In Junior's Image/Transcript

(Allstar and Occy are watching a horror movie at Snorkland's local drive-in theater)

Allstar: Gosh, Occy, that scary Freddie Grouper looks like he'll swim right off the screen.

Occy: *scared*

Allstar: Take it easy, boy. Just tell yourself, "It's only a movie, it's only a movie."

Junior: *in mask with evil laugh*

Allstar: Freddie Grouper!

Junior: Relax, guys! Just tell yourselves "It's only Junior, it's only Junior."

Allstar: Well I guess we should be glad he wasn't a real monster, just a real monster-pain in the snork!

(Daffney and Tooter prepare kelpburgers) 

Daffney: Imagine, Snorkland's biggest billionaire wants us to deliver kelpburgers to Gallio's house. I hear he's a big tipper. Between my beauty and your burgers, we'll soon be rich! 

Tooter: *agrees* 

(at Gallio's front door)

Allstar: open up, Junior! I know you're in there! 

(Daffney and Tooter arrive)

Daffney: Yippee, so's our billion dollar delivery deal! 

(they swim in to see Junior sitting there)

Junior: It's about time, you guys!

Daffney: Junior Wetworth, you're no billionaire!

Junior: But I am hungry! *eats kelpburgers straight out of the bag* 

Allstar: You've been acting really nasty lately, Junior. 

Daffney: Yeah, what have you got to say for yourself?

Junior: Uh, uh, this kelpburger's soggy, give me another!

Gallio: Run out of burgers, have you? *uses mirror to make clones of them*

Daffney: Wow, that's clamtastic!

Gallio: Actually, it's the imagizer. My latest invention. It pulls reflections out of mirrors. *eats Junior's kelpburger* Whatever we want, we can have. Bingo, just like that. 

Junior: *stands in between Imagizer and mirror* Really? Well I want a buddy who won't rag on me like you clammy-clowns.

(It really clones Junior, Who's Clone is Praying)

Daffney: I can't believe it!

Allstar: I don't want to!

All: Two Juniors?!

Junior: You got it! From now on, I'll have a new buddy - the best a snork could ever have - me! Welcome to real life, pal! I'm Junior!

Ditto: Hello, Junior. I'm your debunaire double, Ditto. 

Junior: Alright! Now there'll be twice as much of me to love!

(Both get zapped when they touch each other)

Allstar: Geez, talk about a warm handshake.

Ditto: *sees Daffney* Stop, beautiful maiden! I just want to lay here at your feet.

Daffney: *giggles* Oh, Ditto!

Gallio: Ditto and Junior must be like polar opposite magnets - they repel rather than attract. 

Ditto: *pulls out rose* A rose, for a sweeter rose.

Daffney: Well I think Ditto is very attractive. And much nicer than some snorks I know!

Allstar: Whadda ya say, gang? Let's take Ditto to the snorkarama for a kelpburger.  

(all cheer and leave with Junior staying behind) 

Junior: Hey, wait for me!

(Everyone's at the snorkarama dancing around)

Daffney: Oh, Ditto, you tune the tango divinely!

Tooter: *dancing with kelpburgers*

Junior: The whole gang's flipped over my mirror image. What's so bad about good old numero uno? That's what I'd like to know. *Tooter toots to him* I've got two left feet? And I'm only sticking both of them in my mouth?! *Tooter laughs at him until Junior trips him on purpose* Oh, just you watch, foghorn face! I'll dance the pants off that poppy snork! Move over, muscleheads, I'm cuttin' in!

(Junior takes Daffney away from Ditto)

Daffney: Whoa, cut it out, Junior, you're making me sea sick!

Ditto: *takes her away* Allow me to boogie you away from this buffoon, my dear.

Junior: *grabs her free arm* Oh no, you don't! Daffney's dancing with me!

Ditto: No way! She's with me!

Daffney: *ties their snorks* Oh no, stop it, you two, I'm sitting this one out! 

(they get zapped by their snorks, and it causes the kelparama to explode)

Allstar: Something tells me we better find Gallio quick.

(back at Gallio's...)

Gallio: I'm afraid Junior and Ditto can't exist in the same dimension very long. Or, they'll cancel each other out. 

Daffney: You mean one of them will have to return to that awful miror?!

Junior: Bon voyage, bozo, it's not gonna be me! Right gang? *they glare at him* Uh, gang?

Ditto: Maybe our dear friends want to keep sweet little me around instead. In fact, I'd like to challenge Junior for for the privilege of staying. 

Allstar: How, Ditto?

Ditto: We'll hold a Nice-Off. By the end of the day, the snork who's sweetest to his friends gets to stay. May the nicest snork win. *laughs* And we all know who that'll be.


(Allstar's in a fancy tux, and Junior's actually loaning him his car) 

Allstar: Thanks, Junior. I can't believe you loaned me your tux. 

Daffney: And your dreamy new clamshell convertable!

Junior: Yeah, yeah, uh, just make sure you drive carefully.

Ditto: *stands with stick and rock nearby* A little fender-bender will really bend Junior out of shape.

(Allstar crashes it)

Ditto: Allstar, are you okay?

Allstar: Yeah, I think so.

Junior: Good! Now I can clobber you for wrecking my beautiful car! *chases him around with a baseball bat* 

Ditto: Gosh, Junior, you fly off the handle quicker than your car flew off the road. 

Junior: Uh oh. Uh, forget it, Allstar, old buddy. Everyone makes mistakes. 

(Now Junior's at Tooter's house)

Junior: Okay, Tooter, I've finished your math, science, and english homework. Anything else I can do for you, old friend of mine?

Tooter: *points him to a plastic volcano*

Junior: What? You want me to plaster your volcano for art class, too? *red hot in the face* Ooh, why you!

Tooter: *reminds him he's being maughty instead of nice*

Junior: Why, you just relax, and I'll get going on your masterpiece right way. *Ditto plugs it in* Don't power up the volcano till I'm finished, Tooter, it might -- *sees it* erupt! 

Tooter: *laughs at the scene of lava spitting out*

Junior: Oh, you'll pay for this, Tooter! You ruined my new shoes! *shoots it at him* Two can play at this game, barnacle breath!

(Tooter gets splattered with lava)

Junior: *Ditto helps him* Sorry, Tooter. I guess I blew my top. 

(he and Ditto shake hands)

Ditto: You're welcome, Tooter. Good friends like us should stick together. *but they're sticky*

Junior: Oh, if they dopey Ditto keeps getting the best of me, I'm gonna be stuck in Mirror Land for sure!

(At the Mahi Mahi Mall with Daffney)

Daffney: Oh, Junior, I live to shop at the Mahi Mahi Mall! You can get any kind of beautiful clothes you want!

Junior: You should know, Daffney, you had me buy 'em all. 

Daffney: Not everything. Look! *sees mannequin with pretty dress* Only one more thing would make that dress perfect - me inside it!

Ditto: *uses airplane toy to fly it over there*

Daffney: *with dress on* Oh, Junior, I feel like a million dollars!

Junior: Not me. *sees it* Yipes!

(the plane destroys the dress)

Ditto: Allow me, my sweet. Junior couldn't even save a dollar, let alone a beautiful vision like yourself. 

Daffney: Oh, never mind. Any money spent on me is never wasted. Thank you, Junior, for being so generous. Don't you agree, Ditto?

Ditto: I can think of nothing else but your beauty. Please allow me to take you home.

Daffney: *giggles* Oh, Ditto.

Junior: Oh boy, that bozo can barely hold back his badness when I'm feeling good. No wonder he's been tricking me into losing my temper! Everytime Ditto makes me mad, he gets to be sweet! Ooh, just wait till I get to Gallio's house - I'll be so goody-goody gumdropped,, that mirror image moron won't know what hit him!

(At Gallio's again)

Gallio: One snork has got to return to the mirror world soon. I wonder where Junior and Ditto are. 

Junior: Hello, dearest chums! My, what it does my heart good to see you!

All: Hello, Ditto!

Junior: *laughs* Fooled you, my snorky sidekicks! I'm not Ditto at all! I'm Junior!

Ditto: Hello, dearest chums! My, what it does my heart good to see you! 

Junior: Truer words were never spoken, Ditto, except by me a minute ago.

Ditto: What?!

Junior: Yes. I've been longing to tell you it really warms the coccyls of my clamshell heart to call you my dear double Ditto, friend.

Ditto: Yuck! Who in their right mind talks like that? You sound too good to be true! 

Junior: So what of it??

Ditto: There's only one snork who's good at being good around here, and that's me.

Junior: No more than me! 

Ditto: *growls* Oh!

Daffney: This is the un-nicest Nice Off I've ever seen.

Ditto: *puts pepper in snork* A little chili pepper oughta make you hot under the collar!

Junior: AAAAY, this is hot, you pepper pouring palooka! Oh, I tried so hard to be nice, I really did.

Ditto: *forms claws and turns evil* Nice guys finish last, loser! You ain't seen nothing yet! 

Daffney: Poor Junior! That devilish double's gonna make snork sushi out of him!

Allstar: Come on, gang, we gotta save him!

(they zap Ditto back to the 2nd dimension) 

Ditto: *as he goes back to "mirror land"* Fooseballs! You'll be sorry!

Junior: I don't get it. I've been so nasty lately. How come you sent him packing?

Allstar: Get with it, Junior, we're your friends.

Daffeny: Yeah, you may not be the nicest snork in the world, but you at have the courage to not pull us with some phony goody-goody act. 

Junior: *sheds a tear* Aw, gosh, guys, that's -- that's -- that's my tux! *tears it off of Allstar* Give it back, Allwet!

Allstar: That's Junior for you. The only time he'll ever be good is when he's good and mad. 

Junior: *laughs* Like you guys said, I gotta be me!

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International