In Junior's Image



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Written by

Evelyn A-R Gabai

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: November 1, 1988

USA Premiere: October 22, 1988

Paired With

How the Snork Was Won

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Junior and Ditto

"In Junior's Image" is the 14th episode of Season 4. When Junior causes mischief, Gallio invents a machine that pulls reflections out of mirrors. Ditto, a reflection of Junior, is created, but this causes even more problems.

Plot Summary

Allstar and Occy are at the dive-in movies, watching a Freddy Grouper film. Junior decides to prank them. He disguises himself as the film's main character, pops up behind and scares the them. When Junior reveals himself, Allstar and Occy are not happy with him. Meanwhile, Daffney and Tooter are making clamburgers for Snorkland's famous billionaire, and they have to deliver them to Gallio so that they can get a reward. Turns out that "billionaire" was really Junior, and all he wanted were the clamburgers. Everyone is so mad at him. Allstar confronted Junior for pulling pranks. Then Gallio shows the gang his latest invention - the Image-Izer, which pulls the reflections of objects out of mirror. he first tests it on a clamburger, and then on Junior. Ditto is created, and takes a quick liking to Daffney, which irritates Junior.

Later on, the gang's at the local clamburger stand. Junior wants to dance with Daffney, but Ditto takes her away from him. The two end up getting in a fight, and the static shock causes the entire restaurant to explode. Back at Gallio's, Junior and Ditto challenge each other to a "Nice Off." This is a contest where the snork who proves to be the nicest doesn't have to go back in the mirror.

All this time, Ditto is actually a bogus character. All he’s trying to do, is to sabotage Junior, so that way Junior‘s friends can turn themselves against Junior once and for all. The challenge begins when Junior loans Allstar both his tux and car. Ditto makes sure Allstar gets into a fender bender, and once he does so, Junior has to act nice about it. Afterwards, Tooter told Junior to plaster Tooter’s volcano he made for art class. However Ditto plugs the volcano and the volcano erupted. Finally, Junior is helping Daffney shop at the Mahi Mahi Mall. Ditto decides to destroy Daffney’s dress, but the dress still looked nice so Daffney wasn’t upset.

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Everyone's mad at Junior

Junior suddenly realizes that Ditto nearly sabotaged him, but that doesn’t stop Junior because he has some plans for him. After the contest, the two look-a-like snorks return to Gallio's, Junior and then Ditto. Junior enters in and greets politely as if it was Ditto greeting them. Junior then told the others that it was himself all along. Ditto came in and greeted normally. Junior told Ditto that he greeted the same way as he did. Ditto ends up showing his true colors and wants Junior in the mirror. Junior admitted that he tried to be nice, but Ditto claims he’s nicer than him. In reality, Ditto is bogus and then tries to hurt Junior. Allstar saves Junior by putting Ditto back into the mirror where he belongs. Junior knows that he had been rude lately but wonders why that Ditto had to go to the mirror. Daffney tells him that he may not be the nicest snork but he‘s genuine. Junior then decides to rip his tuxedo off of Allstar. Well that’s Junior, he’s a headstrong character.

Background Information

  • Final one part episdoe of the entire series - every episode after that becomes two-part
  • This must've been set sometime before or after "Robin Snork," becuase Junior has a car in this episode
  • Snorkland's local mall is called the "Mahi Mahi Mall"
  • Minus the "Hey Ditto" greeting with the entire group, Casey doesn't speak throughout the episode

Memorable Quotes

Junior: It's about time, you guys.

Daffney: Junior Wetworth, you're no billionaire!

Junior: But I am hungry. *takes a clamburger from the bag*

Ditto: Allstar, are you okay?

Allstar: I think so.

Junior: Good - now I can clobber you for wrecking my beautiful car!

Ditto: Gosh, Junior. You fly off the handle even quicker than your car flew off the road.

Junior: Uh oh. Um, uh, forget it, Allstar, old buddy, everyone makes mistakes.

Daffney: Oh Junior, I feel like a million dollars!

Junior: *checks wallet* Not me!

Daffney: This is the un-nicest Nice-Off I've ever seen.


  • Gallio's legs are brown throughout the episode
  • When Tooter's eating a cookie, he takes the same exact bite from before
  • During the fight at Gallio's, Ditto's lighter colored than Junior
  • Ditto grabs Junior by the snork, but they both are supposed to get electrocuted if they touch each other.
  • Daffney said she felt like a million dollars - this doesn't make any sense when in Snorkland, they pay by clams and shells


  • Freddy Grouper is a reference to Freddy Kreuger, a fictional character in the movie, Nightmare on Elm Street
  • "Nice guys finish last, loser, You Haven't Seen Nothing Yet!" Ditto's actually making a reference to a quote made back in 1975 by US baseball manager Leo Durocher



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