In Greed We Trust



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Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

Alan Swayze

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: November 7, 1988

USA Premiere: November 5, 1988

"In Greed We Trust" is the 18th episode of Season 4. Junior and Bigweed get sucked underground and work for Greedypus, a very greedy octopus, where they learn the true meaning of greediness.

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Junior and Bigweed at work

Plot Summary

Grandpa Wetworth sees his grandson Junior purchasing lots of candy at the candy store. They soon get to talking about how greediness can get him into a lot of trouble. Junior, however, only pays attention to the nearest rainbow and assumes there's a pot of gold at the end. Bigweed spots that same exact rainbow and follows it over there too. The two end up seeing each other, so they pull pranks and fight over who gets to the end of the rainbow first. On the other hand, they see a large group of kids trying to find the treasure. Junior and Bigweed trick the kids into thinking they've found the treasure when in reality, they both get to it. 

They both end up getting sucked down into the treasure along with the rest of the gold, where they enter a jewel mine. They also end up meeting Greedypus, a giant yellow octopus who grows massive whenever someone is particularly greedy. He makes them mine for the gold, but they only agree to the deal so they could keep half of the treasure. The mining is hard work, and all they want after a while is out. Hwoever, Greedypus won't allow them to be set free, and their signs of greediness only makes him more massive. What makes it worse is Bigweed and Junior scamming each other out to him. Once they finally figured out the evil octopus's personality, they pretend to be generous and charitable, causing him to shrik and for them to be kicked out of the mines. Grandpa shows up, telling them that being greedy can't be a good thing.

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Background Info

  • First appearance of Grandpa Wetworth
  • First time Junior and Bigweed are seen working together
  • Greedypus first has the same voice as the Snailsman, but his voice changes when he gets much bigger (or when he finally shrinks in the end)

Memorable Quotes

Junior: *sees rainbow* Wow, a rainbow! Is it true what they say, Grandpa? Is there really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

Grandpa: Well, sort of. But you have to be careful.

Junior: Careful?! HA! If they've got treasure, that's all I are about! 

Junior: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Bigweed: Oh man, oh man, oh man!

Junior: You can't keep us here against our will! 

Bigweed: Yeah! Uh, we uhh, have friends! 

Junior: Uh, let's not push it. 

Greedypus: Break time!

(all are happy)

Junior: Great, I could use a break.

Bigweed: Me too.

(alarm rings)

Greedypus: Back to work!

Miners: Oh no!

Grandpa: What took you so long, boys?

Junior: *sees Grandpa with his car* Grandpa! You came all this way to rescue me?

Grandpa: Nah, I came all this way to tell you, I told you so! *laughs*


  • At times, Junior's outfit is darker than usual
  • The jewels frequently change color
  • Greedypus's dots disappear and reappear in some scenes


  • Title is a play on the saying "In God We Trust"
  • Junior says the classic Spanish expression "Oley!"



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