I Squid You Not



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Written by:

Glenn Leopold

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: November 16, 1985

Paired With

The Backwards Snork

"I Squid You Not" is the 19th episode of Season 2. Allstar gets mad at Occy for accidentally breaking his science fair project, so the octopus runs away to the salt mines, where he befriends a squid.

Snorks 219 1

Occy and the squid

Plot Summary

Allstar shows off his latest invention for the upcoming science fair - the Bubble Gun. Dimmy and Tooter are extremely fascianted by it, and while he shows it off, Occy throws the ball, which hits Allstar at the back of the head and cuases the Bubble Gun to break. Allstar yells at Occy, saying he should've gotten a gentle jellyfish for a pet. This causes the octopus to be very upset, so he takes all his things and runs away from home. Meanwhile, Dr. Gallio fixes the Bubble Gun with his snail glue, but Allstar's not happy because he knows Occy's missing, so they go off to search for him.

Meanwhile, Occy is taking refuge with some squid and when Saltwater Sam scares them away, they are taken in by Slugwart to work in the salt mines. While all of this is going on, Allstar has won the sceince contest, but all he wants is Occy back. So as Allstar continues his search, Occy and the squid are being forced to work. A squid finds a picture of Occy and Allstar together, and so the squid heads into Snorkland and finds Allstar. He shows him the picture, and so Allstar is taken into the salt mines. They fight Slugwart again, and then he and Occy reunite. Allstar promises to never yell at Occy like that ever again, and Saltwater Sam decides to take Occy's squid friend home with him. 

Snorks 219 2

Occy's missing!

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Dimmy: Maybe your Uncle Gallio will be able to fix it.

Allstar: Maybe I should've picked a nice, gentle jellyfish for a pet!

Slugwart: Nothing like breakfast in bed - a salt bed!


  • Although Casey's absent in this episode, she can be seen entering the school
  • Speaking of school, the schoolhouse itself looks very different
  • Near the end, Occy has eyelashes
  • Also, Allstar and Occy left the salt mines without the bubble gun


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