into babies.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Bigweed and Lil Seaweed disguised as sharks. They enter Shark Grotto so they can steal the White Kelp needed to complete Bigweed's potion. Distracting the other sharks proves to be a fail, but they manage to grab a piece of white kelp. Back in town, Junior and Grandpa see a poster regarding big competition and making a lot of money. They soon argue over who should really get that "special job." Grandpa tricks Junior, but Junior beats Grandpa to it - the job was actually an ice clam stand. Junior mocks Grandpa about his age, and this makes him feel bad.

He decides to go into the music store to take his mind off things. He requests a classic record from Frank Sinorktra, but all they have is new wave music. He rants about it being "noise" and leaves immediately. He's at the park feeding pigeons when Junior asks him for an ice clam. Allstar, Casey, and Occy swim by, with Allstar being disgusted by Junior increasing the price from 10 cents to 50 cents. Casey offers to take Grandpa snorkboarding at the Snorkboard Park. He tries catching up with everyone else, but has incredible difficulty. At that point, he heads on a train for the Old Snork's Home.

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Grandpa meets Rosie

Back in Bigweed's Lair, Bigweed completes the formula and places it in various bombs. He then explains his motivations to his crew - he'll drop the bombs all over town and destroy the population. Grandpa enters the Old Snork's Home, where at first he meets a slow-mo named Al, who pretty much sleeps all the time. Then he meets Rosie, who - like Grandpa - doesn't feel old. They both end up dancing to Frank Sinorktra's music. At the same time, Junior struggles to make money with his ice clam stand, so he purchases a ticket and gets on a train to go visit him. Meanwhile, Bigweed and Lil Seaweed drop the bombs near Corky, Allstar, Casey, and everyone else in Snorkland, causing them to turn into babies on the spot.

Junior arrives at the Old Snork's Home, meets Rosie, and joins her and Grandpa for lunch as they discuss him helping Junior with his business. They go back to Snorkland only to see it's really deserted. They try ordering Kelpa-Colas at a clamburger stand when they see the chef as a baby. They head over to the Snork Patrol to find out what's going on, when they see they are also babies. Junior sees Allstar, Casey, and even his dad in a large cradle, and freaks out. Grandpa then gathers everyone at the Old Snork's Home to stop Bigweed's crew before matters get worse. They go underground to find their hiding spot, grab the last few bombs, and throw them at the villains, causing them to turn into babies; then Al sends them back to their lair. The gas soon wears off, and everyone's back to normal. Junior lowers his ice clam price from 50 cents to 9 cents. He learns that he really needs his Grandpa around, and Grandpa learns you should feel young at heart. The episode ends with music and dance on the streets of Snorkland.

Background Information

  • Dimmy makes another cameo in this episode
  • The local Snork Patrol in Snorkland is Precint 13
  • We also learned that Al built the city's town hall
  • This is the first time Casey can be seen dancing with Junior, and the fourth time she dances with a snork other than Allstar (Tooter in both "The New Neighbors" and "Allstar's Double Trouble"; and Stevie in "Snorkerella")

Memorable Quotes

Grandpa: Great! With our combined experience, the Senior Snork Patrol will beat the pants off of Bigweed and his nasty crew, if they had pants!

Grandpa: Gee willerkers, first my own grandson, then that pesky cub scout! I'm not old - am I?

Bigweed: Now, does anyone have any questions?

Lil Seaweed: Yeah, what does it do?

Bigweed: *face palms*

Grandpa: *leaves music store* Oh, what terrible music. Music?! What am I saying? That's just noise!

Junior: Wanna buy some ice lam cones?

Allstar: Well sure, I'll take uh -- 50 cents?! Holy macarole! *Occy barks* They're usually just 10 cents!

Junior: I know, but mine are special.

Allstar: Yeah, I know they're special, 'cause they'll make you rich at that price. I think I'll pass, Junior.


  • When the Cub Scout offers to walk Grandpa, his glasses are black instead of yellow
  • Grandpa's about to leave when Allstar's star is red and belt is light blue
  • Bigweed's Lair is listed as BIGWOOD's Lair on his map
  • This episode takes palce within 24 hours, but Junior said it had been a few days since he last saw Grandpa


  • Frank Sinorktra is obviously a reference to Frank Sinatra
  • Kelpa-Cola is a reference to Coca-Cola
  • Title is a play on words to the phrase "I'll be seeing you"
  • Lawrence Kelp is a reference to Lawrence Welk
  • Susie and the Screaming Squids is a reference to the British post-punk/gothic rock band,Siouxsie and the Banshees



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