(Junior enters the candy store and skips the line in front of a bunch of kids)

Junior: Out of my way! I gotta make some major purchases! 

Grandpa: Ah, I see my grandson Junior. *peaks through window* As usual, he seems to be pushing his way to the front. *laughs* That's my boy.

Kid: Look at him! Even though Junior's the richest kid in town, and he's got everything a snork could ever want, he still has to have more than everybody else! 

All: *moan*

Junior: *as purchases are made* More, more ,faster, faster, I'll have a dozen of those licroice dips, and few of those lemon drops , and two handfuls of these strawberry jawbreakers! And put it all on a big bag! No, two big bags! *leaves* Gang way, dime spender through! *bumps into Grandpa* Oh, hi Grandpa.

Grandpa: You know, Junior, I like greed, but you gotta be careful not to get too greedy. Sometimes *chews on lemon drop* it can get you into a whole lot of trouble. 

Junior: Yeah, yeah, save your breath, Grandpa. 

(he walks away and gasps at the sight in front pf him) Junior: *sees rainbow* Wow, a rainbow! Is it true what they say, Grandpa? Is there really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

Grandpa: Well, sort of. But you have to be careful.

Junior: Careful?! HA! If they've got treasure, that's all I care about! *leaves*

Grandpa: *sighs* I guess Junior will have to learn about it the hard way, just like me.  (Bigweed is in his lair using his telescope)

Bigweed: The underwater rainbow - and that dumb snork legend is true! There must be a huge treasure at the end of it, and it's gonna be all mine! Mine, treasure, get it? *chuckles* Forget it. I pity the fool who has to stand in between mine - or my treasure. 

Junior: *calculating future spending* Ah, let's see... multiply by... equals... hmm, well yeah. I guess I could get by on a milion a week, if I had to. First of all, I'll buy all the toys in Snorkland, then I'll get a solid gold snorkillac with big fins to drive all my toys around in front of the other kids. And of course, I'll have to buy a huge mansion to protect all my stuff from greedy people. *stops to see Bigweed*

Bigweed: Hey, you wouldn't happen to be goin' after my treasure, would you?

Junior: Your treasure?! HA! That's my treasure! I saw the rainbow first!

Bigweed: Alright, snork, if that's the way you want it, you know this means war!

Junior: Fine with me!

(Bigweed attempts to move a giant boulder) 

Bigweed: That snork won't know what hit him!

Junior: *pops out from behind* Shh. *blows paper bag and pops it*

Bigweed: What the?! *falls over*

Junior: And now, for the treasure! *then is caught again*

Bgiweed: Aha! I got ya, you devious little snork! *throws him behind bars* Now let's see how you like being kept away from the treasure! 

Junior: Oh, what's the matter, Bigweed? Can't you take a joke? *he leaves* I guess not. *sees swordfish* Hey, needle nose! *it stops* Yeah, you, spikeface! I hear your mother wears army boots! *Junior removes red flag as it heads into keyhole* Oley! *opens door* Why thank you, my good man. *laughs* He'll have to do better than that to keep a Wetworth down! *sees kids going after the same treasure* Great! While I'm wasting my time banging heads with Bigweed, those others will get the treasure first! Unless...

Bigweed: Uh oh! *he too sees the kids* That's not fair, that's my treasure!

Junior: *waves white flag* Truce!

Bigweed: Okay, let's hear what the little runt has to say. 

Junior: Look, Bigweed, if we keep fighting, all those other guys will get the treasure. But if we work together, and scare them off, we could share the treasure. After all, half is better than nothing, isn't it?

Bigweed: Well, you got a point there, snork.

Junior: Of course, once we get the treasure, I could always get Corky to arrest Bigweed and I could get half of his share. Hey, this sharing this isn't too bad at all! Come on, Bigweed, old buddy! I know a shortcut - we can get ahead of those guys!

Bigweed: *laughs* What a suckerfish! Once we find that treasure, I'll throw Junior in my dungeon, and -- wait for me, partner!

(Junior paints a sign signaling the end of the rainbow as Bigweed paints a fake rainbow)

Junior: Hurry up Bgiweed, old buddy, they'll be here any minute.

Bigweed: One end of the rainbow comin' up! Or sghould I say, comin' down!

Junior: "WELCOME TO THE END OF THE RAINBOW - DIG HERE." *laughs* Perfect! *all hear kids* Come on! *they hide as they see kids disappointed and confused, but still dig for it anyway - they laugh about it too*


Junior: *finds the treasure chest* Bigweed, look!

Bigweed: Oh, so it's true! There is a treasure! 

Junior: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Bigweed: Oh man, oh man, oh man!

Junior: We'll have to work fast - it could disappear at any moment! *tries opening it with a rock* Fouey! *they force it open, but fail* Hey! Maybe it's not locked!

Bigweed: Nah! 

Junior: Well, it's worth a -- *chest opens to be filled with gold* 

Both: *look at each other and then jump in* Geranimo!!! 

Junior: Is this the life or what???

Bigweed: *puts on crown and laughs* You bet! I'm even richer than Old King Midas!

Junior: Oh, I'll never work for anything ever ag -- 

(all fall down into a cave filled with jewels and more gold, where they come across an evil looking octopus named Greedypus)

Greedypus: *hisses*

Junior: *huddles with Bigweed* Uh oh. I smell a definite party pooper.

Greedypus: That's all, just two of you? I usually do much better than that. Oh well. I am Greedypus. Welcome to the Treasure Cavern - my humble workplace.

Junior: You can't keep us here against our will! 

Bigweed: Yeah! Uh, we uhh, have friends! 

Junior: Uh, let's not push it. 

Greedypus: Let me assure, no one ever comes to work in my mine, unless they want to. The Treasure Cavern is only meant for the truly greedy. In fact, that's how I attract dedicated workers, with my udnerwater rainbow. I know the old snorkiest legend will always rule the truest seekers of wealth. True treasure seekers love to work for me. Come, you shall see. *they follow him deep within the caverns to find even more silver jewels, and they pass out over it, so he has to revive them* Wake up.

Junior: Wow, oh wow! 

Bigweed: Look at all that stuff!

Greedypus: *grows bigger* Fresh greed, just what I needed!

Junior: Okay, Greedypus, what's the scam here?

Greedypus: There is no treasure. You just mine as much treasure as you can, and keep half of it for yourself. The more you mine, the more you keep. 

Junior: Promise?

Greedypus: Promise!

(they begin their work in the mines within a few milliseconds)

Bigweed: *a gold nuggest falls on his foot* YAO*

Junior: You okay?

Bigweed: Sure, I'm okay. A big nugget can fall on this foot any day. 

(Greedypus still grows as they still mine)

Greedypus: Having fun, boys?

Junior: Whew, we sure mined a lot today. I got a ton of diamonds and saffires, and I even found an emerald as big as my head.

Greedypus: Good, good, there's more where that came from. *he gives them their half*

Junior: Wow, all this is actually mine! Uh, looks like I got a little more today than you, Bigweed.

Bigweed: Huh? You got lucky! Just wait until tomorrow! I'll get twice as much as you! 

Junior: Oh yeah?!

Bigweed: Yeah! I'll wipe the floor with your snork! 

Greedypus: *grows massive* I just love these two! They're so greedy! 

(they and all the other miners head into their sleeping areas)

Junior: Ah, home sweet home!

Bgiweed: *trips* Perfect! Saved me the trouble of puttin' this stuff away! *sleeps* 

Junior: Got lots today! Gonna get twice as much stuff tomorrow! 

Miner: Uh gee, that looks like a nice soft pillow you got there.

Junior: It sure is - I'll sell it to ya.

Miner: Uh, how much?

Junior: Three diamonds! 8gives it to him*

Miner: Thanks, pal! Sleep tight! *laughs*

Junior: What's so funny? *laughs* Boy, did I ever take that guy out for a ride? 

Bigweed: That's nothin'! He gave me six diamonds for mine! *laughs* 

Junior: Oh well. Three hole diamonds for one lousy pillow isn't bad. Gee, if only Grandpa Wetworth could see me now. He sure wouldn't be spitting me a silly song and dance about how greed doesn't pay! 

(sees more diamonds upon waking up)

Junior: Boy, these diamonds are hard.

Bgiweed: Not as hard as workin' on an empty stomach! I'm hungr! Let's eat!

Junior: *stops by the miner with lots of pillow* Uh, how about I buy that pillow back from ya - for a big profit!

Miner: Uh, how much profit? 

Junior: Uh, four diamonds? *shakes his head* Okay, five diamonds. Uh, eight diamonds? *angry* Ten diamonds!

Miner: Sorry, pal, the pillow's not for sale - not even for a million diamonds.

Junior: Sheesh, what's with that guy?

(all the miners are eating in the main cafeteria, which is serving nothing but hot soup)

Junior: Well, it's not the fanciest place I've ever seen. 

Bigweed: What do you care? Soon, we'll have a fortune, and we can both get out of this dump forever. *smells it* Well, at least it's hot. *tastes it, then spits out a red ruby diamond* 

Junior: Wow! *Bigweed tosses it aside, but Junior catches it* Thanks, Bigweed!

Greedypus: *grows even more massive* 

Bigweed: Whoa, did you see that?

Junior: *pushes soup aside* Yeah, so, he's a growing young Greedypus, so what? Let's get to work!


(Junior and Bigweed are still working hard again before they can rest again)

Junior: Oh there, that should be enough. I'm leaving.

Bigweed: Me too. Let's go tell Greedypus. 

Greedypus: Yes?

Junior: Well, it sure was a pleasure doin' business with you, Mr. Greedypus. But it looks like it's time for me to go.

Bigweed: yeah, me too. It's been fun. I'll see you later. 

Greedypus: *laughs* You're not going anywhere! 

Bigweed: Hey! Oh, what does he mean?

Junior: Yeah, what's the big idea, Greedypus? You said we could keep all this! You said -- 

Greedypus: I said you could dig up all the treasure and share it with me! I never said you could leave! But cheer up, boys, keep your shoulder to the wheel! After all, you're getting rich down here, and remember, the more you mine, the more you keep! *laughs and leave*

(all are working hard again and the alarm goes off) 

Greedypus: Break time!

(all are happy)

Junior: Great, I could use a break.

Bigweed: Me too.

(alarm rings)

Greedypus: Back to work!

Miners: Oh no!

(Junior mining hard)

Junior: I gotta find a way out of here. Hey, maybe I could swing a deal with Greedypus. But, but what could I offer in exchange for my freedom? I've got it!

(Greedypus is basking in the ambience of his precious jewels)

Greedypus: Oh, it's mine, all mine!

Junior: Oh, excuse me...

Greedypus: What do you want?

Junior: Do I have a deal for you, you greediness! When you see what I've got, you'll be glad to let me go!

Greedypus: What coudl YOU have to offer ME? Well...

Junior: Well, while you've got Bigweed as a, as a guest here, he's left all sorts of stuff at his place unguarded. It's, it's ripe for the picking, if you catch my meaning.

Greedypus: *looks at map* Stuff? What kind of stuff?

Junior: Oh, he's got waterskis, a big red telescope, and a whole collection of sneaky tricks!

Greedypus: Well I'll think about it. Have on, scat!

Junior: *laughs* I just found my ticket out of here. *bumps into Bigweed* Oh, hi, Bigweed. How's it going?

Bigweed: If I live out the week, it'll be a miracle!

Junior: Oh, I know what you mean... pal.

Bigweed: *visits Greedypus* Yo, Greedypus! We're talkin' deal of the century here! *shows Junior's map* This is the way to Junior's place!

Greedypus: Whoa, deje vu! 

Bigweed: Deje who?

Greedypus: Vu! VU! 

Bigweed: Oh. Hey lsiten, while Junior's workin' here, you could be grabbin' his customized snork cycle, his prize-winning rock collection, and best of all - I hear he's got some really good comic books - you know, the old ones, worth a mint!

Greedypus: *laughs*

Bigweed: I said somethin' funny?

Greedypus: Rest assured that I will give the plan some consideration!

Bigweed: Well, it looks like I'm on the high road to freedom! So long, Junior!

Greedypus: *grows* I especially love it when they're so greedy for their freedom that they betray each other! *laughs*

(both still working)

Bigweed: What are you so happy about?

Junior: Oh, nothing. But why are you so happy?

Bigweed: Oh, no reason. 

(see Greedypus with their stuff)

Junior: Say, isn't that my snork cycle?! And my comic collection?! How did you get that stuff?!

Bigweed: Hey, that's my telescope, and thsoe are my water skis! How did you get my stuff?!

Greedypus: Thanks for the maps to each otehrs homes! Now, get back to work!

(Junior takes a break)

Junior: OW! Ooh, that does it! Bigweed!

Bigweed: What do you want, snork?

Junior: Look, we tried double crossing each other, how about we try working together?

Bigweed: Oh, that's terrible thought. I guess we have no other choice. Now look, have you ever noticed how Greedypus swells up, and gets bigger when we're acting greedy?

Both: I wonder...

(both work again as Greedypus watches)

Junior: Would you like to use my pick to dig out that saffire, Bigweed? I can take a break until you're finished with it.

Bigweed: Oh, thank you Junior. Say, why don't you help yourself to some of the jewels from my orcot.

Greedypus: Huh? Now boys, where's your sense of selfishness? Come on, let's see some greed here.

Junior: Gee your greediness, you're looking a little puny today. Maybe if I share with you some of my treasures, you might feel better.

Bigweed: Oh no! Please, take my treasure!

Greedypus: Stop! Dont' sahre anything with me! I can't stand it! *shrinks* I don't share!

(they both get thrown out)

Junior: It worked! I'm free! *Bigweed too*

Greedypus: Now get out of here, you unselfish bums! And never waste my time again! 

Junior: *shakes hands* Mission accomplished, Bigweed!

Grandpa: What took you so long, boys?

Junior: *sees Grandpa with his car* Grandpa! You came all this way to rescue me?

Grandpa: Nah, I came all this way to tell you, I told you so! *laughs and they both hug* You boys want a ride back home?

Bigweed: I'm not lettin' you, you snorks help me!

Grandpa: Oh, suit yourself. It's a two hour swim.

Bigweed: Well, maybe just a little help wouldn't hurt. 

(an oyster pops open with a pearl, but the boys run from it, elaving Grandpa to sneak it)

Grandpa: Glad to see Junior learned his lesson. Hey, wait up you two! 

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